Visiting Japan has always been our long-standing dream. But due to the pandemic, it seems that it still has to stay unchecked in our bucket list for few more years. Last October, I was surprised to see Kirei House Bulacan when I was searching for an Airbnb staycation within our province. I never knew it’s possible to experience a bit of Japan without going out of the country, and it’s even just a 15-min drive from our home!


About Kirei House Bulacan

Kirei House is a Japanese-inspired Airbnb in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. The owner is a Japan enthusiast who thought about bringing the beauty of Japan to her province, and is kind enough to allow others to experience it. The house is perfect for staycation or weekend getaway to disconnect from busy city life.

“Kirei” is a Japanese word which can mean beautiful/pretty, or can also mean clean/neat. I think it’s the ultimate word to perfectly describe the house. The overall interior is minimalist. Indeed, less is more, and there’s always beauty in simplicity. It’s also evident that the house is well-maintained.

It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, fully equipped kitchen for basic cooking, WiFi, Netflix access, and safe parking. It also has an Honesty Food Store and Honesty Bookstore. Living room has a 32” flat-screen TV with 30+ Japanese movies in a USB. Complete toiletries such as shampoo, body wash, tissue, and towels were provided.


Kirei House living room. Loving the sakura feels.
Simple and humble. Shoji screens matched with a cherry blossom!


But how safe it is to stay at Kirei House? They make sure to spray with alcohol and lysol disinfectant and ensure at least 12 to 24 hour gap between guest bookings to give time to ventilate the place.


The Space

So let me tour you around the space. First, let’s take a look at the ground floor of the house. This is where you’ll find the Living room, dining, kitchen, and bathroom.

The Living Room is cozy and airy. The pink cherry blossom is fully highlighted due to the minimalist interiors. It’s the only color you’ll see aside from white and grey. Truly relaxing and easy on the eyes! Also, the Shoji screens emphasizes that Japan feels!

The dining area has a Kotatsu table which is a Japanese-style low wooden table with a blanket upon which a table top sits. It’s often used during winter as it usually has a heat source underneath. Though I haven’t checked if the one in Kirei House has a heater (but I think there’s none because there’s no need). Have your favorite Ramen or you can also enjoy eating Yakiniku as there’s an electric grill available to use for free.


Having a cup of tea at the Kotatsu Table in the dining area
Kotatsu Table with tea set
Hot and cheesy Ramen, anyone?
We bought eggs, instant ramen, green onions, and fish cake from the nearby SM San Jose del Monte
Electric Grill free to use. We were not able to try Yakiniku for we had insufficient time to buy meats and all.
Kitchen sink
Cups good for 6 guests
Complete dining set for 6 guests
Personal ref with Honesty store atop
There are snacks, canned beverages, instant ramen noodles, etc.
Honesty Bookstore above the huge mirror
Noren Curtain – A traditional Japanese fabric divider
Noren Curtain at the entrance to the back area/mini garden. The Comfort room is also situated there.
DIY wood wall decor at the back area
An area the owner calls the “crying wall’
Comfort room at the back area. Shampoo and body wash provided.
I appreciate that the toilet paper was placed high enough, lesser chance to get sprinkled with water
Hot shower available

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Now let’s proceed to the second floor of the house where the two bedrooms are. The bigger room is airconditioned while the smaller one has a ceiling fan and a desk fan. Both are with futons which is a traditional Japanese-style bedding and is usually thin and foldable. But since the owner is very considerate to guests who aren’t used to sleeping in futons, she used thicker mattresses. It’s comfortable while retaining the Japan feels inside the rooms.

The bigger room can fit up to 4 single futons, and the smaller room up to 2 futons, accommodating a maximum of 6 guests. Since we were just two, we were provided with 2 futons at the bigger room. I actually appreciate the effort of keeping the room as spacious as possible. It would have been a hassle if there were four futons for only two guests! For the smaller room, it had one futon.


Going upstairs from the living room
Few more steps to the top
At the bigger room. 2 futons matched with shoji screens to complete the Japan vibes!
Each has a blanket, 2 pillows, and bath towel
For those working remotely like us, this is where we could have a quick email check and to do some sudden urgent quick tasks
It also has a closet and a bookshelf with something you can read to kill time
At the mini hallway, still minimalist!
At the smaller bedroom which can fit up to 2 futons. It has a ceiling fan and a desk fan.
Closet at the smaller room
Going back downstairs


Before I forget, let’s have a look at the parking area with a mini garden on the side. It’s a safe, gated, and covered parking so rest assured you’ll have a peace of mind. Anyway, the house itself is situated inside a gated residential village so it’s generally safe. You will be asked to leave a valid ID and be given a visitor’s pass upon entry.


Going out from the main door. Kinda stolen shot.
Safe parking space with mini garden on the side



Kirei House Full Address:
Blk 20 Lot 45, Laurel St., Diamond Crest Village, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan

Waze/Google Maps:
Search for Diamond Crest Village, then follow the accurate and easy instructions given by the owner thru the Airbnb app.


How to Book Kirei House Bulacan?

You can book the house through Airbnb app. Sign up now here.

Then you can book the house here.


More Photos!


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