Travel time to Baguio usually takes 7-8 butt-numbing hours from Manila. Thanks to JoyBus, we can now reach Baguio within 4-5 hours! This is because stop-overs won’t be needed anymore as each bus unit has a comfort room on board and snacks and drinking water were provided for free. In our case, travel time via JoyBus Premier Class only took about less than 4 hours (from Cubao) as our schedule was very early in the morning (2:30AM).



JoyBus Premier Class Experience


What I Liked

Aside from having a comfort room and free snacks and drinking water, blankets were also provided for added comfort as it could really get cold at the bus. The blankets are thick enough and were sealed in plastic upon distribution which creates impression that they are clean.


(L) Free snack and drinking water; (R) Blanket


Bottle holders and foldable tray tables are some of the convenient features of the bus. If you need to work while traveling, you can set up your laptop on the tray table.

Every seat is equipped with adjustable leg-rest and footrest to provide necessary support for legs and feet.


(L) Bottle holder and tray-table; (R) Leg-rest & foot-rest 


The reclining seats are spacious and clean. Also, all passengers will be required to fasten their seat belts for safety purposes (just like in airlines).

Each headrests have side stopper/neck support to prevent passenger’s head from falling side to side and keep them upright.


(L) Reclining chair with seat-belt; (R) Headrest with neck-support


Tablets are installed at the back of each headrest. Movies, games, music, and e-books are available from the tablets. You just need to bring your own headphones. Each tablet has two audio jacks so you can watch movie with your seatmate. Internet isn’t available from the tablet though, you would still need to connect your smart phone via WiFi for free internet access.



The bus has a very limited number of passengers (more or less 28 seats only) thus more peaceful and less messy. If you’re traveling at night and the lights are already off and you need to use the toilet or you need to go to a companion far from your seat, LED floor lighting is installed to serve as guide (just like in cinemas).


(L) LED floor lighting; (R) Comfort Room


As for the comfort room, I didn’t got a chance to use it as the travel time was short. As a matter of fact, I just napped and was surprised when the bus attendant shouted we’re already in Baguio. I didn’t know I was asleep for about 3 hours (I spent the first hour taking photos and browsing the tablet). Nonetheless, the comfort room was sparkly clean according to Jeric.


What I Didn’t Like

Having no internet access from the tablet was a slight disappointment for me since I was expecting to watch whatever I like on YouTube as I wasn’t sure if I’m gonna like the movies available. Overhead compartments are quite small so our backpacks cannot fit in. I can say this because I can place the same backpack in other buses. I was expecting bigger compartments as traveling to Baguio requires thicker clothes thus bigger backpacks. We ended up putting our backpacks under the pantry.

Nonetheless, these downsides would not outdo the advantages this bus line has to offer.


How to Book

While traveling via JoyBus is comfy and fast, booking your trip is pretty easy as well. Just head to Genesis Bus Terminals in Cubao or Pasay and reserve your seats at the ticket booth.

Terminal Address:
CUBAO: EDSA Corner New York St., Cubao, Quezon City
PASAY: EDSA Corner Rotonda St., Pasay City

But if you can’t personally go to the terminals for some reasons, you can book your seats online. For example, if you’re coming from outside NCR (like me), you don’t need to travel to Cubao or Pasay just to book your tickets. Booking online would save you time, effort, and transportation cost.

To book your seats online, you may follow this step-by-step guide:


1. Create an account to (if you don’t have one). This will require your full name, gender, birth date, mobile number, email address, and password.

2. Choose your place of origin, destination, travel date, and number of seats you want to reserve. Note that the default route is Cubao to Baler. In this guide, I’ll use Cubao to Baguio.
3. If you want the JoyBus Premier Class (the one with tablets on each seat), choose PREMIER2_2X1 bus type that falls on your preferred time of departure. This specific bus type should cost 740 Php one way.
4. Enter passenger details. If you are traveling alone, just click Next. If you have companion/s, click the green plus (+) button, enter passenger details, and click Save. If you are booking for someone else you can click EXCLUDE ME button. Once done, click Next.

Note: There’s a reservation fee of 30 Php per person
5. Choose your seats. You need to click on each passenger name before you could select a seat. Click Next when done.
6. Review your itinerary. If you see any mistake, just click the Go Back button and edit any details you want to change. Otherwise, click Next.
7. Select your payment method. You can pay via ECPAY, BPI Deposit, BDO Deposit, GCash, or PayPal. In our case, we paid via BDO Deposit. I’m not sure if BDO online transfer is possible, so I just chose to follow the instructions given (it’s better to be sure).
8. Confirm your payment by sending a photocopy of your deposit slip/proof of payment via email at

9. Print out your voucher once you receive your payment confirmation. Your voucher should look like this.


And that’s pretty much it! Your seats are reserved and your booking is confirmed!

Note that this is one way ticket only. To reserve your return ticket, just repeat the steps given.

And take note also that this is just a voucher. You would still need to claim your actual bus ticket before boarding the bus. Just present your voucher and 1 valid ID. You need to arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before departure time.


Actual Bus Ticket/Boarding Pass

Aside from Premier Class, JoyBus also offers Executive Class which costs 20 php less than the Premier Class. The Executive Class has the same features as the Premier Class except from the tablets installed on each seat, neck support on each headrest, and foldable tray tables. Know your preferences and weigh if it’s worth the 20 Php more or 20 Php less. Preferences vary in each person so I encourage everyone to decide for yourself.

Overall, I was satisfied at my experience in JoyBus Premier Class. Although there are a couple of downsides that exist it doesn’t outweigh the comfort, convenience, and all the advantages this bus line offers.

How about you? Have you experienced JoyBus Premier Class? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!



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  1. This is Amazing! I have always wanted to ride the joybus going to Baguio and it’s been a while since I last visited the city. It looks very comfortable and a truly great experience!

  2. Hi Dea! Super helpful article. Just wanted to check if you would know how much the extra charges are if we have big luggage to bring with us?

    1. Afaik there’s no extra charge. But to be sure, you may try to contact them thru the contact numbers at the boarding pass that I uploaded in this post.

  3. Thank you, Dea, for this information on the JoyBus Premier Class. My husband and I are planning to go to Baguio this long weekend in time for the culminating activity of Panagbenga festival. I really love reading your blogs about places you’ve been to. God Bless!


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