Last summer, Jeric the boyfie invited me to go to Bustos, Bulacan to visit a mushroom farm and to conduct a brief interview with the owner. I gladly agreed as a sign of support to his new business venture. Fast forward to the end of the interview, it was lunch time and we started looking for a good place to eat. We were extremely hungry and Mang Inasal was constantly popping into our heads as we crave for unli-rice. I tried to search online for nearby fast-foods and restaurants, for we were on a highway and there were no other people to ask. I found Cafe Apolonio & Restaurant as the nearest resto from our location and we chartered a tricycle to take us there. The ride took only about 3-5minutes (from Win Gas Station).


At the entrance door


The Filipino restaurant is located at 194 Bonga Menor, Bustos, Bulacan.

As we reach their front door, I felt like I was instantly taken into those old movie scenes in black and white. Though I haven’t seen one in actual, but I’ve seen some in television and social media 😉

There were many customers for it was lunch time. I thought the restaurant was full and we will be needing to look for another one, until a crew pointed us to the area where tables for 2 are situated. Thankful for attentive staff despite the very busy hours.


Stolen shot, while the boyfie’s scanning the menu
Table for 2. Perfect for date nights too 😉


The ambiance looks warm in photos, but in actual it’s pretty cold. The whole place is air-conditioned.

We ordered their best seller, Bagnet Sisig, and Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso. Both comes with unlimited rice and drinks. One fascinating fact that we did not expect! We thought we will be spending too much for extra rice, good thing they are also concerned about the welfare of the people like us, that’s really heartwarming 😊 We also ordered Potato Pops as appetizer. The drinks served was Dalandan juice.

The service was quite fast, after about 10 minutes, orders complete!


Are you drooling now?


I personally liked their Bagnet Sisig. It’s a killer dish that’s savory, crispy, a bit spicy, and of course, fatty! It’s not your normal Pork Sisig dish as it is crispy. Bagnet alone is a winner, and turning it into a sisig dish is a jackpot! Mapapasabak ka talaga sa unli rice! No wonder this is their best-seller!

As for the Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso, the serving was huge. I liked its soup which has a comforting sour taste that matches the fatty taste of Bagnet Sisig. I also liked their Potato Pops. I think it’s a mashed potato with crispy coating. I loved it even more when dipped in tomato ketchup! The bottomless Dalandan Juice is quite bland though, but it’s not a big deal for us considering the price.

As you would see in their menu, their food offerings are mostly delicious Pinoy comfort food.



You know what? We only spent a total of 263 php, that’s 132 php each. Here’s the breakdown:

Bagnet Sisig 109
Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso 119
Potato Pops 35

If we continued to our first pick which was Mang Inasal, we will just spend almost the same price. One order of Pork Sisig in Mang Inasal costs around 115 php, with no drinks! Have you realized now how sulit it was? Not to mention the Old-Filipino-Spanish atmosphere that you’ll not experience everyday! Truly satisfied, not just our tummies, but as well as our eyes!



Here’s Cafe Apolonio Restaurant’s Updated Menu as of July 2019


Part of the resto perfect for bigger groups. The ceiling really caught my attention


To let the food completely settle down into our tummies, we did a little strolling around the place. People were finished taking their lunch and we took advantage of it while the resto is not crowded. Time to capture those IG worthy photos!


Table for four
Bahay na Bato style. Looks so warm but it’s not!
Part of the resto with television for those who cannot skip with their favorite telenovela 😁


They also have dining spaces outside the resto. But it’s not advisable to dine here during noon as it is hot. Better to try dining here during early morning or evening. The ambiance is so relaxing and vibrant.


Yung mga langka talaga ang nagdala
Wooden signage makes the place look artsy
Business Hours


My ratings for Cafe Apolonio & Restaurant

Atmosphere/Ambiance ★★★★★
Food ★★★★☆
Cleanliness ★★★★☆
Service ★★★★★
Overall 4.5

I didn’t know that our simple lunch will be turned into a pretty grand one without compromising our budget. Thank you Cafe Apolonio and Restaurant for making this experience remarkable. We will surely come back!

How to Get There?
1. Take a bus from Manila bound to Baliuag, Bulacan (Baliwag Transit)
2. Ride a tricycle going to Bustos. Tell the driver you are going to Cafe Apolonio.
Note: I am not sure about the bus and tricycle fare because we did not take this route for we came from San Jose del Monte. But according to blogs, bus fare is 75php and tricycle fare is 25php each 

For more information about this restaurant, you may contact them directly through their Facebook Page.

Have fun!

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