Kawa Hot Bath is an activity you cannot miss when exploring Antique. There are lots of resorts around Tibiao that offer this activity, we just told our habal-habal drivers that we’re going to have a Kawa Hot Bath (as we did not have any idea where exactly to go), and they automatically took us to Kawa-Kayak Inn.

The kawa (cauldron) that are being used as hot tubs were actually previously used in sugar factories. You’ll see how creative and resourceful people could become. It easily became a big hit as it is a very uncommon, yet, enjoyable and relaxing activity to do, especially in cooler and mountainous places like Tibiao.


Kawa Hot Bath (Night-time)

It was a very tiring day as we came from a day trip to Seco Island, so it was a perfect time to give our body a much needed relaxation. Upon entering the resort, we immediately advised the personnel that we will have a Kawa Hot Bath so they could prepare it while we’re checking-in and organizing our stuff. We were the only guests that time so we were given the best accommodation they have which is good for 4-5 persons despite we were just two.

Cool weather and tired bodies, we couldn’t wait any longer! I was consistently asking manong if we could dip in already, good thing he is jolly and not easily annoyed. ☺ He said we still need to wait until the water is warm enough. Waiting game was 30-45 minutes. Leaves and flowers were added to help soothe our muscles and produce a relaxing aroma.



It was so relaxing that I wanted to just spend the whole night on the kawa. 😜 We stayed for an hour or so. Usually the session lasts 30 minutes only, but there were no other guests so we were allowed to extend as much as we want. A session costs 250 per person.

Tip: Bring your towel before dipping in because once you get out of the water you’ll freeze! Learn from our mistakes. You don’t want to literally run to your room like we did. 🤣

I told Jeric I want to experience it during day-time as well, so we agreed we will do it again the next day after visiting Bugtong Bato Falls and before leaving for Mararison Island.



What a great way to cap-off our day. After rinsing, we had our dinner and slept. We need to recharge well for our next activity, which is trekking to Bugtong Bato Falls. The night was chilly that we did not have to use the electric fan. The gushing sound of the water from the river was our lullaby.

Tip: Request for a mosquito net as the insects will find every way to suck your blood. Even if you cover your whole body with blanket, your face will be their meal, that’s how dedicated they are.

We woke up at around 7am, had our breakfast and of course, coffee. We had to consume it immediately as it gets cold easily due to the weather. After breakfast, we took a little time for selfies and photo-ops, then we walked to the barangay hall for a quick registration. They assigned a guide for us, and we started trekking to the falls.


At the balcony of our accommodation, overlooking Tibiao River
Our stay comes with free coffee


You can book your stay at Kawa-Kayak Inn here.


Trekking to Bugtong Bato Falls

In the middle of the trail, it rained so hard that we had to stop trekking for a while and find shelter in a small hut. After about an hour we resumed trekking though there were still drizzles. We had to cross few bridges and rice fields. There are steep parts of the trail so we had to be extra careful for the trail was slippery. After about 30 minutes, we reached Bugtong Bato Falls. Without the rain, the trek would only take 30-45 minutes.


(Left) A bridge we passed by (Right) Bugtong Bato Falls


As expected, the water looked brownish due to the rain. It was a struggle to take photos for our cameras were being splashed by the water from the falls. We just took few snaps and left, for the rain could pour again. Or maybe I was just excited to have a Kawa Hot Bath again. Haha.


Kawa Hot Bath (Day-time)

How does the experience differ from night-time? Let’s see 😉

At night, it feels a bit creepy. We were like being cooked in a kawa by a witch, add the cricket sounds, chilly weather, darkness creeping in, and the seclusion of the place, the ambiance was like in a horror film. Haha. Still, the relaxing warmth and aroma somehow cancels out the creepy feeling.

At day-time, it was completely different. It was like finding peace in a paradise. Even though it was afternoon, the weather was still cold (but not as cold as the night). We see the lush greens around us. The chirping sound of the birds was our music. The relaxing aroma surrounds the place. The warmth of the water was like the warm embrace of our Creator 😊



Such experience is one you’ll cherish for life. There are currently other places that offer this kind of activity, even places near Manila like Rizal Province. Still, nothing beats the original. When you hear Kawa Hot Bath, what automatically comes into mind is Antique, a place worth visiting over and over again.

We were about to leave for Culasi so we could arrive at Mararison Island early morning the next day. But the weather did not permit us, we extended another night in Tibiao. But, it was a blessing in disguise for it allowed us to experience the calmness of Tibiao River the following day before heading to Culasi.


Tibiao River

The location of Kawa-Kayak Inn is a bit elevated so it’s quite a struggle to access Tibiao River from there. What we did was head to another resort beside it, the Calawag Mountain Resort, which stands at a lower elevation, therefore, easier entrance to the river. There were no other guests, so we were allowed to enter the resort without entrance fee. We just told the receptionist we only want to spend few minutes at the river. He agreed with a smile. 😊


View of Tibiao River from Kawa-Kayak Inn
Tibiao River via Calawag Mountain Resort


There was a wooden chair in the middle of the river, which I think would be great for photo ops! The river was calmer that time compared to the previous days. Wading in the water was such a pleasure. Crossing the water to reach the wooden chair was easy for the current wasn’t strong.

As much as we wanted to spend more time relaxing by the river but it doesn’t fit our schedule. We left Tibiao with satisfied hearts ready to grasp the beauty of our next destination. Another paradise awaiting to be explored was Mararison Island in Culasi, Antique, which details will be shared on a separate post.


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