Just a kilometer away or a 15-minute walk from Burnham Park is a lovely homestay where you can spend a good vacation. Home Sweet Home Boutique Homestay was our home for a night during our recent Baguio Trip. Awesomely, you’d get to stay in this cute Baguio homestay for just around 1.6k per night! I never knew there’s an accommodation this charming and affordable within the city center of Baguio!

We stayed in their Couple’s Nest Room, which is just one of the two rooms inside the house available for rent.


Our experience at Home Sweet Home Boutique Homestay Baguio

We arrived at Baguio super early around 4 am. Thankfully, the host allowed us to leave our luggage as early as 7 am so we could move easily as we go around Baguio while waiting for our check-in time which is 2 pm. The house is easy to locate and the taxi drivers are familiar with the area where it’s nestled (Dr. Carino St.), so going to and from the house is uncomplicated.

Fast forward to when we got back to the house after exploring Mirador Heritage Eco Park, we spent the other half of the day inside the house. Mamu and her pet, Mamba, happily welcomed us. We took photos and then a much-needed power nap (since we were not able to sleep on the express bus).

Let me tour you around the house! It is a lofted cabin, hence, the high ceiling, with mostly wood accents. The first part you will see is, of course, the living space, since it’s a home. This is a common area for guests staying in the 2 rooms they are renting out.


Baguio Homestay near burnham park
Living area of Home Sweet Home Boutique Homestay Baguio
inside the house Baguio Homestay
Bar nook and additional lounge under the stairs
home sweet home boutique homestay baguio
Lounging in the living area
dining area Baguio Homestay
Dining area


The place looks and feels homey as it’s not overdecorated. Just the right amount of decors for added details!

I loved how they maximized the space under the stairs. They were able to put a bar and an extra lounge under it, while the bar is also directly connected to the dining and kitchen area. So nice!

The dining has a 6-seater dining table with cushioned wooden seats. This is also a common area for guests staying at the 2 rooms.

Let’s go now to our room which they call the Couple’s Nest.


A simple and cute door decor of the Couple’s Nest room
Inside the room
inside the room Baguio Homestay
A TV with a stand having lots of shelves
A vintage bedside lamp inside the room


The Couple’s Nest room has a queen-sized bed on a vintage wooden frame. I like how it looked! Although I’m not so used to sleeping on a spring mattress as it can get a little noisy whenever you move, but it’s tolerable. We still had a good quality of sleep thanks to the comfortable Baguio climate!

It was easy to organize our stuff as there are a lot of compartments in the TV stand. It also has a built-in closet where we put our clothes and towels. The room is quite spacious, we could easily open a hand-carry luggage on the floor.

Bath towels and indoor slippers were provided for added comfort. Toiletries such as body wash, shampoo, and tissue paper were available. The shared Toilet & Bath has a functional hot and cold shower. The water pressure wasn’t too strong, yet, not too weak.

The house actually sits on an elevated area, that’s why it offers a fairly nice view of the neighborhood.


View from the house’s entrance
Me with Mamba, the resident doggo who likes watching the outside sceneries
The path going up to the house


Sure, this Baguio homestay offers a nice view of the surrounding neighborhood. But you need to climb the stairs to get to the house. No problem for us, but could be challenging if you have children or the elderly with you.


Final Thoughts about our stay

All in all, our stay at the Home Sweet Home Boutique Homestay in Baguio was comfortable, easy, and memorable! Our host, Mamu, was very accommodating and hospitable. This home is not a home without her. It felt like our stay also comes with a caring mother. We felt at home! Then add the presence of their sweet and playful doggo, Mamba. We appreciate them very much. Mamu and Mamba are the heart and soul of this adorable home!


If you also want to stay in this home, you can book it through the links below:


Few more photos to end this post

bar nook inside the baguio homestay
Jec, just having his coffee at the bar nook
Baguio Homestay bar nook
My take. Hehe.
charming living space Baguio Homestay
In the living space
Every corner is picture-worthy!
A shelf with some decors
The dining area adjacent to the living space


Watch our Baguio Tour!


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