Have you been wanting to go off-grid but can’t think of a hideaway near you? Casa Lina Resort is a proof that you don’t need to travel too far for a relaxing vacation! Here, you can hide yourself from the rest of the world for a moment while you relax and get that much-needed silence in nature.

The resort is quite hidden, yet, totally accessible. You will really experience a rural-feels staycation while enjoying the peace and quiet. Honestly, the place looks and feels more beautiful in person than on screen. So I’m not sure if our photos and videos would give enough justice. It’s the kind of place you would want where you can laze around or be adventurous — away from the crowd!


Our Staycation Experience at Casa Lina Resort

Just last weekend we had the opportunity to visit Casa Lina Riverside Adventure Resort. It’s just an hour’s drive from home since we’re from SJDM Bulacan. We had an overnight stay at their Riverside Bungalow with own pool fronting the Angat River.


bungalow at casa lina resort bulacan riverside adventure
Riverside Bungalow with own swimming pool


Riverside Bungalow

The Riverside Bungalow has 3 bedrooms, each has own bathroom! Really beneficial especially for big groups! It also has a spacious living room, kitchen, dining, and billiards area.

Its maximum capacity is 40 pax for day tour, and 30 pax if overnight. You can rent this for only ₱12,000 (day tour) or ₱15,000 (overnight) for 15 pax. Exceeding persons will pay ₱150 each (day tour) or ₱300 each (overnight). I actually find this pricing sooo sulit!


Living Room

Let’s first take a look at the Living Area. It is fully airconditioned and functions as an entertainment area as well having a 32″ TV with karaoke and speakers. You can also spend siesta here as it has a comfy sofa with throw pillows. If the airconditioner is too cold for you, there’s an electric fan available. Having a carpet is also a plus point!

There’s a wall decor that says “mi casa es su casa” which is a welcoming message encouraging guests to feel at home, and a beautiful reminder as well to treat and take care of the house as our own. I also loved the colorful murals in the living area — it gave an upgraded look to a cozy old-fashioned home!

casa lina resort bulacan
Me, chillaxin’ at the Living Room

WiFi is available at the villa and the password is provided under the TV at the Living Room. Connection is strongest in the Living Room, and gets weaker as you go inside the bedrooms.



The 1st bedroom has 2 double-sized beds, 1 single bed, and the floor is spacious enough to accommodate 2 more double-sized floor mattresses. This is where my mom, brother, sis-in-law, and nephew stayed since it’s the biggest room in the bungalow. It is airconditioned and has a bathroom with hot shower, toilet with bidet, and sink. It also has its own TV. An eye-catching mural painting will welcome you once you get inside. The beds are clean and comfortable, even my nephew had a sound sleep!

casa lina resort bulacan bedrooms
1st Bedroom


The 2nd bedroom is where Jec and I stayed. Just like the first bedroom, it is airconditioned, has own TV, 2 double-sized beds, and 1 single bed. The floor can accommodate another double-sized mattress if needed. It also has its own bathroom with hot shower, toilet with bidet, and sink. Same with the 1st bedroom, it has wall paintings that welcome you as you open the door.

2nd Bedroom


The 3rd bedroom is the smallest, but still spacious. It has 1 double-sized bed, a sofa bed, and the floor can fit another double-sized mattress if needed. We initially decided not to use this room but mom had no choice when she found out she couldn’t sleep with a crying grandkid 😅

3rd Bedroom

Towels and toiletries are not provided so make sure you bring yours.


Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave oven, induction cooker, kettle, refrigerator, hot and cold water dispenser, rice cooker, dinnerware, and basic cooking essentials. On the same side is the Dining Area with 2 extra big dining tables — perfect for boodle fights!

This area is semi-indoor/outdoor, depending on your decision 😁. I’m not sure how to call it exactly, but the area is enclosed by glass walls with glass door and windows fronting the pool and the river. So if you want a semi-indoor ambiance, simply keep the windows closed. But if you want an outdoor feels, just open the windows to let the fresh air in.

Kitchen & Dining Area

You can bring in food supplies and cook your meals since the kitchen has basic cooking set.


Billiards Area

Just on the same area as the Kitchen & Dining, but on the other side, is the Billiards Area. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it is a semi-indoor/outdoor area. You can play billiards all you want or cook meals while you can still watch out for your family playing in the pool.

I’m really loving the floor plan of this house. I might copy it for our own home!

casa lina resort bulacan billiards
Billiards side


Swimming Pool

The most exciting part is that this Riverside Bungalow has a swimming pool of its own! Pure nature surrounds the pool area, with a relaxing view of the river. Perfect for pool parties and you can also enjoy night swimming since the pool is lighted at night.

Riverside Bungalow’s swimming pool
swimming pool at casa lina resort bulacan
Family photo at the pool. That’s Me, Jeng, Rafael, Baby Arfel, and mom.
Surrounding nature
View of the river from the pool area

It has varying depths, with the shallowest part at the side near the house. In my estimation, the shallow part is 3ft, and the deepest is 7ft according to Ate Rose (I did not dare to see for myself). Just be careful especially with kids as it gets deep abruptly. It’s 5-ft deep at the middle of the pool.

The swimming pool is chlorine-free, which explains why the water is not in the typical blue hue. It is natural, perfect for those with delicate skin. They change the water every after stay.


Water Activities

Water activities available from Casa Lina are Jetski and Kayak. You can rent a jetski for ₱2,000/15 minutes, and kayak for ₱500/hour. Life vests are included in the rates.

casa lina resort bulacan jetski water activities
Me and Jec trying out the jetski

Their jetski is 1-seater only (I just found out later after we used it) but still, we and the jetski survived maybe because Jec and I are both on the lower borderline of normal weight. But when my brother and Jec went together, the jetski flipped. (sorry!)

It was actually our first time to try jetski, and it was fun! Though I tend to get anxious everytime Jec tries to change direction especially when we went around the island! The island is quite far already and there were no other people around. I couldn’t stop imagining things like is there an alligator nearby or what if we run out of gas, my imagination was all over the place! But thankfully and obviously, we’re fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the place is scary. It’s really just me, because I tend to get scared in greenish waters. I like the view of it but I don’t like to swim on it.


kayak activity casa lina resort bulacan
Jec kayaking over the calm waters of the river

Their kayak can carry only 1 person too. I didn’t try it but Jec enjoyed it!


Surrounding Nature

This is what I meant when I said you will experience a rural-feels staycation. There’s no pollution and noise, just peace and serenity. The resort grounds is full of plants and trees — some are even century-old!

No need to put a lot of decorations. The place is naturally beautiful on its own!

casa lina resort bulacan
Nature’s simplicity
Naturally beautiful
Relaxing ambiance
casa lina resort bulacan river adventure
Pathway going to the river. Do you see the island?
Clean and green

The place is beautiful as is — let its natural beauty amaze and comfort you!


Other Accommodations and Amenities

Aside from the Riverside Bungalow, they also offer other accommodations:

  • Couple Rooms: ₱3,000 overnight | ₱2,000 day tour
  • Poolside Villas (good for 5pax): ₱5,000 overnight or day tour
  • Nipa House (same rate as the Riverside Bungalow)
Poolside Villas

They also have a basketball court beside the parking area at the entrance gate.


Contact Details

For inquiries and booking kindly refer to the contact details provided below.

  • Mobile Number: 0927 575 6885
  • Facebook: CASA LINA
  • Instagram: @casalinaph
  • Email: casalina2019@gmail.com

You can also instantly book your stay via Agoda here:
Casa Lina Riverside Adventure Resort



Casa Lina Resort is located at Daang Mina, Brgy. Maronquillo Rd, San Rafael, Bulacan

Googl Maps/Waze Pin: Casa Lina Riverside Adventure Resort


Few more photos at Casa Lina Resort!

casa lina resort bulacan living room
Living Area
Surrounding nature at the resort grounds
casa lina resort bulacan
Colorful murals inside the Bungalow
bedroom casa lina resort bulacan
2nd Bedroom’s bunkbed with double-sized and single bed.
bathroom casa lina resort bulacan
3rd Bedroom’s Bathroom
1st Bedroom’s double-sized bed with headboard
Path going to water activities area


Watch our tour!


Acknowledgement: Thank you Ms. Bernadeth for inviting us! And Ate Rose and team for accommodating us!
Disclaimer: While our stay was courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.


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