If you’re looking for a place in Baguio with overlooking views and picturesque surroundings without having to go too far from the city center, Mirador Heritage & Eco Park is the place to go! It is one of the newest attractions in Baguio that has been getting much attention since it opened in late 2020. Here, you can enjoy the Baguio weather while admiring the green sceneries and good views of the city from a hilltop.

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Our experience at Mirador Heritage & Eco Park

The entrance fee is 100php per person, and you can get here simply by taking a taxi from anywhere in Baguio. The park is situated at Mirador Hill, where the Lourdes Grotto also stands.

At the entrance of Mirador Heritage & Eco Park
Map of Mirador Heritage & Eco Park


It covers 5 hectares of multi-terrace landscaped park having several different sections. We traversed the path covering most of the attractions (except for Lourdes Grotto since it’s quite big of a climb and we’re not so interested). We enjoyed the beauty of the place especially the Mirador Peace Memorial, Blue Moon Gate, and Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

From the entrance, we were advised to go straight to the Mirador Peace Memorial (the one with a made-up Japanese Torii) which is the highest point of the park. Then from there, we can go down and visit other sections up to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. It was a good advice since the path from the entrance to the Mirador Peace Memorial was not too steep and there are no stairs so it’s directly accessible for everyone.


mirador heritage eco park overlooking
View from Mirador Peace Memorial
overlooking views mirador heritage eco park
Selfeet with the overlooking view of the city


Our first stop was the Mirador Peace Memorial. This is where those pretty social media photos were taken. There’s a red arch fashioned like a Japanese Torii Gate which gives a bit of Japanese atmosphere to the city of pines. Not only the Torii, but more especially the view from up here is stunning! You can have a bird’s eye view of the city with the mountains in the background. Relax by the many benches available, savor the view, take great photos, and smell the cool pine breeze of Baguio.

Just a little trivia. In Japan, it is believed that you should not walk through the middle of the Torii Gate as it is reserved only for the Kami (god). But of course, this isn’t a real Torii and we’re not in Japan so this is obviously just a good props for photo ops (because we Filipinos are so fond of such). I’m not into Shintoism but if ever I’d be in Japan soon, I’ll respect their culture by simply not walking through the middle (and I could share my faith as well if they’d allow me).


mirador peace memorial at mirador heritage eco park
A made-up Japanese Torii at Mirador Heritage & Eco Park
mirador heritage eco park
Jec and I, taking advantage while the place is still uncrowded
mirador heritage eco park peace memorial
Obligatory photo at the Torii


There were just a few tourists since we went a bit early (before 8 am). Around 9 am other tourists arrived though it still wasn’t too crowded since it was a weekday. Tip: If you don’t like overcrowding (and traffic), you better go during weekdays. I could only imagine the long queue of tourists for each attraction during weekends and holidays!

Next is the Blue Moon Gate, located just next to the Peace Memorial. You just need to climb down a few steps of stairs and you’ll be greeted by another breathtaking view. There are lounges by the cliffside great for photo-ops. You can hang out here and enjoy the view while saving up energy for the next attractions!


blue moon gate mirador heritage eco park
At the Blue Moon Gate
A good vantage point as well


Our next target was the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, but before we could reach it we needed to pass by the other sections first.


At a garden with a well near the Blue Moon Gate
Another overlooking view
Rock Gardens
rock gardens mirador heritage eco park
View from the Rock Gardens


And here we come! Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is one of the main attractions here in Mirador Heritage & Eco Park. It gives a little taste of Japan as it not only resembles the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, but it’s even named after it! We haven’t been to Japan yet, but we appreciate the place so much. It is clean and peaceful. You can feel the Baguio climate while being surrounded by green bamboo forests.


arashiyama bamboo grove mirador heritage eco park baguio
Touch down Arashiyama Bamboo Grove!
mirador heritage eco park arashiyama bamboo grove baguio
One with bamboo trees
Jec, relaxing amidst bamboo forests
mirador heritage eco park bamboo forest
Exploring more of Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
mirador heritage eco park bamboo grove baguio
So many benches around!
bamboo grove baguio mirador heritage eco park
Jec and I, enjoying the place before we leave


This is where we spent the longest time. There are many benches within the forest so you can take a rest anytime you need one. It was such a refreshing and rejuvenating experience to be encircled by bamboo trees that served as temporary shield from all the outside noise and stress. It’s like you’re in a haven where you can pause for a while, breathe, and clear up your mind.

The Bamboo Grove is our last stop and is near the entrance gate. If you only intend to visit the Bamboo Grove and Peace Memorial, you can do so as they are both directly accessible from the entrance. But if you want to traverse the whole path, you can too. It’s really up to you. In our case, we allotted the whole morning for this so we have ample time to explore the park.

All in all, we had a great time exploring Mirador Heritage & Eco Park. It’s true that this is one of the best and enjoyable tourist sports in Baguio!


Lunch at Good Taste Restaurant

It was a rewarding, yet, physically tiring venture so we went straight to Good Taste Restaurant to refuel. From Mirador Park, we took a 10-minute taxi ride going to the restaurant.


good taste restaurant baguio
Good Taste Restaurant entrance


We expected a generous serving because of the reviews. But we did not expect it to be this sumptuous! Each meal is I think good for 2 moderate eaters like us. That’s why we had many leftovers, which we took home for Mamba (the resident doggo in the Airbnb we rented).

The meals are not only hearty, but delicious as well. It really matches the restaurants name “Good Taste”. Kudos for the consistent branding!


at good taste restaurant
First time to try their food!
meals at good taste restaurant baguio
Hearty meals


After the satisfying lunch at Good Taste Restaurant, we went back to our Airbnb to take some rest because the Tito and Tita in us just wanted to relax and not to have a tight itinerary. At dinner time, we tried Cafe by the Ruins just near Burnham Park. Stay tuned to our next posts about our recent Baguio trip!


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