How She Wanders is a travel blog by a Filipina wanderer, Dea Mariano, who wanders on weekdays. It aims to help other travelers by sharing detailed and information-packed blog posts through the author’s firsthand experiences. This blog is primarily about travel stories, itineraries, budget and travel guides, honest reviews, tips, discoveries, photography, and more!

About the Author

Dea Mariano is a Filipina backpacker based from Bulacan. She often travels with her boyfriend, Jeric, who’s responsible to majority of photos in this website. She’s been traveling with him since 2014, one province at a time.

As an engineer who wasn’t trained for essays, writing was actually not her thing. Indeed, traveling could turn anyone into a storyteller, 100% guaranteed. 😎 Speaking of engineer, Dea is a Licensed Electronics Engineer who left her profession after 4 years of working. But no, it’s not so she could travel full-time. It’s just that she’s not really into it (also add the steep prices of dorm rental in Manila, pollution, higher cost of living, etc). Funny how she had to graduate, pass the board exams, and get an engineering job first before she could find out it’s not really her thing. And sometimes, God closes doors when it’s time to move forward, because He knows you won’t move unless circumstances force you. But then, investigating the past wouldn’t be beneficial. Let’s just dwell in the present. ☺️

Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Calaguas. Dec 2014.

She delights in adventures, new experiences and discoveries, or sometimes, just vacationing. Quiet type, but an observer, things that make other people feel a bit uncomfortable. She likes to observe people, but she doesn’t judge, so nothing to worry about. She likes long road trips, city explorations, cultures, food, mountains, waterfalls, but on top of those is the beach! Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Calaguas was to blame, the paradise where her fondness for beaches started.

Her desire in traveling made her witness how wonderful her God is. She believes that God put that desire in her heart and used it to show more of His love and greatness. It’s easy to see how majestic He is through His marvelous workmanship. It’s hard to say that everything on earth just happened by chance. There has to be a Big Guy out there who started all this and controls everything. That’s why she wanders fearlessly, knowing that her God won’t leave her nor forsake her. It might look like traveling is her ultimate passion, but no, Christ is. Traveling is just her ultimate hobby. ☺️

How the Blog Started

May I speak in first person now? Thank you 😜

I left my engineering job in Manila and started managing/operating our family business in Bulacan. During off-peak hours, I spend my time just resting, facebooking, and instagramming. One day I told myself, “Why not use my spare time for more meaningful stuff?.” Then I remembered I was blogging before and I can bring it back to life. I decided to own a website domain but “blessednotlucky.com” was already taken (my previous blog was just a free wordpress site). I began studying and planning and few months later, How She Wanders was born. The new blog first existed as a Facebook Page Blog, and later on had its own website. The progress became slow as I only have few hours allotted for writing. But slow progress is still progress, right?

My previous blog (blessednotlucky.wordpress.com) existed due to massive queries from other people. It was my friends who urged me to blog. It’s true that it’s easy to give up something if what forced you to do it came from the outside. It should always come from the inside. That’s why it was just easy for me to stop blogging for a long time.

But this time, it’s because I want to do it. I choose to become more useful by sharing my experiences that could be of help to other people. Nobody told me to do so. Nobody urged me. This time it’s on me. And this time it’s with Him ☝️

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Shalom and God bless!

With love ❤️