About a month ago, I received a call from the owner, Sir Jun, inviting us to come again at Coralview Beach Resort and bring my family as a way of saying thanks for the blog. He even pointed out that we don’t have to work so it’s purely a vacation (no pressure in taking photos and writing a post about it). However, I still want to immortalize our experience hence I’m writing this. 😉


The journey

So last June 13, we made our way for another beach trip despite the unfavorable weather. This time, we brought our own wheels so we could reach Morong faster (≈2 hours) from Bulacan, because we didn’t want mom to endure the hassle. I remember on our first visit we traveled for almost 5 hours from Bulacan via commute (SJDM-Bocaue-SanFernando-Olongapo-Morong) which was super hassle (it’s just so we could share commuting directions on the blog).


(L-R) Me, Rafael, Jeane, Mommy Marilyn, and Jeric. At the back was Reyn.


But Manila dwellers don’t have to worry as it’s much easier to commute if coming from Manila (route is just Manila-Olongapo-Morong). See commuting directions to Coralview.


Family Room w/ Kitchen

Since we were 6 people, we opted to stay in their Family Room w/ Kitchen situated near the resort entrance. Sir Jun was actually giving us two Premier beachfront rooms (where we stayed on our first visit). However, we all wanted to stay in one room (plus nahiya na rin kami 😁).


Family room with kitchen


The Family Room is a studio type air-conditioned room that has a queen-sized bed, two bunk beds, comfort room, dining area, flat-screen TV, and kitchen with microwave & gas stove.

I liked that in this room, the toilet, shower, and washbasin are separated which makes it suitable for big groups. You can take a shower while the other one is using the toilet and the others are brushing their teeth. It’s very convenient and saves time!


Washbasin in between the shower room (left side) and toilet (right side).
Quick rest after 2 hours of travel. I was having my fave lemon square cheesecake at the dining area while mom and brothers are watching TV, and Jeane was resting on the bunkbed, and Jeric was nowhere to be found (maybe he was at the toilet 😅).


I also think the bunk-beds deserve a special mention. They’re so sturdy and solid that it won’t feel shaky even when there’s someone climbing up. Also, all the mattresses are 6 inches in thickness (which is double the typical mattress thickness) and the ac is cool so you’d really get a sound sleep. We really had a nice and comfortable stay in this room. This is actually one of their most rented rooms.

They also have family rooms with no kitchen that cost lesser. You may opt for it if you’re trying to limit your budget for accommodation and if you think you won’t be needing a kitchen.

They actually have a total of 12 room types to choose from. You can check available rooms here.


Day 1 at Coralview

We arrived at around 1pm, rested for a while, then explored the resort. We first went to the beach because why not? But the weather was gloomy, it even rained a while ago so the water wasn’t clear.

We just walked along the sandy beach until the boys found a fun spot.


Meet the real men according to the coconut tree: (L-R) Jeric, Reyn, and Rafael 
Shameless selfie. All smiles despite the gloomy weather!


Then we headed to the pool area but while we’re walking our way, Sir Jun called our attention to join him in his merienda over few shots of tequila. We don’t actually drink but we just took it as courtesy to our host. Don’t worry, we did not get drunk!



We took an afternoon dip at the pool beside the restaurant. I finally got the chance to try soaking in the Jacuzzi because the last time we’re here, we were too busy taking photos for the blog. It was indeed a relaxing way to bond with the fam! Having no proof (photo) is a proof that we really savored the moment. We went swimming until sundown.


Dinner aftermath. (L-R) Reyn, Jeane, Me, Mom, Sir Jun, Jeric, Rafael


Dinner time came so our host called us again to join him. We talked about everything over Crispy Pata and Chicken Tinola. And as always, the last part was my fave part as it was ice cream time! After dinner, we went to our room to wash-up and rest.


Day 2

It was a bright and sunny Friday so I readily went out to take few snaps around the resort.



After few minutes we headed to the resto to have breakfast. We had tocino, longanisa, eggs, tuyo (dried fish), sauteed veggies, and sinangag (fried rice).


Breakfast by the poolside. Don’t mind Jeric’s look, he was still asleep.


Sir Jun suggested we should try to go kayaking after breakfast, then everyone instantly had that excited look!


Mother & son bonding. That’s mom and my brother Reyn.
(Red kayak) Rafael & Jeane; (Yellow kayak) Mom & Reyn


Funniest thing, they were too afraid that their kayak would flip, while the water was just waist deep even if you drift far from the shore. See that man fishing at the background? 😅

Jeric and I were not in the mood to go kayaking so we just walked by the beach after taking photos of them.

The beach was seaweedy but it’s okay as long as I don’t see any plastic.

The sands are grey (when wet) and off-white (when dry and exposed to the sun).




Then the kayak group got tired and invited us to explore the swimming pools and other parts of the resort.


Awrahan at the saltwater pool.
Enjoying the saltwater pool. (L-R) Jeane, Mom, Rafael
At the second floor near the saltwater pool, where Quad Rooms are located.
Mrs. Always Right. The opposite side says “Mr. Right” 😁


It was lunch time and our kind host had his dutiful staff cook our lunch: Calderata, grilled huge fish (I can’t recognize what fish was it but it was huge 😅), fish sinigang, and buttered veggies.

I firmly believe that their cook deserves a special mention. I just wish I met him/her as the Caldereta was to die for! The combination of spicy, sweet, cheesy, and salty taste was just too perfect. It was honestly the best Caldereta I’ve tasted so far (no bias). The rest of the food were all delicious as well, I just can’t get over the Caldereta!


Having lunch at the cabana fronting the beach


Our check-out time is supposedly 12nn, but Sir Jun almost didn’t want us to go. He even wanted us to extend for few more days. And that’s the offer we cannot accept anymore as we also have our own responsibilities at home and church.

While preparing for check-out and carrying all our luggage, our kind host reconfirmed if we’re really going already. Seems that it still hasn’t sunk in yet for him. We had a great stay and we deeply appreciate the warm hospitality, but we really need to go.


Rooms and open cabanas fronting the beach


We left around 3pm. We were actually planning to have dinner at a restaurant in Pampanga, but the traffic was quite a killjoy (it was Friday night). Nonetheless, we’re still grateful for the nice vacation we had at Coralview!

And that’s pretty much it! Maybe you can include this in your bucket-list, right? 😊 Thanks for reading! ❤️

PS: Don’t forget to check available rooms at Coralview here. Have fun!


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  1. You looked like you had fun! Beautiful place and nicer with friends and families. How far is it from Manila by public commute? Been to Bataan Las Casas if you like you can check my older post. Thanks!

  2. My next spot when heading back to the Philippines! I’m from the north so… it’s just an hour-drive from Bataan. Relaxing place, indeed! Thanks for the post!


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