Craving for Japanese food? CHAYA Baguio serves contemporary Japanese cuisine that appears to be a favorite among visitors and locals. It is a log cabin home turned into a restaurant which makes for a homey and cozy dining experience. Feel at home and savor Japanese food in this hidden gem of the breezy Baguio!

A culinary haven that anyone will surely like, CHAYA Baguio serves salads, sushi, tempura, rice bowls, noodles, desserts, hot & cold drinks, and more!


Our experience at CHAYA Baguio

Woke up late in the morning with growling tummies, Jec and I instantly remembered there’s a nearby Japanese restaurant that we passed by when we were heading to our Airbnb at Dr. Cariño Street. CHAYA is just walking distance from where we’re at!

It was already around 10 am and we thought Japanese food was perfect for brunch. So we walked to CHAYA right away!


Entrance to CHAYA Baguio
Choosing our table
inside chaya baguio
A photo-worthy corner inside the restaurant (for bigger groups)


Despite waking up late, we’re still the first customers to arrive (maybe because it was Tuesday). We were offered a table for 2 by the big window. It’s a nice spot, although I found the other corner more interesting (but it’s for bigger groups). I guess it served as the chimney area when it was still a family house.

We placed our orders, then they served us complimentary tea and small portions of appetizers while they’re preparing our meals. This is what I love about eating in a Japanese restaurant: there’s a lot of stuff served on our table despite ordering just 3 items. It gave the illusion that we’re eating a lot when in fact we’re eating just the right amount, thus, overeating is avoided!


Complimentary tea and appetizers
chaya baguio japanese food
Complete orders
Just look at it and you’re already full
ramen at chaya baguio
Ramen Paitan Broth (380 php)
Katsudon (370 php)
Gyoza (150 php)


Their Ramen Paitan Broth was a warm relief in the cool breezy Baguio climate. It’s a noodle in chicken and pork broth topped with chashu (braised pork belly), egg, nori, and leeks. Every sip of its flavorful broth was awfully satisfying! We haven’t tasted an authentic ramen yet because we’ve never been to Japan, but their version of it was catered well to our taste.

Since it’s a breakfast and lunch in one, we added a rice bowl to our orders. Their Katsudon is both delicious and filling! Steamed rice topped with Tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet), onions, and egg. It is seasoned with soy-based sweet sauce amplifying that savory umami taste. We liked it, although the rice doesn’t clump and stick together, making it challenging if you use chopsticks.

Everytime we visit a Japanese restaurant, we won’t leave without trying out their Gyoza. We just love dumplings and Jec especially loves Gyoza. CHAYA’s version of it is flavorful and big! I know it’s meant to be eaten whole, but it’s too big for my mouth. Nonetheless, I still loved it especially its flavor! It’s evident in the taste that it’s made with fresh ingredients and were steamed very well.


dining at chaya baguio
That obligatory photo before eating
Complimentary dessert: Matcha ice cream


They also served us matcha ice cream as complimentary desserts. I’m not sure if they serve this to all their customers whether they ordered any dessert or not. As for us, we did not order a dessert because we plan to have strawberry taho after. But we appreciate it so much. We like matcha and this one was really good (not to mention it’s free!).


charming side of chaya baguio
Another photo at my favorite corner
Random shots. I’m loving that vintage wall clock!
Some products for sale, and some lovely birds


After the satisfying brunch, we did not leave right away. We did a little picture taking around the place while there are still no other customers. The place is spacious with high ceilings and the stone and wood textures are really an old-Baguio hallmark. Even the comfort room is so spacious, it’s as big as our bedroom! It’s the typical comfort room with a toilet, sink, and shower cubicle, making you feel like you’re using a comfort room at home.

I could imagine this log cabin really served as a cozy home for a family. I thank the owners for letting all of us experience their beautiful place!


CHAYA Baguio: Final Thoughts

All in all, we had a great time at CHAYA Baguio! The price of their food is just right, not too cheap and not too expensive. You will get your money’s worth. Delicious Japanese food, cozy and homey ambiance, nice staff, commendable service — quite a memorable Baguio experience!

So if you happen to be in Baguio, don’t forget to treat yourself to Japanese food at CHAYA. We highly recommend it!



CHAYA Baguio is located at #72 Legarda Rd, Baguio City, Benguet.

It’s just a 3-min drive or 20-min walk from Burnham Park.


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