As a member of a big family who loves to get together, I’ve always daydreamed to have our family gatherings in a bigger space because our family is growing really fast. So I’ve been secretly searching for Bulacan vacation home rentals with private pools because I’m beginning to foresee our parents’ home wouldn’t be able to accommodate all of us anymore!

We usually gather in our parents’ home and we’re already a bit squeezed together with the addition of the in-laws and pamangkins! And it would be nice if there’s a private pool that we can enjoy exclusively, especially that public pools are to be avoided during this pandemic.

I’m quite organized so I always list down and save all the info I’ve inquired online. Then I thought, what if there are other people like me who need this? So I decided to categorize everything and share it here. And for this post, I will share the top 10 Bulacan vacation home rentals with private pools that are perfect for family staycation and simple celebrations.

There’s a lot more Bulacan private pools actually, because we Bulakenyos love privacy so much (even before the pandemic). But I’m gonna share only the top 10 so that you won’t get too overwhelmed!

Side note: I might create separate posts for other categories so stay tuned!

So, here it is! (in no particular order)


Bahay ni Batang (Pulilan)

📷 Bahay ni Batang Facebook Page

Bahay ni Batang is a 2-storey modern house huge enough to carry out any family get together. It has a 4ft-6ft adult pool and a 3ft kiddie pool that are carefully maintained by the owners. There are 2 Gazebos by the pool where you could hang-out and enjoy the fresh ambiance. I love that they have 4 showers and 2 toilets ready for simultaneous use. For cooking, there’s a barbecue grill and gas stove available, and a chest freezer free to use. Your vehicle is also safe at the gated parking area.

Address: 3005 BE Navaro St. Paltao Pulilan, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 20 pax
Rates & Schedule: ₱13,000 Overnight (11am-8am)
Contact: | Facebook


Villa Ellizia (San Jose del Monte)

📷 Villa Ellizia Facebook Page

Villa Ellizia is a quiet and exclusive place perfect for private gatherings or family staycation. It’s a box-type house with a modern overall design. They have a swimming pool with waterfalls and a kiddie pool with jet spa. The house is equipped with 4 fully air-conditioned rooms, 3 bathrooms, spacious dining area, kitchen, and living room with 55” LED smart TV with Karaoke. There’s also a Gazebo with coffee table, rattan seats, and a day bed. At the poolside area, there are swing chairs perfect for your IG feed goals! And parking space is also available for free.

UPDATE: You can read about our experience at Villa Ellizia here.

Address: B10 L21 Tower Grottoville, Brgy. Graceville, SJDM, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 25 pax
Rates & Schedule:
₱12,000 Day Tour (7am-5pm)
₱14,000 Night Stay (7pm-6am)
₱25,000 Overnight (8am-6am)
Contact: / 0917 579 3662 / Facebook / Website


Richmond Private Villa (Guiguinto)

📷 Richmond Private Villa Facebook Page

A spacious A-framed vacation house, Richmond Private Villa is a perfect venue for all occasions. This 5-bedroom house is huge enough for big families and it has 3 comfort rooms, airconditioned living room, and full kitchen with oven. They have adult and kiddie pool as well as other recreation like billiards, table hockey, videoke, dart game, and a keyboard/piano. You can grill your food, or cook in the gas range, or have your favorite samgyupsal, or even bake! Truly, this home has everything you will need to enjoy your stay.

Address: #331 Manalac Subd., Brgy. Poblacion, Guiguinto, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 20 pax
Rates & Schedule:
Weekdays (Mon-Thu)
₱12,000 Day Tour (10am-7pm)
₱13,000 Night Stay (9pm-7am)
₱20,000 Overnight (22 hours)
Weekends (Fri-Sun)
₱15,000 Day Tour (10am-7pm)
₱16,000 Night Stay (9pm-7am)
₱25,000 Overnight (22 hours)
₱19,000 Day Tour (10am-7pm)
₱20,000 Night Stay (9pm-7am)
₱30,000 Overnight (22 hours)
Contact: / 0956 046 6270 / Facebook

You can also book here: Richmond Private Villa


Balay ni Rosa (Sta. Maria)

📷 Balay ni Rosa Facebook Page

A family rest house previously just for family use, Balay ni Rosa was opened for rent for others to enjoy. It’s a 2-storey house with a very spacious terrace whose curtains make a decorative accent. It has a swimming pool with falls and jacuzzi, full kitchen, dining area, and 2 bathrooms. I personally love their indoor-outdoor living room at the ground floor which is rarely seen in house designs. Aside from that, they also have another sala set at the terrace. This place will surely make every staycation joyful and relaxing.

Address: #174 21st Century Ville Subd., Brgy. Poblacion, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 20 pax
Rates & Schedule:
₱8,000 Day Tour (7am-5pm / 8am-6pm / 9am-7pm)
₱9,000 Night Stay (10am-8pm / 11am-9pm / 12nn-10pm / 1pm-11pm / 2pm-12mn)
₱12,000 17Hours (7am-12mn)
₱15,000 Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱16,000 Overnight (2pm-11am)
Discount for smaller groups (overnight only):
₱6k (2-3pax)
₱8k (4-5pax)
₱10k (6-9pax)
₱12k (10-12pax)
₱13k (13pax)
₱14k (14pax)
₱15k (15-20 pax)
*Add ₱1k for weekends, holidays, holy week
Contact: Facebook


Mendoza’s Private Pool (Pulilan)

📷 Mendoza’s Private Pool Facebook Page

Mendoza’s Private Pool is one of the most sought-after Bulacan private pools. This 2-bedroom modern house has a roof deck where you could set up your tent and watch sunrise or sunset. The place is perfect for pool parties and offers relaxing natural surroundings overlooking green fields. It has airconditioned rooms with own bathrooms, kitchen, living room, dining area, lanai area, and another comfort room at the rooftop. They also have a music room where you could sing your lungs out with unlimited videoke!

Address: #224 Sampaguita St, Inaon, Pulilan, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 20 pax
Rates & Schedule:
₱9,000 Day Tour (9am-5pm)
₱10,000 Night Stay (8pm-6am)
₱14,000 Overnight (6pm-2pm)
*Add ₱1k for Fri-Sun
Contact: 0917 894 3320 / (044) 794 0937 / Facebook


La Camila Private Pool (Pandi)

📷 La Camila Private Pool Facebook Page

La Camila is a newly opened Bulacan private pool featuring a poolside villa surrounded by lush greens. Perfect for any celebration, the place has a well-lighted turquoise swimming pool with jacuzzi and kiddie pool. The 3-bedroom villa has a minimalist overall design and has a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. It has a Gazebo with tables and chairs where you could chill and appreciate the natural ambiance. There’s also a basketball court and parking space available.

Address: #155 Grace Park St., Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 30 pax
Rates & Schedule:
₱10,000 Day Tour (8am-5pm)
₱10,000 Night Stay (7pm-6am)
₱15,000 Overnight (8am-6am / 7pm-5pm)
Contact: / Facebook


Casa Arabella (San Jose del Monte)

📷 Casa Arabella Facebook Page

An exclusive vacation home, Casa Arabella is an idyllic spot for your family staycation where you could feel at home. It’s a box-type modern house with minimalist and classy interiors. It has a swimming pool and jacuzzi with waterfalls, and an outdoor shower thoughtfully provided to make showering a habit before and after swimming. The house has 3 bedrooms all with access to the balcony. It has a kitchen, dining, 4 bathrooms, and an open area at the ground floor. Certainly ideal for joyous private gatherings!

Address: B9 L15 & 16, Canary St., Pecsonville, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
Capacity: (will update this info soon)
Rates & Schedule: (will update this info soon)
Contact: / 0917 632 6440 / Facebook


Hidden Tropics (Sta. Maria)

📷 Hidden Tropics Facebook Page

Even if we set aside the fact that it’s a shooting location for a TV series, Hidden Tropics still deserves all the love and fame. With its modern tropical villa fronting a pool that you can exclusively enjoy, you and your family would experience pure bliss. The villa has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, full kitchen, dining, and living area. There are 2 outdoor showers that you can use before and after swimming. And lounge areas by the pool are definitely IG-worthy!

Address: #1407 P. Manok Road, Brgy. San Jose, Patag, Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 40 pax
Rates & Schedule:
Weekdays (Sun-Thu)
₱15,500 20pax & below Night Stay (2pm-11pm)
₱18,000 25pax Night Stay (2pm-11pm)
₱20,000 30pax Night Stay (2pm-11pm)
₱22,000 35pax Night Stay (2pm-11pm)
₱23,000 40pax Night Stay (2pm-11pm)
₱15,000 10pax & below Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱16,500 15pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱19,000 20pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱21,500 25pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱24,000 30pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱26,000 35pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱28,000 40pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
Weekend/Holiday (Fri-Sun)
₱25,000 20pax & below Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱27,500 25pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱30,000 30pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱32,500 35pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
₱35,500 40pax Overnight (2pm-11am)
Contact: Facebook


Hiyas sa Kabukiran (Malolos)

📷 Hiyas sa Kabukiran Facebook Page

Hiyas sa Kabukiran is a farmhouse surrounded by rice fields and lush trees. It is a loft-type house with fully airconditioned room, kitchen, and dining. There are 3 Gazebos free to use and a kubo for farm sight seeing. Aside from the swimming pool, there’s also a fishpond and more instagrammable spots around the area. Videoke use is included in the rental, and you can even bring your pets. Among the private pools in Bulacan, Hiyas sa Kabukiran is one of the most relaxing staycation anyone could experience.

UPDATE: They recently have renovated their place.
You can read our staycation experience here: Hiyas sa Kabukiran Staycation

Address: Pulong Balite, Brgy. Balayong, Malolos, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 25 pax
Rates & Schedule:
₱11,000 Day Tour (8am-5pm)
₱12,000 Night Stay (6pm-7am)
₱16,000 Overnight (8am-8am / 5pm-5pm)
Contact: 0995 151 0628 / Facebook


White Mansion Private Pool (Pandi)

📷 White Mansion Private Pool Facebook Page

Last but not the least, White Mansion is a huge Victorian style home perfect not only as a staycation spot but also for spicing up your IG feed. This enormous mansion is ultra picture perfect that leaving the place without a photo with it is nearly impossible. Included in the rental are 2 airconditioned rooms, use of refrigerator, stove, griller, and videoke. Truly a well-suited Bulacan private pool for any special celebration.

Address: Bagbaguin, Pandi, Bulacan
Capacity: Up to 30 pax
Rates & Schedule:
₱8,500 Day/Night Stay (8am-6pm / 8pm-6am)
₱13,500 Overnight (8am-6am / 8pm-6pm)
Contact: / 0933 864 9141 / Facebook



The places listed above are not to be frequented as in normal situations. These are not mainly for indulgence but rather for mental well-being. While it is important to help our tourism industry, we still need to limit our travel as a way of helping our medical workforce.

There are still ways to clear our mind at home like exercising, reading a book, watching movie, etc. And the best of all — spending quality time with our Lord. ❤️



Did you find this list of Bulacan Vacation Home Rentals with Private Pools helpful? If you have other recommendations feel free to comment below!



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