Earlier this month, Jec and I had a quick staycation at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club. And it wasn’t just a staycation actually, but a beach trip as well! Yes, that beach trip was possible, but only because of the exclusivity of the place. Apparently, going to any non-private beach is still not advisable as of the moment. 😞

Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club is an exclusive residential resort so you will be promised of a quiet and private vacation. Since we’re currently on a pandemic, it becomes an ideal place where you can enjoy with lesser people and easily practice safe physical distancing.


Staycation at Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club

We booked a condo unit in Pico de Loro via Airbnb. It’s a chic and stylish space that I immediately booked the moment I saw the listing! Well, the owner is a superhost, the reviews are okay, and photos are stunning. Do I still need to wait for another sign?


Carola-A Building


The unit is located at Carola-A Building which is one of the newer residential buildings inside Pico de Loro. The building has an ample parking space available for free. It is also walking distance to the beach and the Country Club (but you can always take a free shuttle ride that goes around every 3-5 minutes, from 6am-10pm daily).

The space is a studio type unit that has one double-bed on a raised platform, a dining area for 4 people, a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfort room with hot & cold shower, and a balcony with a beautiful view of the lake lagoon, hills, and trees surrounding the place!


The double bed right beside the glass wall and exit to the balcony
Looks dreamy at night time
View from the balcony. You can even see the Country Club from up here.
A nice hanging chair at the balcony where you can relax and savor the view
A stylish couch inside the unit
Dining area for four, with table glass top, and a mirror! There’s mirror everywhere!


According to the host, the unit can fit up to 6 guests in normal situations (non-covid). But currently, he only allows up to 4 guests maximum per booking. In my opinion, the space is ideally enough for 4 guests. It is possible for 6 guests, but might get jam-packed. It’s also great for couples who wish to have an alone time together.

I personally like minimalist designs, but there are times that I also appreciate loads of details. Especially when it comes to lightings, I easily get astonished when I see lamps in different shapes and sizes. It makes the whole place look dreamy.


Sooo dreamyyy
Looks like you’re in a fictional movie
Stylish and comfortable


There’s a TV right in front of the bed which is a huge plus for any netflix-and-chill kind of person. The whole area is fully airconditioned so it’s comfortable. There’s also enough power outlets which is helpful especially if you need to charge your phones, cameras, and laptops all at the same time.

I wonder how the caretakers can manage to maintain the unit, especially those details in the ceiling and in all the corners. It’s quite hard to imagine how they clean it. Or maybe they have an innovative way of cleaning it efficiently. It’s amazing that we didn’t see any dust in all those details!


Mirror selfie while prepping up for the beach


I also loved that there are mirrors almost everywhere. It makes the area look more spacious. And the mirrors somehow help the space look more lively and glowing when the lights reflect on them. The area looks warm so it’s relaxing to the eyes.

And now let’s take a look at the kitchen. It is equipped with complete kitchen appliances, utensils, pots, pans, and dinnerware. Although the pans are quite worn-out already, but still useable.


Fully equipped kitchen


It’s great that we were able to cook our meals especially that Jec is changing his diet lately so he can’t just eat anything from anywhere. Plus, restaurants inside Pico de Loro are pricey and limited.

Also, it’s quite surprising that the dinnerware is complete even up to wine glasses and table knives!


Take a bath, cook, and eat steak paired with wine and mixed veggies on the side
Well-done for me, and medium rare for him


We cooked ribeye steak for dinner since it’s one of Jec’s common meals lately. He’s currently into no-rice diet due to health reasons (more on digestive issues). I wanted to join him in his diet that night, as part of my support for his health journey. I might also reduce my rice consumption in my daily meals and eat more meats, veggies, and fish. Not for a beach-body but for health. I don’t have health issues at the moment, I just got inspired by him. Though I’m still figuring out when will I start!

We also brought in our own cooking oil, salt, and pepper eventhough those are usually provided by airbnb hosts. It’s because Jec currently prefers either Olive Oil or Lauric Coconut Oil, and either Pink Salt or Rock Salt. Airbnb hosts usually provide Palm Oil and Iodized Salt which are also okay if it’s not a big deal for you.

Make sure also to stock up on food supplies and drinking water because everything inside Pico de Loro is expensive.


(Left) Food supplies and drinking water; (Right) Our salt, pepper, and oil.


The food supplies above are mostly mine since Jec refrains from eating breads and noodles. To have something that he can eat, we brought beef, chicken, mixed veggies, and eggs. I also grabbed some chips for my afternoon or midnight snack. I’ll just shift my diet maybe after a month or two? Really depends. Not in a hurry. HAHA.


My midnight snack. Don’t worry, I did not finish all of them.


By the way, the night view from the balcony is also beautiful. We settled there for few minutes admiring the view of lighted buildings with reflections on the lake lagoon. It was indeed a relaxing sight that makes a staycation at Pico de Loro even more perfect.


Night view from the balcony


Oh, before I forget, let me show you the comfort room. It’s pretty basic but a notable aspect is that it has a really well-stocked toiletries. Not just shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but also facial wash, mouth wash, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, feminine wash, shaving cream, and what else? But of course, we still used our own toothpaste and facial wash since we brought our own, and also my own fem wash.

But in case you forgot to bring your own toiletries, it helps a lot. As I’ve said a while ago, everything you purchase inside Pico de Loro is pricey.


(Left) Toilet and shower area; (Right) Lavatory with lotsa toiletries


And what I liked the most about this space is that it’s literally being surrounded by nature. Go to the balcony and you’ll be rewarded with a great nature view. Get out of the building and a lush rainforest will greet you. Just how real vacations should look and feel like. Away from the city, but not really too far in distance.


Just in front of our building
At the lobby of Carola-A Building
Quick photo-ops at the lobby before we leave huhu
Minimalist and neat. Still at the lobby
Jec, ready for our next trip: Tagaytay


After the blissful staycation at Pico de Loro, we went straight to Tagaytay to catch-up with friends that live nearby. We visited Queens Strawberry Farm and Cafe Agapita.

I also wrote about our full experience at Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club with tips, rates, stories, and lots of photos! You can check it out here.

If you want to book the same condo unit that we featured in this post, you may find it here:



More Booking Options in Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club


  1. Airbnb – You can book condo units ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 good for 4-6 pax.
    If you’re new to Airbnb, you can sign up here.
    After signing up, just type “Pico de Loro Beach” on the search box. Then choose a unit that suits you.
  2. Pico Sands Hotel – This is recommended if you want a more convenient stay and Beach Club access. You can book hotel rooms here.
  3. Agoda – This is one of our favorite booking sites. No need to sign up. This is a great option if you don’t like the hassles of creating an account. You can score more condo units at cheaper price via Agoda here.
  4. Klook – Another favorite booking site. You can purchase Klook Voucher for an Overnight Stay at Pico Sands Hotel with Breakfast & Spa Credits here.


How to get there

Pico de Loro resort proper is still 3-km drive from Hamilo Coast main gate. That’s why private vehicle is advisable.

You can use your own private vehicle or you can also book your private transportation to Nasugbu here.

Waze/Google Map: Pico de Loro Beach



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  1. Hello! Thank you for this blogpost! I’m actually considering it. Quick question, is there a supermarket nearby? Where can we shop for food like you did?

    1. Hi Maria. There’s only a convenience store at the country club, but expect prices to be high. We just brought in food supplies that we bought before the trip.

    2. Thank You for sharing Ms .Dea. napakarelaxing ng mga photos nio. Gusto dn sana namin ma exprience.. pwede ko bang mahingi contact number ni ms Melai bago ako mag book..maraming salamat s pagreply Ms. Dea .Have a Happy 2023..godbless po.

    1. Yes, we thought so too. I guess it’s because Jec ate too much rice, and now his digestive can’t process much of it like before. I’m also planning to reduce my rice consumption but I can’t eliminate it totally 😉


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