It’s not a secret that Baguio is home to many cafés and restaurants where people can enjoy good food while having a good chat with family and friends. Tucked in a quaint hideaway, Vanilla Cafe is among the nicest places in Baguio to have a lunch date, barkada catch-up, family bonding, or just a simple hangout.

Last month, we went to Baguio to attend a 3-day Christian Conference that’s being held annually. And since we’re in Baguio, it’s a good chance to respond to a blog invite from Valleypoint Campsite in Tuba, Benguet that’s been standing for almost a year already (thank you for the patience!). But before heading to Tuba, we decided to have breakfast somewhere nice. I searched online and Vanilla Cafe stood out from the rest!


Outside view from Vanilla Cafe


Vanilla Cafe Baguio — Our Experience

We hailed a taxi from Hilltop St. to take us to Vanilla Cafe. The driver seemed unfamiliar so we told him we’re heading to Kamiseta Hotel, where Vanilla Cafe is situated. The ride took about 20 minutes and we paid around 150 php.

The cafe looked closed because there were no other people when we arrived that Monday morning. As we opened the entrance door and went down to the cafe, it was a relief to see a staff!

The colorful vintage aesthetics were strikingly evident in every corner. There are indoor dining spaces as well as al fresco dining. We got confused which table to pick because all tables were available and they all looked lovely. Problem with too many choices!

Elegant pieces of furnitures, artsy wall patterns, and classic chandeliers would certainly make anyone feel like a royalty. This artsy restaurant is a perfect place for the guys out there to take your girl out for a date as everything looks chic and fancy.


Quick photo at the chimney area because I could sense Jeric will pick a table outside 😁
Still inside the cafe. Such a romantic corner. At the background is the extension of al fresco dining.
Mismatched chairs. Never thought mismatching could be this pretty.
Cutesy artsy corner
Perfect spot! After this photo, we changed the chairs to match the table. Hehe!


Then Jeric finally decided which table to choose, and I was right! He liked the al fresco area, and I was happy to second it since I also loved the ambiance. It’s amazing how the #RoyaltyFeels atmosphere was still present outside.

This is also where you can enjoy Baguio’s pine-scented breeze while savoring delightful meals and desserts. Such a nice pick! Still, the indoor dining spaces of this cozy cafe looked equally beautiful. It’s just a matter of preference.

Now, time to place our orders. The Breakfast Platters looked great! We initially ordered MEAL 2 (under Filipino Breakfast Platters) and MEAL 3 (under American Breakfast Platters), but all American Platters were not available. So we just replaced MEAL 3 with Chocolate Chips Pancake since I wasn’t in the mood to eat rice that time. Although the pancake’s a bit more pricey.


Vanilla Cafe Menu
Notice the chairs? Hehe
Hearty breakfast
Pouring maple syrup on my Chocolate Chip Pancake
Setup was quite romantic, right?


Obviously, the Chocolate Chip Pancake looked really tempting. It’s a 3-layer pancake filled with chocolate bits and salted caramel syrup. It says in their menu that there are roasted almonds, but I haven’t found a single almond in their serving. Nevertheless, it was tasty and I still enjoyed it.

The Filipino Breakfast Platters include typical Filipino food. Their MEAL 2 is comprised of Tapa, Danggit, Tocino, Garlic Rice, Tomatoes, Egg, Atchara, and VinegarAn example of a perfect balance of Filipino breakfast! Then add the cool breeze and relaxing view. One of the best breakfasts we’ve had!

The restaurant is quite huge. You won’t have a hard time securing a seat as there are plenty of it. There are tables good for 2, 4, and even 10 persons. Perfect for couples, group of friends, and family gatherings!


Pretty synthetic flowers
The crew was nice enough to take our picture
Cutesy vintage chairs
Table for 8-10 persons
Imagine yourself hanging out with your friends here


Tip: Vanilla Cafe is located inside Kamiseta Hotel. You can book discounted rates at Kamiseta Hotel via Klook or Agoda.

It doesn’t matter which table is available because each spot is equally impressive. Whether you want to dine indoors or al fresco style, you will surely find a lovely spot. The vintage French-inspired aesthetics are evident in every corner.

There’s also a corner covered with synthetic red roses perfect to spice up your Instagram feed. There’s a table for two on that certain corner so it’s another perfect spot to take your girl on a romantic lunch or dinner date!

Another interesting feature of this restaurant is the comfort room! You will not know it’s the comfort room unless you open that artsy fancy door! I actually thought it was some kind of a library or another dining room.


Tadaa! It’s a CR!
Colorful, isn’t it?
The rose-filled corner in the al fresco area
Can’t help but to take lots of photos
Savoring the #royaltyfeels


Vanilla Cafe actually has multiple branches. This certain branch in Baguio is located at Brgy. 20 Ignacio Villamor St, Baguio City, Benguet. Other branches are located in Quezon City (Mother Ignacia & Trinoma Mall), and Muntinlupa City (Evia Lifestyle Center).


Contact Details

For more details and reservation, you may reach them via contact number and social media pages:

Contact Numbers: 0935 423 3408 (Mobile); 837 43783 (Landline)
Facebook Page: Vanilla Cafe
Instagram: @vanillacafeph

Book discounted rates at Kamiseta Hotel: Klook | Agoda

More Photos!

Fave spot!
Lounges for hotel guests I think?
I just hope there’s a “King” version of this so I could offer it to my awesome King: Jesus ❤️
The stairway going to the cafe
Al fresco area
So vintage
Start each day with a grateful heart. That’s the answer.
Table for four
My second fave spot!
At the entrance door
Blurring out the misleading words. Sometimes, you also need to learn how to filter out deceptive worldly principles. Because believe it or not, not everything you hear will do you good no matter how beautiful it may sound 🙂


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  1. Wow! that’s a beautiful cafe’! I love Baguio though it’s very far but I really want to visit it again next time. Unfortunately, I have to cancel our trip to PH now coz of the lockdown. How are you now?


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