Imagine yourself being surrounded by lush greeneries and agricultural landscape while lazing by the pool with your loved ones — that’s how Hiyas sa Kabukiran in Malolos calmed down our energy. The place is perfect for anyone looking to take a refreshing break from the hassles of daily life.

Last weekend, our family drove to Malolos to finally push through our overnight staycation plan that’s been standing for almost a year already. Blame’s all on covid always restricting our travels! So we booked a place just within our province to avoid “sudden” border restrictions. We also made sure it’s an exclusive rental since we’re bringing kids and not everyone in the fam is fully vaccinated.


Hiyas sa Kabukiran Malolos: Our Experience

From the name itself, Hiyas sa Kabukiran is literally a “gem” or a “treasure” hidden in the “fields”. The name might normally sound “too tagalog” but for me, it creates that authentic Bulacan vibes because we Bulakenyos are proudly deep-tagalog speakers! The name also appeals to me personally because it reminded me of the Parable of the Hidden Treasure ❤️


Lush greens enveloping the place


Hiyas sa Kabukiran has three accommodations available for rent:

  • Villa Rosas – 10 pax capacity, Pool View
  • Villa Dama de Noche – 10 pax capacity, Fishpond View
  • Ylang-ylang – Couple’s room, Overlooking View

You will have the whole place exclusively whichever accommodation/s you choose. In our case, we stayed in Villa Rosas and Villa Dama de Noche. Both are loft-type villas with minimalist interiors and white-wood-rattan accents.

I will share the rates and packages later in this post.

First, let me tour you inside the accommodations.


Villa Rosas

This is the villa with direct access to the pool. Aside from the entrance door, it also has two huge glass doors one fronting the pool and another one revealing the view of the green surroundings. Both glass doors has Korean blinds that you can open or close depending on your mood.

This is where we let our dad stay so that even if he’s just inside the villa he could still see us and his grandkids playing in the pool (he’s a pwd who has had a stroke 7 years ago, currently alive and kickin’! 😎).


Inside Villa Rosas
Bed area
The side with pool view
Loft area
Mom enjoying the view of surrounding trees and rice fields.
Dad lazing on the bed with an excited look
(L) Comfort Room; (R) Spiral stairs going to the loft area
Villa Rosas exterior


It has a queen-sized bed with pull-out bed, and two double-beds at the loft area. The villa is fully airconditioned, even the loft area has its own air-conditioning. For the CR, we loved that it has a shower enclosure to keep the toilet seat dry. It doesn’t have a hot shower though, if that matters to you.

If you’re bringing kids, it’s advisable to let them stay downstairs to avoid accidents. My niece almost had it when she followed her mom going to the bathroom. Thankfully, nothing bad happened but it’s always good to take precautions. Never let a child stay at any lofted space.

Beside Villa Rosas is a gazebo where you could sit and relax while you savor the view or watch your family enjoying in the pool.


Villa Dama de Noche

Another lofted villa, Dama de Noche is almost similar to Villa Rosas except that it has a fishpond view rather than a pool view. Unlike Villa Rosas, it has a lanai by the entrance door and another lounging area by the pond. It has a small foyer so you won’t instantly see the bedroom upon opening the door — talk about extra privacy.


Inside Villa Dama de Noche
The room got invaded right away by this cutie patootie. This is my nephew, Arfel. The next heartthrob of Bulacan! 
Loft area of Villa Dama de Noche
(L) Stairs to the loft area; (R) Comfort Room
Lounging area with view of the pond
Small lanai by the villa entrance
The other side of the room


Villa Dama de Noche has a queen-sized bed (with no pull-out), one double-bed and two single-beds on the loft area. It has a glass door (with Korean blinds) that opens up to the lounge area with view of the fishpond. Just like Villa Rosas, it has white-wood-rattan accents.

This is where Jec and I stayed the night together with other siblings. It was a comfortable stay for us, but if you’re not used to sleeping on lofted spaces you might feel uncomfy especially if you’re claustrophobic.

It also has airconditioning and ensuite bathroom. The loft area has its own AC and the bathroom has shower enclosure but no shower heater.


Pool Area

Let’s now proceed to the swimming pool. It’s not the biggest pool there is but it is clean and has sunken pool lounges! It is in between Villa Rosas and the villa with kitchen and indoor dining. There are also male and female comfort rooms near the pool.


Enjoying the sunken pool lounge with my 1 year-old niece, Rana. This baby may look harmless but she may actually make your heart go crazyyy
The side of the pool near the villa with kitchen and dining and comfort rooms
The niece keeps on breaking free as if she can already handle everything!!!
The side of the pool near Villa Rosas
My bro Rafael with Arfel his firstborn enjoying the pool


We loved the bonsai trees by the pool, they looked special and unreal! The pool has 3ft-5ft depth which makes it safe as it is not too deep. It also has pool bubblers which are great in producing a calming sound of rushing water. My pamangkins also loved playing with the bubbles!


Indoor Kitchen & Dining

Another great thing about Hiyas sa Kabukiran Malolos is that you can bring in food supplies to cook in their fully-equipped kitchen. You can even have them cooked by the staff for an extra fee if you want to save yourself from all the hassles of cooking.

They even have a pugon in the kitchen where you could bake a pizza or anything! The dining area has 3 glass doors one opening up to a huge balcony, another to the pool area, and another one as the main entrance. It has a 6-seater dining table that you can use aside from the 12-seater outdoor dining near the pond!


Inside the dining and kitchen area
Kitchen area with a breakfast bar
Fully equipped kitchen
The next baby on display is another niece of mine. Princess Sab is turning 2 years next week so we did a simple pre-birthday celebration. Caution: She’s too pretty to handle!
Outside the kitchen/dining villa


This is where we set up some birthday decorations for my niece’s pre-birthday celebration. There’s also a karaoke free to use inside. It doesn’t have airconditioning but it has a huge electric fan and you can open the doors to let the fresh air in.

It also has a loft area where you could have an alone time, but with no seats or futons.


Outdoor Dining with BBQ Grill

The outdoor dining has a 12-seater dining table. It is situated in front of Villa Dama de Noche and it’s right beside the fishpond. There’s a BBQ grill free to use with a small kitchen sink beside it. We loved that it has its own sink so we could conveniently wash hands before eating! The area is roofed so nothing to worry in case of a sudden downpour.

Just a quick heads-up though: you should really guard your pretty li’l toes as the chairs are heavyyy!


12-seater outdoor dining
BBQ grill
What we had for lunch: Grilled chicken, bangus, liempo, and tahong
Sumptuous feast


We actually had our food grilled by the staff so we could all freely enjoy the place. We marinated the meats the night before so that it’s ready to grill when we get there.

It was nice that we didn’t have to bring a banana leaf because there’s plenty of it in the backyard! You can also order purified drinking water in a 5gal water jug for 30 each, how convenient?


More Amenities and Photo Spots inside Hiyas sa Kabukiran Malolos

Playhouse for the kiddos!
That mandatory photo of mine at the bench by the pond. Perfect photo spot!
How the place looks like at night
Male & female comfort rooms near the pool
The bridge over the pond going to the playhouse. Instead of just railings, it has benches on both sides where you could hang out. How dope?!
View of the surroundings
At the entrance
Pool area at night
The owners’ abode. So pretty.
Mind to take a photo?
Mama Yen, Dada Reyz, and Princess Sab.
Surrounding lush greenery
Brownies personally baked by the owners. It’s sooo good! They also made Sab’s birthday cake!


Bonus: Ylang-ylang Room

We did not stay here but it’s unoccupied so the owner invited us to sneak a peek.


View of Ylang-ylang room
Inside Ylang-ylang room
Minimalist and easy on the eyes


This is a couple’s room with an overlooking view. A nice place for honeymooners or even just a husband and wife wanting a quick time-off.


*Date of Visit: Nov. 15-16, 2021


Rates, Packages, & Schedule


Package A – Group of 30 pax
Three Villas: Villa Rosas, Villa Dama de Noche, & Ylang-ylang Treetop
₱24,000 Overnight (9am-9am or 7pm-7pm)
₱18,000 Night Stay (7pm-7am)
₱16,000 Day Tour (9am-6pm)

Package B – Group of 20 pax
Two Villas: Villa Rosas & Villa Dama de Noche
₱18,000 Overnight (9am-9am or 7pm-7pm)
₱14,000 Night Stay (7pm-7am)
₱12,000 Day Tour (9am-6pm)

Package C – Group of 10 pax
Villa Rosas
₱12,000 Overnight (9am-9am or 7pm-7pm)
₱8,500 Night Stay (7pm-7am)
₱6,500 Day Tour (9am-6pm)

Package D – Group of 10 pax
Villa Dama de Noche
₱12,000 Overnight (9am-9am or 7pm-7pm)
₱8,500 Night Stay (7pm-7am)
₱6,500 Day Tour (9am-6pm)

Package E – Group of 5 pax
Villa Rosas
₱8,000 Overnight (9am-9am or 7pm-7pm)
₱6,500 Night Stay (7pm-7am)
₱4,500 Day Tour (9am-6pm)

Package F – Group of 5 pax
Villa Dama de Noche
₱8,000 Overnight (9am-9am or 7pm-7pm)
₱6,500 Night Stay (7pm-7am)
₱4,500 Day Tour (9am-6pm)

Package G – Couple
Ylang-ylang Treetop
₱4,500 for 12 hours
₱6,000 Overnight
Note: Exclusive but only available on weekdays.


List of Facilities & Amenities

  • Swimming Pool
  • Fishpond
  • Outdoor Lounging
  • Indoor Kitchen & Dining
  • Outdoor Dining
  • BBQ Grill & Pugon
  • Airconditioned Villas
  • Children’s Playhouse
  • Gazebos
  • Basketball Half Court
  • Videoke
  • Parking Space



Hiyas sa Kabukiran Malolos is located at Pulong Balite, Balayong, Malolos Bulacan. You can find it on Waze or Google Maps.

Take note that the road gets narrower as you come near the place. They have free parking available on premises.



Contact Details

  • Email:
  • Mobile: Smart (0923) 982 7220 / Globe (0945) 774 8080
  • Website | Facebook


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