For beach freaks like us, one year of being away from the sea is more than enough reason for our feet to itch for the beach (our last ocean trip was Feb 2020 in Camiguin 😭). So from Bulacan, we opted to head south since we cannot wait for the beaches up north to open for visitors.

Nasugbu in Batangas has no travel restrictions which is quite a great news! But if you think about it, it’s also risky. Thankfully, we found a more private and exclusive beach in the area: the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club.

Note: We went here March 1-2, 2021. Please check updated travel requirements at the end part of this post.


Pico de Loro Beach
At Pico de Loro Beach
pico de loro country club
Country Club


About Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club


Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club is an exclusive residential resort just a 2-hour drive from the Metro. Located at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas, it is tucked away from the busy life of the city.

Lush mountains, inviting sea, peaceful lake lagoon, and a country club with infinity pool — you will simply experience pure leisure here.

It’s a member-exclusive private resort hence the exclusive vibe.

To get in, you’ll need to book your stay through Airbnb where condo unit owners rent out their place. It is recommended if you want to spend lesser since you can cook your own meals as the units have kitchen. You will have access to the Country Club, private beach, free shuttle service, and all other facilities except the Beach Club.

Alternatively, you can book your stay at Pico Sands Hotel which is a bit pricier but more convenient and has access to all facilities including the Beach Club.

You can’t just walk-in unless you know a member who can accompany you as you enter.

You also need to pay an entrance fee which is separate from the rental fee. Currently 800/adult and 300/child 4-12yrs old (Mon-Thu); 1,200/adult and P800/child 4-12yrs old (Fri-Sun). It is a one-time payment for the duration of your stay. Complete rates according to season at the end of this post.

To get here, a private vehicle would be better since the resort proper is another 3-kilometer drive from Hamilo Coast main gate. There are free parking spaces in each building.

No ATMs inside. And you can only use debit/credit cards for payments in restaurants, activities, convenience store, etc. But entrance fee can be paid in cash.

To get around the resort, you can walk or use the free shuttle service that goes around every 3-5 minutes, from 6am-10pm daily. Pico de Loro is quite huge so a shuttle would be necessary. But if you have ample time and energy to walk, go for it! The surroundings are so relaxing perfect for leisurely walks and sight seeing!

There are no health documents required. No need to submit antigen, swab, or medical certificates. But health safety protocols are strictly observed inside the premises. Every guests should fill-up a health declaration form via QR code at the lobby of the building where they’ll be staying.

Kids and seniors are allowed to enter as well.

Edit: Kids/seniors are not allowed at the moment due to rise in covid cases.

UPDATE as of 6/6/2021: Pico de Loro is now open for guests from NCR+ and other areas under GCQ and MGCQ. Guests below 18 and above 65 must submit negative RT-PCR test result 48 hours prior to arrival. The RT-PCR test must have been taken within 72 hours prior to check-in.

(Please see further updates at the end of this post)


pico de loro lagoon lake
Lake lagoon inside Pico de Loro


Our experience at Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club


Day 1

Upon arriving at Hamilo Coast main gate, the guard first asked for our contact persons inside Pico de Loro. Since we booked via Airbnb, we gave the name of the caretaker, Ate Melai, and her number. The guard called her, confirmed our identity, and then directed us to the Country Club where we could register and settle our payments for entrance fee (registration process was smooth and fast).

Previously (before covid), registration is at Hamilo Coast main gate. Now, outside guests are not allowed unless accompanied by the unit owner/caretaker upon entry. Hamilo Coast main gate is still 3-km drive from the resort proper so it will be a hassle for the unit owners if they would need to fetch their guests from there. That’s why registration is now at the Country Club. Less hassle for the hosts, but guests will need to pass through evaluations twice. Although it’s also good as it somehow helps achieve that uncrowded and exclusive vibes!

Since we came an hour earlier, we decided to stay at the beach while waiting for our check-in time which is 2pm. We could wait at the Country Club, it’s also nice. But we’re really that vitamin-sea deficient! So from the Country Club, we boarded the free shuttle service then we got off at the beach area.

The beach was so calm and uncrowded. Finally, the peace and serenity that we’re yearning for!


pico beach
A wooden swing at Pico de Loro Beach


The sands are super fine. It’s not that white but it’s clean and barefoot friendly. It only looks white due to sunlight. We honestly liked it as it’s such a treat to walk onto!

The water at the beach is shallow and very calm — perfect for kiddos and kids-at-heart! It’s not like a typical beach with aqua blue waters. But the water is incredibly clear and you can even spot some schools of fish!

Ate Melai texted us that we could already check-in at 1:30! We immediately went to the road and boarded a shuttle again. We got off at the Country Club because our car was still parked there, then we drove to Carola-A Building where our airbnb is located. There are designated parking spaces in each building where you could park your car for free.

Carola is one of the newest residential buildings in Pico de Loro as per the owner. And indeed it looked new, clean, and quiet.

Our check-in process was smooth. From Carola-A lobby, we just had to fill-up a health declaration form via QR code and we’re good.

Our airbnb is a super stylish unit with a picturesque view of the lake lagoon! I shared more details about our airbnb staycation here. For now, let me proceed to my storytelling 😉


man-made lake lagoon
Lake view from the balcony of our airbnb
pico de loro staycation
Photo inside our airbnb


Tip: If you’re not in Airbnb yet, you can sign up here then book this unit here.

We had a short orientation with Ate Melai about the facilities inside the unit. After that, we changed clothes and headed to the beach area again. We first took pictures at the lagoon near the beach. There are also other interesting sights to see around!


View of the lagoon near the beach
I covered that part eventhough there’s really not much to see 😁 
A tree-top tambayan. The view from up here is stunning!
A not-so-secret door in a tree trunk
Sun-kissed at the beach. No sunblock applied. Who’s braver than me?! Say hello to painful sunburn!
Hubby and I at the beach


It was still 1st of March but we could already feel the scorching summer heat! We spent some time in the water admiring its calmness. We enjoyed watching schools of fish coming to us as if they were expecting something. Maybe they’re already used to people feeding them. However, we didn’t have anything to feed them with. We just savored the moment as they encircled us in the water!

We explored the rest of the beach and we found a nice spot at the northern part (right side when facing the ocean). Coconut trees are aplenty here and it’s more quiet. It’s also great to take pictures here.


At the northern part of the beach
More people came as the sunset draws near
Why not coconut
beach umbrellas
Beach umbrellas free to use


And here comes the best part: SUNSET! Nasugbu is in the west coastal area so sunsets here are breathtaking! We went to the southern part of the beach (left side when facing the ocean) where there is something like a wooden bridge over a rocky part of the beach. Then we watched the sunset from there.

We also saw A LOT of crabs on the rocks surrounding the bridge. They’re so cute especially that they are in the shade of color green, my fave color! They jumped from one rock to another, they’re so fun to watch! We haven’t photographed them as we do not have a zoom lens anymore.


A wooden bridge over the rocky beach
pico de loro sunset
Sunset at Pico de Loro Beach
Hey girl don’t touch the sun you’ll burn


Such a blessing to witness that kind of beauty. Our Daddy God has shown off His painting skills again!

Then a group of other guests came and kind enough to wait for their turn. We initially wanted to watch the sun completely settle down from this spot but of course, we’re not that selfish to do that. We also want to give others a chance to see the sunset from here as it’s such a beautiful experience.

Jec took photos of them while they’re enjoying the view. So basically, we enjoyed watching them while they’re enjoying watching the sunset!


Other guests enjoying the view
Such a relaxing sight
pico de loro beach golden hour
Golden hour at the beach


So our first day ended beautifully just like that, and it’s now time for dinner. We brought in food supplies that we can cook since restaurants inside Pico de Loro are pricey and limited. Moreover, Jec is changing his diet so he can’t just eat anything anywhere. He’s currently in a low-carb high-fat diet, so one of his common meals nowadays is steak.

I wanted to join him in his diet that night so we cooked ribeye steak for two, matched with a glass of wine. Our airbnb has a fully equipped kitchen so it was an ease.

After the satisfying dinner, we went to the balcony of our room and settled there for a while. The view is still beautiful at night! The sight of lighted buildings with reflections on the lagoon was such a relaxing night view.


pico de loro at night
The view from our balcony at night time


Tired but joyful, we went to bed to catch some sleep. Jec drove from Bulacan to Batangas so he was the first one to doze off. And me, while waiting for my sleep to come, I just watched him slumber while being amazed by the fact that we can now guiltlessly sleep on the same bed whenever we check-in for travel!


Day 2

The next morning, we woke up around 5am and cooked our breakfast. We started our day early because we wanted to explore more of Pico de Loro before we leave.

Our first stop was the church since we heard the view from there is beautiful. But later we found out we were too early and the view was still a bit hidden from the sun.


View of the cove from the back of a catholic church


By the way, we didn’t take a shuttle ride this time. We decided to walk from Carola Building to the church and consider it as a good warm up. We also wanted to experience walking around the premises as the surroundings are great for leisurely walks!

Then we went back to the beach. We followed the path from the church going down to the beach area. The pathway is surrounded with lush rainforest and the lovely chirping sound of the birds was our background music. It was a good 5-minute walk with nature!

You can also access the church right from the beach. Just follow the pathway. Take note though that you’ll climb a lot of stairs. So if you have senior citizens with you, I suggest you just use the free shuttle service.


The pathway from beach area going up to the church. It is located just in front of the wooden bridge over the rocky beach.
At the wooden bridge again
It’s a nice spot for early morning walks as well
The sun’s angle from here is great in the morning too. And the sky was super clear!
Breathing in some fresh ocean breeze. Our lungs thanked us later.
Smile! Btw, I’m wearing a cap more frequently lately because I’m getting more freckles already due to sun exposure. I don’t like sunscreen products because they’re stickyyy.


We rested on the beach for about an hour. Just watching other people and kids playing under the sun and getting their dose of vitamin D.

We loved that there were still other people, but not many. It’s still good to see fellow sea-tizens enjoying the place. We do not like overcrowding, but we still like to see a few people around.

There are mini shelters (dunno how they call it) at the beach where we stayed before we head to the Country Club. We boarded a shuttle since the beach and the country club are end-to-end.


We just sat here for about an hour enjoying the sea view
Back view of the “mini shelters”. Photo taken during yesterday’s sunset.
infinity pool
At the Country Club’s infinity pool overlooking the man-made lake lagoon
country club view
Loved the tropical vibes at the Country Club. The kiddie pools are located at this side.
Oops! Excuse me sir 😉
Such a pleasant weather


The pools are nice and clean. Aside from the infinity pool and kiddie pools, there are more other facilities at the Country Club. There’s a convenience store, gym, lobby, and few dining spaces overlooking the pools and lake lagoon.


Country Club lobby and dining spaces
Sports gym at the country club
Sports gym
Grab n Go convenience store inside Pico de Loro
Convenience store


The Country Club, I can say, is very well-maintained. The staff are kind and very courteous. Health safety protocols are strictly observed.

We didn’t spend much time here since we’re not really after the pools. But we enjoyed sight seeing, savoring the pleasant weather, and taking photos!

We then walked to the lagoon area where there’s a bridge at the middle. There were so many koi fishes and we enjoyed feeding them! The view of surroundings and the peaceful lake are very relaxing. You will really see that you’re being surrounded with beautiful mountains and lush rainforests. You can even see the Country Club from afar.


View of the Country Club from the bridge at the middle of lake lagoon


Then we went back to our airbnb to cook our early lunch and prepare for check-out (12nn). We wanted to extend but there’s another guest coming.

By the way, the one-time payment for entrance fee is good for your entire stay. So to utilize it, better stay as long as you can (1 week max).


An instagrammable spot near our building
At the lobby of Carola-A Building. So chic and minimalist.
Checking out. HUHU. Our N95 masks are too large!


As we drove back to Hamilo Coast main gate, we were amazed by the views along the way. So many mountains and hills in the distance. And the weather was sooo perfect! Such a nice way to end our trip.

But our trip doesn’t end here actually. We went straight to Tagaytay to catch-up with friends that live nearby. We went to Queens Strawberry Farm and Cafe Agapita before we head back home in Bulacan.


Where to Book?


  1. Airbnb – You can book condo units ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 good for 4-6 pax.
    Sign up in Airbnb, then type “Pico de Loro Beach” on the search box. Choose a property that suits you.
  2. Pico Sands Hotel – This is recommended if you want a more convenient stay and Beach Club access. You can book hotel rooms here.
  3. Agoda – This is one of our favorite booking sites. No need to sign up. This is a great option if you don’t like the hassles of creating an account. You can score more condo units at cheaper price via Agoda here.
  4. Klook – Another favorite booking site. You can purchase Klook Voucher for an Overnight Stay at Pico Sands Hotel with Breakfast & Spa Credits here.


If you prefer to stay in condo units, here are some you can book:


Other Recreational Activities

Pico de Loro offers the following activities with separate fees

Beach Activities: Kayak, Volleyball, Football, Frisbee, Banana boat, Water taxi, Jet ski, Snorkeling, and Paddle board.

Country Club Activities: Billiards, Basketball, Bowling, Badminton, Squash, Table tennis, Covered Tennis Court, Gym, Video, and Karaoke Room


Pico de Loro Entrance Fees (Updated)

Guest Fees to be paid apart from the condo unit/hotel room rental.

  • Lean season (All weekdays of January, February, and July to November)
    Adult: 800 Php
    Child (4-12 y/o): 300 Php
  • Peak season (All weekends of January, February, and July to November; All weekdays of March to June, and December; All holidays of the year)
    Adult: 1,200 Php
    Child (4-12 y/o): 800 Php
  • High Season (All weekends of March to June, and December)
    Adult: 1,500 Php
    Child (4-12 y/o): 800 Php
  • Holy Week
    Adult: 1,800 Php
    Child (4-12yo): 900 Php

Weekends are defined as Friday to Sunday, and Weekdays as Monday to Thursday.
Children below 4 years old are FREE of charge any season.


How to get there

As I’ve said earlier, Pico de Loro resort proper is still 3-km drive from Hamilo Coast main gate. That’s why private vehicle is advisable.

You can use your own private vehicle or you can also book your private transportation to Nasugbu here.

Waze/Google Map: Pico de Loro Beach




Aside from beautiful surroundings and convenient facilities, we also loved the exclusivity of the place. If you’re itching for a beach trip so badly but you don’t want overcrowding (especially during this pandemic), this is a great pick! It won’t be cheap but all will be worth it in the end.


Did you find this article helpful? Show some love by sharing it to your friends!

And if you have other questions that are not answered by this post, feel free to comment down below. I’ll do my best to help!





(as of March 23, 2021)

  • PICO SANDS HOTEL – Only BATANGAS RESIDENTS aged 18-65 years old with negative antigen result are allowed as guests in Pico Sands Hotel—which is a public hotel that’s why test is needed.
  • AIRBNB – As per my airbnb host in Pico de Loro, condo unit owners can still accept guests as long as they’re accompanied by owners upon entry. Airbnb guests will be treated as friend of the owner so they are considered as private guests. No swab/antigen tests required. But only 16-65 years old are allowed.

(as of June 6, 2021)

  • Pico de Loro is now open for guests from NCR+ and other areas under GCQ and MGCQ. Guests below 18 and above 65 must submit negative RT-PCR test result 48 hours prior to arrival. The RT-PCR test must have been taken within 72 hours prior to check-in.

(as of September 18, 2021)

  • Nasugbu, Batangas remains under GCQ with heightened restrictions until 30 September 2021.
  • Guests coming from areas under GCQ, MGCQ, and Alert Levels 1 to 4 are welcome to book.
  • A valid I.D. indicating the area of residency shall be required from all guests upon check-in.
  • Negative RT-PCR (nasal or saliva) or Rapid Antigen Test (nasal swab) result performed within 72 hours prior to check-in.
  • Travel Coordination Permit is required and must be valid for up to one day before your arrival. You may apply through
  • Children below 18 years old and senior adults above 65 years old, pregnant women, and those with immunodeficiencies, comorbidities, or other health risks are restricted from booking.

(as of October 7, 2021)

  • Guests of all ages coming from GCQ, MGCQ and those under alert levels 1-4 are welcome. A valid ID which indicates the area of residency shall be required from all guests at the Hamilo Main Gate (and possibly at checkpoints along the way coming to Nasugbu). The names and date of birth will be needed after booking to send them to the Pico de Loro Admin.
  • STRICTLY PROHIBITED: pregnant women, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidities, or other health risks.
  • All guests including vaccinated individuals are required to submit to the Property Management Office 48 hrs. prior to arrival and then present at the Hamilo Main Gate, a negative result of either of the following tests conducted within 72 hours prior to arrival:
    Nasal or saliva RT-PCR test OR Rapid Antigen Test (nasal swab).
  • As required by LGU Nasugbu, create an account at and apply for a Travel Coordination Permit up to one day before your arrival between 8 AM – 5 PM using below details:
    Destination: Nasugbu, Batangas
    Destination LGU House #, Street, Barangay: Pico De Loro Cove Condominium, Hamilo Coast, Brgy. Papaya, Nasugbu, Batangas
    Upload ID and RT-PCR/Antigen test result
    Wait for approval of Travel Coordination Permit which will be required at checkpoints.
  • Batangas is under GCQ with heightened restrictions until 31 October 2021.

(as of November 8, 2021)

New COVID-19 policies for staycations:

  • A valid ID indicating the area of residency shall be required from all guests upon check-in.
  • Guests, including those who are vaccinated, pregnant, with immunodeficiencies / comorbidities / other health risks, are required to present their completed COVID-19 vaccination card OR a “negative” RT-PCR (nasal or saliva) OR a Rapid Antigen Test (nasal swab) performed within 72 hours prior to check-in.
  • Children below 18 years old will not be required to present a “negative” test result provided that all adult companions are fully vaccinated. If not, testing will also be required.
  • Only point-to-point travel is allowed. While pit stops or stopovers are allowed for eating and personal necessities, no side trips shall be made to other tourism destinations.
  • Guidelines are subject to change depending on the IATF, DOT, and LGU.


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  1. Hi, I am planning to book our stay this weekend with my family and my parents, do you have the link where I can directly book the accomodation at this place you stay at?

  2. Thanks Dea. I was kinda apprehensive and thought Pico de Loro was overrated, but it looks chill from your photos (mindful it’s during early post-quarantine days). I’m considering booking.

  3. Hi Ms Dea,
    Do you have updated covid protocols of pico de loro coz my family and 1 have book a condo room form Jan. 21 to 23 ,2023
    we are 4 adults ( age 18 to 50 years old ) and 2 kids ( age 8 and 10 years old )
    Also i want to check if they allow grab food delivery inside
    Thanks in advance for your response .

  4. Hi, Dea. Is the kid’s playground inside the country club or have you seen any playground outside? We wanted to visit there soon, so the kids can freely play.

  5. Stunning photos! Ah, the beach calls, especially now that it’s scorching hot in the Philippines. My friend raves about Pico De Loro and it’s my first time to see photos. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi, Valerie! When you book at Pico Sands Hotel you will have access to all facilities, including the Beach Club. Apologies if it was a bit confusing, I’ll edit my write-up 😉


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