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Located near the boundary of DRT and Norzagaray, Kabayunan View Deck is a great viewing spot for mountain sightseeing and camping. It is actually a popular destination for bikers on the lookout for a rewarding view after a challenging ride. The journey to the site isn’t the easiest, but definitely worth the effort! Whether you’re on a day-trip or overnight camping, this scenic spot promises anyone a memorable experience!


Our journey to Kabayunan View Deck, DRT Bulacan

Exactly 3 weeks ago (or should I say last year? 😁), Jec and I went camping as our year-ender trip. We were set to go to a campsite in Norzagaray, Bulacan but Jec had a last minute change of plans. While driving, he suddenly suggested to go a little further up north to Kabayunan view deck in Dona Remedios Trinidad. Seemed like he was in the mood to drive so I agreed with the idea. Although I’m still keen to visit that campsite in Norzagaray, maybe on our next trip!

Since it was a semi-spontaneous trip, there came major unexpected hitches. We thought we could actually bring our vehicle to the campsite so we brought a lot of stuff. Upon reaching a small roundabout (still about 2km to the site as per Google Maps), we asked some locals for exact directions. And that’s when we found out that 4-wheeled vehicles couldn’t pass through as it was an unpaved, uphill, muddy, and rocky path ahead! So we had no choice but to leave our vehicle near the small roundabout, and rent two motorcycles to take us to the site since we had a lot of baggage!

It was an adrenaline-pumping motorcycle adventure. The locals were right when they said it’s not passable by a normal car. Your only options are either motorcycle or 4×4 ride. After about 15 minutes on the motorcycle, we finally reached the registration area to. We paid 200 for the motorcycle ride (100 each rider) and went on with our journey. It was already dark, and the only source of light was the sari-sari store at the registration area. We settled our payments for entrance fee. (See complete rates at the end part of this post)

The personnel at the registration said we could walk to the campsite, so we started walking. But she did not say that the trail is steep and we need to climb for several meters more! Imagine us carrying a bunch of stuff and it was really dark. I mean it’s fine, as long as we were at least warned! 😅


Our experience at Kabayunan View Deck

We reached the top dog-tired and gasping for breath. It was cold, windy, and again, really dark, so we struggled pitching our tent. The only light source was a solar-powered lamp post that turns off after a minute of not detecting movements within its 2-meter radius. So we literally had to dance near the lamp post every minute since we opted to pitch our tent under the tree which is outside its motion sensing range. We had a flashlight but it’s not enough and we’re saving it because the night is still long way ahead.

After we pitched our tent, we then prepared our well-deserved samgyupsal dinner! Such a perfect moment for samgyupsal because it was really cold! And may I just remind you that we brought in everything—from tent, pillows, yoga mat, tatami chair, to water jag, cooler, samgyupsal set, and everything!


our samgyup dinner at kabayunan view deck
Samgyup sa bundok, G?!
We just set it up in front of our tent. Please excuse our lukot tent, we haven’t used it for centuries 😅
Samgyup cheers!


There’s a long table with bench beside our tent under the tree but we couldn’t stand the cold, that’s why we just set up the samgyupsal in front of our tent. I wanted to sing like Elsa, but the cold really bothered me big time!

It was just a basic samgyupsal set, or let me just call it “camper’s samgyup”. Just marinated beef and pork belly slices, quick-melt cheese, samjang, kimchi, carrots, lettuce, and we’re good!

After the satisfying dinner and cleaning things up (by the way, there’s no sink or faucet at the campsite so we just put everything in an ecobag and gave the left-overs to the cats), I lied down right away as I was really tired. No chance to take a bath as there’s no water at the comfort room, and did I mention it was so freakin’ cold?

While trying to catch some sleep I was hearing Jec’s footsteps going around the tent over and over. I was puzzled but my exhaustion did not allow me to get up and check what’s happening. I was pissed-off, ready to blurt out my angry script once he gets inside the tent!

Then he went in and instantly showed me the camera. That’s what he’s doing all along! He was playing with the camera using long exposure. I found it so cool, and too bad I failed to use my angry script. 😂


Jec playing with the camera in the middle of the night!
Doctor Strange, is that you?
night view from kabayunan view deck
City lights!


The view of the lighted city at night was spectacular! It was cloudy so there were no stars but we enjoyed the city lights! You can even see a part of Metro Manila skyline from the view deck. It’s at the leftmost part of the photo above.

We honestly did not sleep so well because it was so windy, as if the wind could take away our tent including us! But thankfully it did not rain, or else it’s gonna be a disaster as there’s no one to assist us. It was just me, Jec, and another couple checked-in at the teepee house.

I gave up on catching some sleep so I just waited for the sun to rise. It was the longest night ever! I prepared our breakfast as soon as the sun illuminated the surroundings. I made coffee and cooked pancit canton with boiled eggs and kimchi. Oh by the way, have you tried it with kimchi? Go ahead because it’s so good!


breakfast at kabayunan view deck
Calling Jec for breakfast. But first, picture!
Breakfast is ready! Coffee from Brewed & Blessed (gift from my sis-in-law ❤️️). We brought our own plates and all.
Our setup. By the way, that water jag was only a quarter full so don’t be too puzzled on how we’re able to carry it to the top hehe


If you plan on camping here overnight make sure to bring your own plates and cups—as much as possible the reusable ones! Let’s minimize our plastic waste as a way of helping in protecting the environment.

I used the comfort room and finally there’s water. Maybe they’re just turning it off at night, though I’m not really sure.

I was so excited to check the mountain views because we failed to see it the day before as we came really late! Gosh, the views are spectacular! All you would see is lush green forests surrounding the area. It was cloudy but the views are great, what more if the sky is clear?

Even the Mt. Arayat in Pampanga is visible from the view deck! We then started exploring and taking some photos!


That’s Mt. Arayat at the backdrop! It looks bigger in actual.
No tulog, No ligo.
No tulog, No ligo, No bihis 😂
Climbing up a viewing spot
I love view 😁
Gorgeous view, what more if it’s sunny?
A boat on top of the mountain?!
On a boat that will never sink, but could fall from the cliff 😁
spider web kabayunan view deck
Feel the wind at the spider web
Don’t rain!
Spider web
photo spot at kabayunan view deck
Need a hand?
Lovers’ corner. Unfortunately, we brought in everything except the tripod 😅
our camping setup at kabayunan view deck
Our camping set-up, or should I say semi-glamping?
chillin at kabayunan view deck


The overnight schedule is 5pm-7am only, though we stayed until around 11am when other visitors arrived. Maybe they’re day-tour guests, although day-tour schedule is 4am-4pm.

We climbed down to the registration area carrying all our baggage. Jec was shouting hopiamanipopcorn, like everything on hand was on sale. Then we reached the registration, and there’s no ride available. We had nobody to contact because the riders that took us up yesterday have no contact numbers.

What Jec did was to hitchhike with another visitor who was about to go down as well, and along the way he looked for 2 motorcycles willing to give us a ride. While I wait for him at the sari-sari store. Few minutes later, Jec came back with 2 motorcycles.

It was a challenging trip, but a truly memorable one! The scenic views from the top compensated every hitch we encountered. If we are to come back, we will do it early March just before the onset of summer to have a fair weather. Not too cold and not too hot! And hoping by that time, the path would be less challenging!


Rates & Schedule


Entrance Fee at Kabayunan View Deck

Day Tour: ₱25/person (4am-4pm)
Night Tour: ₱50/person
Overnight: ₱100/person (5pm-7am)

Parking Fee

Motorcycle: ₱10
4 wheels/4×4: ₱30 (or ₱100 if will park at the campsite)

Rental Fees

Tent: ₱250 good for 2-4 persons
Cottage: ₱350
Teepee House: ₱500 good for 2-4 persons

Note: Teepee houses have no beddings. Bring your own mattress or banig.


Contact Details

Kabayunan View Deck: Facebook Page (they respond quickly)
Bumble Bee 4×4 Ride: Facebook Page (though they never replied to my PM but you can try)



Kabayunan View Deck is located at Sitio Cabuyao, Brgy. Kabayunan, Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan

Waze/G.Maps: Kabayunan View Deck


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