“Where Mountains Meet the Sea”
Just looking at the province’s tagline, you will already have a good preview of the place. It is the province where you will pass by the road and when you look at one side, it’s all mountains, and on the other side, it’s the vast sea! One skimpy road and some rice fields in between, that’s how close they are with each other. As a result, it was automatically listed in everyone’s summer bucket-list. But I dare say, it is worth visiting even during non-summer months!


(Top) Mararison Island Rolling Hills (Left) Mararison Island Sandbar (Right) Ricefields in Tibiao Mainland


We went here during monsoon season (July), and that did not stop us from enjoying the place. You can visit the province anytime (as long as there’s no typhoon). The trip will still be sunny, but with some rain showers. It won’t be all-sunny, but that won’t make the trip less enjoyable. Getting a little wet won’t kill us anyway.


(Left) Seco Island’s sandbar (Mid) Kawa Hot Bath (Right) Mararison Island’s Beach


So now, let’s cut the chit-chat and let me share you our 3-day itinerary to this wonderful province!




Day 0

08:00 pm: Departure from Manila
09:00 pm: Arrival at Kalibo (Overnight @ Judith’s Pension, near Ceres Bus Terminal)


Day 1

04:00 am: Departure from Kalibo via Ceres Bus
09:00 am: Arrival at Tibiao, Antique: Look for boat rental to Seco Island
11:30 am: Departure from Malabor (Tibiao Mainland)
12:59 pm: Touch down SECO ISLAND
Explore island, lunch, sandbar, swimming
03:30 pm: Leave Seco Island
05:15 pm: ETA Malabor (Tibiao Mainland)
05:30 pm: Tricycle ride to crossing and habal-habal ride to Kawa Kayak Inn
06:00 pm: Arrival at Kawa Kayak Inn
Check-inn; Organize personal stuff
06:45 pm: KAWA HOT BATH at night
08:00 pm: Dinner


Day 2

06:30 am: Wake-up; Breakfast
Free Time
10:00 am: Trek to Bugtong Bato Falls (It rained so hard we had to stop trekking for about an hour)
12:15 pm: Touch down BUGTONG BATO FALLS
Photo ops for few minutes
12:30 pm: Back to Kawa Kayak Inn
03:00 pm: Arrived at Kawa Kayak Inn; late lunch
03:30 pm: KAWA HOT BATH again
Free time
07:00 pm: Dinner
Note: Our original plan was to go to Culasi after our Kawa Hot Bath. But it was a rainy lazy day, so… yeah  But I suggest going to Culasi the night before so you can arrive at Mararison Island earlier and spend more time exploring the island.


Day 3

06:00 am: Wake-up; Breakfast
07:00 am: TIBIAO RIVER via Calawag Mountain Resort (just beside Kawa Kayak Inn)
07:30 am: Check-out Kawa Kayak Inn
Ride habal-habal to highway then wait for bus
08:00 am: Bus ride to Culasi
08:45 am: Arrival at Culasi; Buy packed lunch; Registration; Boat rental;
09:30 am: Boat ride to Mararison Island
10:00 am: Touch down MARARISON ISLAND
(Trek to rolling hills, explore sand bar, swimming)
03:00 pm: Leave Mararison Island
03:30 pm: Arrive at mainland Culasi
04:30 pm: Bus ride to Kalibo
07:00 pm: Arrive Kalibo; Quick dinner
08:00 pm: Leave Kalibo
09:00 pm: Back to Manila


(Left) Kawa-Kayak Inn (Mid) Tibiao River (Right) Seco Island’s Sandbar



Note: This is for 2 persons traveling together

Tricycle from Kalibo Airport to Judith’s Pension = 150
Twin room @ Judith’s pension = 600
Breakfast Dunkin Donuts = 105
Tricycle to Bus Terminal = 60 (malapit lang to medyo mahal lang talaga singil within Kalibo)
Ceres Bus Fare to Antique: 260 x 2 = 520
Breakfast Part2 @ Vebot’s Eatery (Tibiao) = 130
Tricycle to Munisipyo = 16
Packed lunch = 110
Boat Rental Seco Island – 2,000 (back&forth)
Seco Island Entrance Fee = 100 x 2 = 200
Tricycle from Malabor to Crossing = 20
Habal-habal from Crossing to Kawa Kayak Inn = 140 (Note: 70 per habal-habal, 1 passenger only per habal-habal)
Kawa Hot Bath = 1,000 (250 each session, we bathed twice)
Kayak Inn Room = 1,200 (for 2 nights)
Dinner = 195
Breakfast = 160
Bugtong Bato Falls Guide Fee = 150
Lunch = 30
Dinner = 160
Habal-habal to Crossing (highway) = 140 (Note: 70 per habal-habal, 1 passenger only per habal-habal)
Bus from Crossing to Culasi = 15 x 2 = 30
Breakfast = 100
Boat to Mararison = 750 (back&forth, max capacity is 5pax)
Environmental Fee = 30 x 2 = 60
Lunch = 150
Rolling Hills Guide Fee = 150
Bus to Kalibo = 150 x 2 = 300
Dinner = 120 x 2 = 240
Tricycle to airport = 150
Airport Terminal fee = 400
TOTAL = 7,366 / 2 = 3,700 each (you can still cut down the cost by having only one session of Kawa Hot Bath, having only one breakfast a day, and by tagging along some friends )

Roundtrip Airfare via Cebu Pacific = 2,260 (1,130 each)

Note: The rates on this list may change especially during peak season.


I’ve also written separate posts for each destination. You may check out the links below 


Seco Island in Tibiao, Antique


Kawa Hot Bath, Bugtong Bato Falls, Tibiao River


Mararison Island in Culasi, Antique



And don’t forget to follow Leave No Trace Principle

More details here.


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