Many years back, wanting to visit Boracay Island never occurred to us. We thought it’s all about partying, crowd, and spoilt beach. But after the rehabilitation efforts on the island, we planned and attempted to book several times until it finally transpired!

As mainstream as it may sound, Boracay remains among the most frequented destinations in the Philippines. Whether you’re going there for a luxury stay, backpacking, solo travel, honeymoon, or even just a simple vacation with the ones you love, Boracay Island is just great and as flexible as that!

In our case, Jec and I went to Boracay with our family and the trip was a simple treat for our parents. We wanted everything to be simple, especially with itinerary and tour package as we don’t want our parents to experience a lot of hassles and mishaps that come with a DIY trip. I found the tour package offered by Diary Two really appealing as it’s straightforward and budget-friendly! We availed of their 3D2N Boracay Package for 6,999 per person (promo) which includes roundtrip flights, transfers, hotel with daily buffet breakfasts, land tour with lunch, and parasailing. So basically, everything was covered except for other meals.

You can check our Boracay trip video here:


Now, here’s our 3-day Boracay Itinerary as first-time visitors. This is exactly how our trip went and time stamps are accurately extracted from our photos. But do note also that individual experiences may vary according to weather, traffic, etc.


3D2N Boracay Island Itinerary



(Travel to Boracay + Explore White Beach)

06:00 AMFlight from Manila to Caticlan
07:15 AMArrived at Caticlan Airport
07:45 AMArrived at Tourist Registration via private van
08:00 AMBoat ride to Boracay Island
08:20 AMArrived at Boracay Island
08:35 AMArrived at La Carmela de Boracay via E-trike; Early check-in; Rest
11:45 AMLunch buffet at Astoria Current (own expense)
01:50 PMBack to hotel; quick rest
02:45 PMExplore White Beach Boracay
05:50 PMSunset watching at White Beach Station 1
08:30 PMDinner at Queen Bee Chinese Restaurant D'Mall (own expense)


  • Check-in time at the hotel is 2 pm, and the flight booked for us was too early. Thankfully, the rooms were ready and unoccupied when we got there in the morning!
  • Not included in the package: Lunch buffet at Astoria Current and dinner at Queen Bee Chinese Restaurant.
  • Our lunch buffet at Astoria Current was a discounted offer for their promotional/marketing (we only paid around 300 per head). It was offered to us when we arrived at Boracay port. So yes, after having our lunch, Jec and I spent an hour more to hear about their company (although we did not avail of their offers). It’s fine for us since it was midday (too hot for us to stay at the beach and we had no tours scheduled for the day).
  • All transfers are included in the package (flight, van, boat, e-trike). Cool?!
Lunch buffet at Astoria Current
Lunch buffet at Astoria Current
Lunch buffet at Astoria Current
Lunch buffet at Astoria Current
boracay itinerary white beach
Afternoon stroll at White Beach Boracay
boracay itinerary White Beach Station 2
White Beach Boracay Station 2
Afternoon beach bumming at White Beach Station 2
You’ll never go wrong with a man who loves his mom
boracay itinerary white beach station 2
My pa-tweetum self just before running to the shore and swim
boracay itinerary for first time visitors
White Beach Station 2
Sunset swimming and watching
sunset golden hour boracay itinerary
Golden hour
Dinner at Queen Bee Chinese Restaurant. One of the most delicious and budget-friendly in the area. It’s always full of customers!



(Land Tour + Parasailing)

07:00 AMBreakfast Buffet at La Carmela
08:30 AMStart Land Tour via E-trike; Last minute shopping for my OOTD 😆
10:00 AMArrived at Puka Beach
10:25 AMCrystal Kayak
11:00 AMArrived at Boracay New Coast; Overlooking Ilig-iligan Beach
11:20 AMArrived at Keyhole (walking distance from parking)
12:05 PMArrived at Bulabog Beach
12:40 PMLunch nearby
02:30 PMBack to hotel; Rest
04:30 PMHotel pickup (van) going to White Beach Station 1
04:45 PMStart Parasailing
05:20 PMEnd of Parasailing tour; Explore White Beach, Willy's Rock
05:30 PMJonah's Fruit Shake (own expense)
05:45 PMGolden hour at White Beach Station 1
06:30 PMBack to hotel; wash-up
08:50 PMDinner at Aria Cucina Italiana (own expense)
09:50 PMDessert at Coco Mama (own expense)


  • The places included in the Land Tour are: Mangrove Park, Tambisaan Beach, Sinagpa Rock Formation, Puka Beach, New Coast Beach, Keyhole, and Bulabog Beach.
  • We were not able to visit all of the places because I was such a cause of delay. I was looking for an OOTD along the way so we had several stops (it was in Puka Beach where I found a crocheted bikini that was not too revealing)😂
  • All transfers, entrance fees, lunch, and parasailing/parawsailing are included in the package.
  • 3 of us (Jec, Me, Diane) had parasailing, and the parents tried paraw-sailing which is less extreme.
  • Crystal Kayak is by donation only. We paid 250 per head.
  • Not included in the package: Jonah’s Fruit Shake, Aria Cucina Italiana, Coco Mama

Check out the full story of our Boracay Land Tour here.

puka beach boracay itinerary for first time visitors
Fine morning at Puka Beach
Crystal Kayak at Puka Beach boracay itinerary
Crystal Kayak at Puka Beach
New Coast Beach boracay itinerary
New Coast Beach
At the Keyhole
Group photo at the Keyhole
Bulabog Beach boracay itinerary for first time visitors
Bulabog Beach
Sumptuous lunch after the land tour
White Beach Station 1 boracay itinerary
At White Beach Boracay Station 1
boracay itinerary for first time visitors
Parasailing! While our parents opted for less extreme paraw-sailing
Willy’s Rock at White Beach Station 1
Golden hour at White Beach Station 1 boracay itinerary
Golden hour at White Beach Station 1
jonah's fruit shake boracay itinerary
Trying out Jonah’s Fruit Shake while sunset watching and waiting for the paraw-sailers (parents). Very recommended to include in any Boracay itinerary!
sunset at white beach station 1 boracay itinerary
Oh. Boracay sunset.
Dinner at Aria Cucina Italiana
Desserts from Coco Mama


Tip: You can also book more Boracay activities via Klook!



(Travel back to Manila)

06:30 AMBreakfast Buffet at La Carmela
07:10 AMFree time at the beach, pool
08:15 AMHotel pick-up via E-trike
09:00 AMBoat ride to mainland
09:40 AMArrived at Caticlan Airport via private van
11:00 AMFlight To Manila
12:05 PMArrived at Manila


  • All transfers are included in the package (e-trike, boat, van, flight).
  • There are no tours on day 3.
  • End of Boracay itinerary.
Our last breakfast at La Carmela before we leave Boracay Island
Last minute awra at La Carmela’s beachfront infinity pool
La Carmela de Boracay’s beachfront

Tip: Book your discounted stay at La Carmela de Boracay HERE.

Quick morning walk at the beach
Waiting for our ride going to the port
Manila bound


Tip: You can easily book your flight or ferry tickets to Boracay HERE.


My personal thoughts about the beach

It was a great opportunity to finally compare my favorite Mahabang Buhangin Beach in Calaguas with White Beach Boracay. But then, I found out they’re not supposed to be compared because they both have their own charm. It really depends on your preferences.

What I liked about White Beach Boracay is the beach sand itself. Amazingly, it’s such a pleasure to walk on because the sand never gets hot even under the scorching sun! Not to mention it’s so easy to walk as the sands are so fine, hence, your feet won’t get sunk in the sands. In addition, there are so many unique cafes and restaurants fronting the beach so if you’re a foodie you’ll surely like it!

On the other hand, what I liked about Calaguas’ Mahabang Buhangin Beach is its serenity due to lesser crowd. It’s farther from the mainland so you will really feel the authentic island vibes. No commercial buildings and just a very few permanent establishments. So for me, Calaguas is still my number 1 simply because, it’s me. It’s my personal taste. But I’m still looking forward to going back to Boracay Island in the future!


Verdict on our first Boracay Island experience

Quite unexpectedly, we all liked Boracay Island! I’m so glad that our first experience was so close to perfection (at least according to our personal liking). Fine sunny weather throughout our 3-day stay, smooth and hassle-free vacation (all thanks to Diary Two’s commendable service), no delayed flights, and a surprisingly clean version of Boracay island!

Very opposite of what we usually see from the photos and videos before the rehabilitation (trash along the beach, even a video of a foreigner pooping right on the beach sands, people partying all night long right at the beach, stores/shops occupying the sandy beach, etc.). I could rightly say, it was definitely a renewed and reformed Boracay!

Special thanks to my blogger acquaintance, Andrelyn, who booked all our tours, flights, transfers, and hotel. Also to our friendly and kwelang tour operator, Kuya Sam, who assisted us throughout the 3-day tour. They’re so good. Everything was just professionally done! We scored their promo rate of 6,999 per person Boracay Package that includes roundtrip flights, all transfers, hotel with daily buffet breakfasts, land tour with lunch, and parasailing/parawsailing. So budget-friendly! You can check them out at Diary Two or Tita’s Travel.

So, that’s pretty much it! If you find our Boracay Itinerary helpful, you can save this for your reference or share it with your travel buddies!



Other recommended affordable resorts in Boracay

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel or resort that’s comfortable and not too cheap, here’s a quick list:


Boracay Tropics Resort | Photo by Agoda

Rate: Starts at ₱2,151 per night
Where to book: Boracay Tropics Resort


The Piccolo Hotel of Boracay | Photo by Agoda

Rate: Starts at ₱2,069 per night
Where to book: The Piccolo Hotel of Boracay


Boracay Holiday Resort | Photo by Agoda

Rate: Starts at ₱1,911 per night
Where to book: Boracay Holiday Resort



Watch our Boracay tour video here:


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