Oh yes I know, it’s been a very long while since my last blog post. But no, I did not get covid. By God’s grace we’re totally fine. In fact, I just got married four months ago (whoops!) and I guess that would sufficiently explain my 8-month dormancy.

After all the tiring preparations, settling, and married life adjustments (hello wifey duties plus freelance projects), I’m so happy I can finally get back into blogging! And apparently, no new travel blogs since traveling has long been suspended due to the pandemic.

Thankfully, our province was placed under MGCQ so we were able to have a family get-together last September for our eldest brother and sis-in-law’s despedida before they go back to Dubai.

We decided to have a quick family getaway at Hacienda D’ Avena, just a 20-min drive from our home. My mom and brother have been there before but I haven’t and they always say it’s beautiful so we searched no more!


The pools inside Hacienda D’ Avena
The place was literally so clean and green
The pool is surrounded by plants and trees
A floating cottage inside the hacienda


About Hacienda Davena Bulacan

Hacienda D’ Avena is a secret haven in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. And when I say “secret” it means even its neighborhood doesn’t know there’s such a place in their area. No joke.

We were fortunate that my mom’s best friend knows someone who knows the family who owns the place. It’s easy to figure out how it’s been kept in secret: there are no signages and advertisements anywhere even at the entrance. It doesn’t have an active social media as well (so I hope they don’t mind me blogging about their place hehe).

That said, anyone can expect an undisturbed, fresh, and a relaxing getaway. The place is spacious having plenty of trees and plants all around the area.

The pool is huge enough to carry out any pool game, (and to flex your swimming skills hehe). It’s also amusingly shaped like a fish!


Fish-shaped pool. Bring out your drones!
The long path from the entrance gate. This certain spot is even much prettier in actual!
While playing a game in the pool. Look at those competitive faces!
Squeezing ourselves in the outdoor jacuzzi.


As for their operating schedule, they don’t accept overnight bookings. They can only accept Day Tour guests with maximum of 25 persons in a group and they don’t accept other guests other than your group to ensure safety (meaning you’ll have the whole place exclusively for your group). Day tour schedule is 8am-5pm.

They also don’t operate daily so that they can clean and sanitize the whole place properly between guest bookings. And because of that, expect lesser available dates when booking your trip. It’s okay, it’s for our own good as well.

So how much is the rental fee? It’s 5,000 php good for 25 pax. Children 3 years old and above are included in the headcount.

*EDIT: It’s 6k good for 20 pax. 5k was their opening promo. Sorry 😉✌️

Rate includes use of:

  • 1 Big Kubo with looong table
  • 2 Clean Comfort Rooms and Shower Rooms
  • 2ft-6ft Fish-shaped Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Huge Griller
  • Dirty Kitchen w/ Stove
  • Safe Parking
  • and lots of photo-ops spot!

You will only need to spend 200 per person to rent the whole place exclusively. But note that 5k rent is fixed whether your group is below 25 pax.

You can bring your own food as there’s no corkage fee required. You can grill fresh meat and seafoods, and there’s also a dirty kitchen with gas stove where you can cook and prepare other meals.

And since they don’t accept overnight bookings, you may find discounted rooms in SJDM Bulacan via Agoda. It’s easy and convenient!



Grilling chicken, bangus, and pork
Boodle fight easily possible for a table this long!
Dirty kitchen with stove
Jacuzzi, but it’s off
Poolside table if you want to have snacks and drinks right beside the pool. Just remember to clean as you go.
Having my afternoon dip at the pool

See also: The Greenery in Baliwag, Bulacan


The entire place is huge (although I’m not sure how huge it is exactly). You will see from the cleanliness of the place how the caretakers are good at maintaining and taking care of the hacienda. The caretakers were also kind and easy to talk to.

I also loved that we can be as loud and noisy as we want since there were no other people around. Especially when playing pool games with the family, it’s hard to be gentle!

There’s a villa just beside the pool but it’s only for owner’s personal use so it’s not available for rent. Though we tried to sneak a peek from outside for it looks interesting.


Going up the villa
View from the top. The pool view was blocked but it’s fine as long as it’s the plants hehe
Feeling so alive when surrounded with nature
Checking out the backyard


Hacienda D’avena is also a perfect venue for weddings, prenup, and pre-debut shoot. Several romantic weddings were already held here. It’s also a nice setting for birthdays or just simple barkada and family celebrations.



Address: Sitio Ibabaw, Dulong Bayan, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan (Green gate in front of Nutrimix)




Contact Details

For more information and reservation, you may contact them thru the details below:

Mobile Number: 0925 626 9379
Contact Person: Tess Avena Daniel
Facebook Page (unofficial): Hacienda D’avena


More Photos!

Trying out my treading skills at the 6ft part of the pool!
Plantitos and Plantitas will surely go crazyyy
Boodle fight!
Vote Dea for Mayor! 😂
Fambam ❤️️
Group photo at the pool
When sun’s hiding, we’re all swimming. But when sun’s back, I’m alone in the pool 😅
My 4 year old nephew, Macoi at the jacuzzi
At the 6ft part of the pool. I’m not as confident to swim in pools and freshwater as I am in sea water (it’s easier to float on the sea) so I always make sure to stay near the edge of the pool!
Swing under the tree
At the floating cottage
Front door of the house at the entrance of the pool area
My sis-in-law, Jeane, at the small roundabout inside the hacienda
A bungalow at the entrance of the pool area
Random photo of a red dragonfly
Plants plants and plantsss
Path to/from the entrance gate of the Hacienda
Just don’t mind the loose strap of my swimwear 😅
Ready.. fight!
Pamangkins enjoying the pool with their mom
The other side of the pool. Still, plants!
Stolen. I think someone was teasing me when this was taken!
With my 7-year-old niece, Ate Marshey. Our last photo together in a pool was when she was 2 years old. Time flies really fast!
Pools are clean despite being surrounded by plants
Shot just before we leave


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