If you’ve been dying to take a relaxing break from your daily routines, cheer up! The sands and the sea are never too far away. There are even lots of gorgeous beach getaways near the Philippines’ metropolitan center, and one of them is the beautiful province of Bataan.

Bataan’s pristine shores are perfect for your much needed nature retreat away from noise and pollution. Home to many natural and man-made attractions, Bataan offers plenty of activities for you and your family and barkada. From historical attractions and heritage sites to sandy beaches and lush rain forests, you will never run out of things to see and do.

Bataan is truly a place of wonder for those wanting an adventure and relaxation. And you will surely want to pair your vacation with a cozy and comfortable accommodation! Here, we have selected 7 of the most relaxing beach resorts in Bataan that you can book for your next nature trip. They are listed below in no particular order (as always).


Beach Resorts in Bataan


Bataan White Corals Beach Resort

Bataan white corals beach resort
Bataan White Corals Beach Resort. Image: Agoda

Location: Sitio Panibatuhan, Barangay Poblacion, Morong, Bataan
₱5,000 2pax AC Room w/ 2 Double-size beds, Private CR, Cable TV, Ref
₱6,800 4pax AC Room w/ 2 Double-size beds, Private CR, Cable TV, Ref
₱16,500 12pax AC Room w/ 6 Double-decks, Private CR, Cable TV, Ref
₱18,600 9pax Villa w/Kitchen, 2 Double-decks, 1 Double-size beds, Private CR, Cable TV
*See complete updated room rates here.
Where to book w/discounts:

Bataan White Corals Beach Resort has always been one of the premier beach destination in Bataan. It has a family-oriented atmosphere having buildings and rooms conceptualized and named after family members such as Tatay, Nanay, and Anak. The entire resort is fronting the beach where guests have access. There are also swimming pools available perfect for night swimming. They provide free WiFi, free parking spaces, and daily housekeeping. Smoking is not permitted but there are designated smoking areas to ensure comfort and health of all guests.



Verde Azul

bataan beach resorts verde azul
Image: Verde Azul Website

Location: Nagpajo Crossing, Brgy. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan
₱5,500 for 2pax Deluxe Room
₱6,000 for 2pax Deluxe Room w/Balcony
₱6,500 for 4pax Standard Room
₱7,000 for 4pax Standard Room w/Balcony
₱9,000 for 6pax Family Room
Where to book:

A fresh youngster in the resort industry (debuted in 2018), Verde Azul is a world-class hotel and restaurant committed in empowering the tourism in Bataan. It is a travel-worthy vacation spot in the municipality of Morong offering comfortable and quality accommodations and services for its guests. Beachfront with swimming pools and restaurant facilities, this idyllic beach resorts in Bataan is complete with everything you would need and want for a relaxing break. They have rooms for couples, families, and barkada where guests can stay.



Playa La Caleta

playa la caleta bataan beach resorts
Playa La Caleta. Image: Agoda

Location: Matikis, Morong, Bataan
₱3,888 for 3pax Beach Loft, w/Breakfast & Welcome drinks
₱4,888 for 3pax Tree House, w/Breakfast & Welcome drinks
₱3,888 for 4pax Gazebo, w/Breakfast & Welcome drinks
₱5,888 for 6pax, Cottage, w/Breakfast & Welcome drinks
₱5,888 for 2pax, Couple Glamping, w/Breakfast & Welcome drinks
₱11,888 for 5pax, Family Glamping, w/Breakfast & Welcome drinks
₱2,888 for 2pax, Camping Tent, w/Breakfast & Welcome drinks
₱500 per person, Day Tour Entrance Fee w/Welcome drink
*See complete rates here.
Where to book:

This 100-hectare eco-tourism resort with a 1-kilometer beach cove has been making a good noise for its unspoiled nature sceneries and excellent service. Playa La Caleta is an all-in-one nature getaway having a white sandy beach, lush mountains and forests, waterfalls, and a 1-hectare islet called Miguelito Island. Their accommodations include ocean-view cottages, gazebos, air-conditioned beach rooms, glamping, and camping tents. Picnic tables are also available for day-tour guests. For food and beverages, they have The Scarborough Restaurant, Shark Bar, and Coconut Cafe. They also offer outdoor activities such as mountain biking, kite flying, beach volleyball, kayaking, stand-up paddling, snorkeling, cliff jumping, and surfing.



Coralview Beach Resort

coralview beach resort bataan
Coralview Beach Resort

Location: Poblacion, Morong, Bataan
₱3,300 for 2pax Single Room w/ breakfast and entrance fee
₱4,400 for 4pax Quad Room w/ breakfast and entrance fee
₱6,900 for 8pax Family Room w/ breakfast and entrance fee
₱9,500 for 10pax Dormitory Room w/ entrance fee but no breakfast
₱16,800 for 10pax Villa w/ Kitchen, dining area, grilling station, infinity pool, lanai.
*See complete updated room rates here.
Where to book w/discounts:

You may read our full review about Coralview Beach Resort here.



Juness Beach Resort

juness beach resorts bataan
Image: Juness Beach Resort Website

Location: Cabildo St. Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan
₱3,800 Garden View Room Standard
₱3,800 Ocean View Room Standard
₱5,500 SUPERIOR ROOM Standard
₱5,500 Villa C Standard
₱6,500 Villa B Standard
₱8,000 Villa A Standard
₱7,500 Dorm D Standard
₱11,500 Dorm 14 Standard
₱13,000 Beach House Standard
Where to book:

Juness Beach Resort is one of the top tourist haven beach resorts in Bataan that offers recreational facilities and cozy accommodations. All guests have access to the exclusive beach, swimming pools, and water adventure facilities. They have ocean-view rooms offering panoramic sea-scapes, as well as rooms with garden views. Accommodations are designed to feel like a home-away-from-home with simple yet relaxing tropical vibes. Situated in a natural and secluded environment, Juness Beach Resort is a perfect choice for those yearning for a nature escape away from city life.



Stella Maris Beach Resort

stella maris
Stella Maris Beach Resort

Location: Gov. J.J. Linao National Road, Brgy. Banawang, Bagac, Bataan
₱1,500 for 10pax Open Cottage Small
₱2,000 for 15pax Open Cottage Big
₱2,500 for 5pax Closed Cottage
₱3,00 for 5pax Closed Cottage w/Room
₱3,500 for 20pax Villa (10 pax on beds, 10 on floor)
₱5,500 for 16pax White House (6pax beds, 10 on floor)
₱100 per person Entrance Fee
Where to book:

You may read about our beach camping experience at Stella Maris Beach Resort here.



Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort

bataan beach resorts brisa marina beachfront resort
Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort. Image: Agoda

Location: Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan
₱4,500 for 2pax Premier Room
₱4,000 for 2pax Couple Room
₱7,000 for 3pax PWD Room – Accessible
₱7,900 for 4pax Family Room Ocean View
₱7,900 for 4pax Family Room Pool View
₱7,900 for 4pax Premium Family Room
₱10,000 for 6pax Family Room Pool View
₱10,000 for 6pax Family Room Ocean View
₱12,000 for 6pax Deluxe Family
₱16,000 for 8pax Executive Family
*See complete room rates here.
Where to book:

Perfectly situated in a tranquil and picturesque setting in the town of Morong, Brisa Marina Beachfront Resort remains a premier travel destination in Bataan. Not only that they have outstanding amenities and quality service, they also offer spa packages and beachfront dining experiences for total relaxation and unforgettable memories. Fun water activities are available to help guests forget about all the stresses and just have fun under the sun instead. They have an on-site swimming pool where guests can take a cooling dip, as well as access to the sandy beach for that much-needed vitamin-sea.


Bataan Beach Resorts


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