Are you looking for a perfect venue for your family’s special celebrations? Well, there’s a lot of private resorts and events place in Bulacan! That’s a good news and a bad news at the same time — because the more choices you have, the harder it gets to choose!

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a place for your event. You need to know the capacity, location, and of course, the rates. The ambiance of the place is another important factor in deciding that’s why ocular visits are advisable before booking a place.

Event planning is already stressful in itself, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or a reunion. So to make things easier, we’ve made here a list of some of the best private resorts in Bulacan to help you lessen your work in narrowing down your options!

Note: This list is in no particular order.


Liora’s Events Place (SJDM) *new

📷 Liora’s Events Place

Address: Gov. F Halili Cor. Mateo St. Zone 2, Brgy. Muzon, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
Contact: 0917 320 1987 / Facebook
₱10,000 for 70pax Garden Area (Peony) w/o Room
₱15,000 for 70pax Garden Area (Peony) with Room
₱15,000 for 60pax Pool Area (Lilac) w/o Room
₱20,000 for 60pax Pool Area (Lilac) with Room
₱30,000 for 250pax Main Hall (Tulip) w/o Room
₱35,000 for 250pax Main Hall (Tulip) with Room
Private Pool:
₱5,000 for 10-20pax Private Pool 8am-5pm
₱7,000 for 21-30pax Private Pool 8am-5pm
₱9,000 for 31-40pax Private Pool 8am-5pm
₱3,000 w/o Room
₱5,000 with Room

You may read about our experience at Liora’s Events Place here.


Casa Mariano Private Resort & Events Place (Baliuag)

📷 Casa Mariano Private Resort Facebook Page

Address: Brgy. Catulinan, Baliuag, Bulacan
Contact: 0919 006 3466 / 0906 299 8307 / Facebook
₱40,000 (weekdays)
₱45,000 (Friday, weekends, holidays)
80pax maximum, with 4 rooms for 30 adults and 16 kids. 22 hours exclusive use of the resort.
Note: They only accept 22hrs rent during Fridays, weekends, and holidays. Day/Night rent is allowed during Monday to Friday morning.
Photoshoot: ₱10,000 for 10 hrs. 1 room included. Weekdays only.
17,000-27,500 good for 12-30 pax. 22 hours rent 7pm-5pm or 7am-5am. Airconditioned rooms.


Leticia’s Garden Resort & Events Place (Calumpit)

📷 Leticia’s Garden Resort Facebook Page

Address: 333 Pulilan – Calumpit Regional Road, Sto. Nino, Calumpit, Bulacan
Contact: 0917 823 8852 / 0923 748 6202 / Facebook / Website /
₱30,000 for 80-120pax. 4 hours use of Grand Pavilion Mon-Fri
₱40,000 for 80-120pax. 4 hours use of Grand Pavilion Weekends
₱25,000 for 60-90pax. 4 hours use of Garden Pavilion w/aircon
₱18,000 for 60-90pax. 4 hours use of Garden Pavilion w/o aircon
₱10,000 for 150pax. 4 hours use of The Lawn
₱15,000 for 50-70pax. 4 hours use of Conference Hall
₱10,000 for 35-70pax. 4 hours use of Jardin Hall
₱14,000 for 100pax. 3 hours use of Mango Private Pool for Lunch Event 8am-2pm
₱16,000 for 100pax. 3 hours use of Mango Private Pool for Dinner Event 4pm-10pm
₱20,000 for 200pax. 3 hours use of Infinity Private Pool for Lunch Event 8am-2pm
₱23,500 for 200pax. 3 hours use of Infinity Private Pool for Dinner Event 4pm-10pm
₱3,000 – 45,500 for 2pax – 80pax.
Photoshoot: ₱500 for 3 hours w/ free entrance for 3pax. Additional ₱150/hour and ₱150/head in excess.


Casa Editha (San Jose del Monte)

📷 Casa Editha Facebook Page

Address: KM33 Quirino Highway, Brgy. Sto. Cristo, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
Contact: / 0928 186 9636 / Facebook / Website
Rates: (will update soon, or you can contact them directly)


One Oceanus Private Resort and Events Venue (Meycauayan)

📷 One Oceanus Private Resort Facebook Page

Address: Villacor St., Villacor Village, Langka, Meycauayan, Bulacan
Contact: 0917 581 3125 / Facebook

10,000 for 100pax. 4 hours rent. Function Hall Non-aircon.
13,000 for 100pax. 4 hours rent. Function Hall w/aircon.
13,000 for 100pax. 4 hours rent. Function Hall & Pool Area Non-aircon.
16,000 for 100pax. 4 hours rent. Function Hall & Pool Area w/aircon.
15,000 for 11pax. 22 hours overnight swimming from 9am-7am or 7pm-5pm.


Nokori Private Resort (Sta. Maria)

📷 Nokori Private Resort Facebook Page

Address: KM. 37 East Hermogenes St., Pulong Buhangin Sta. Maria, Bulacan
Contact: 044-697-3012 / 0945-109-6080 / Facebook / Google Site
₱15,000 for 25pax. Air-conditioned Pavilion. 6 hours rent.
₱25,000 for 25pax. Air-conditioned Pavilion w/pool and 1 Loft room.
₱35,000 for 25pax. Air-conditioned Pavilion w/pool and Deluxe room.
₱30,000 for 50pax. Open Garden. 9 hours rent.
₱45,000 for 50pax. Open Garden w/pool and 1 Room.
₱60,000 for 50pax. Open Garden w/pool and 2 Loft Rooms.
₱70,000 for 50pax. Open Garden w/pool, 2 Loft Rooms, and 1 Deluxe Room.
₱5,000 for 6 hours without room. Additional ₱7,500 with rooms.
12,000-40,000 for 10-30pax. 22 hours overnight stay 2pm-12nn.


CAMP Resort (Guiguinto)

📷 CAMP Resort Facebook Page

Address: Brgy. Pritil, Guiguinto, Bulacan
Contact: 09258737678 / 09255737678 / 09772824133 / / Facebook / Website
₱20,000 for 50 pax. 8 hours rent
₱300/head in excess of 50 pax. ₱1,000/hour in excess of 8 hours.
₱3,500 couple’s room
₱12,000 family room w/free 8 hours photoshoot
Note: Max of 8 pax per team. Additional ₱300/head in excess of 8pax


The Villa Carlos Private and Exclusive Resort (Meycauayan)

📷 The Villa Carlos Facebook Page

Address: Abacan St, Saluysoy, Meycauayan, Bulacan
Contact: 0917 840 0337 / / Facebook
₱8,500 for 20 pax, 8am to 5pm. Kids 3feet and below not counted.
₱10,500 for 20 pax, 7pm-6am.
8am to 6am or 7pm to 5pm
₱18,000 with Ken’s Room (2 beds) and Nathan’s Crib (4 beds)
₱20,000 with Jason’s Dorm (16 beds)


8 Farms Events Place (San Jose del Monte)

📷 8 Farms Events Place Facebook Page

Address: Sitio Central, Brgy. Sto. Cristo, SJDM, Bulacan
Contact: 0906 025 2992 / / Facebook
Events: ₱8,500 – 20,000 for 30pax-100pax
Photoshoot: ₱7,500 for 6 hours with room
Staycation: ₱3,500 – 6,000 / night


Garden Villa Resort and Events Place (San Rafael)

📷 Garden Villa Resort Facebook Page

Address: Vizal Sto. Niño boundary Brgy. Dagatdagatan, San Rafael, Bulacan
Contact: 0917 851 8899 / Facebook
Events: ₱15,000 for 100-150 pax. 6 hours rent.
Photoshoot: ₱4,000 for 5 hours.
Staycation: ₱5,000 for 4 pax. 1 villa.
Wedding event with 1 villas 15k 6hours Photo shoot 4k 5hours Staycation 1 villas for 4 pax 5k


Royal Woods Resort (Marilao)

📷 Royal Woods Resort Facebook Page

Address: Ilang Ilang Sta. Rosa II Marilao, Bulacan
Contact: / 0917 178 6940 / Facebook

Events: ₱45,000 for 150-200pax. 4 hours rental Grand Pavilion, with 1 Deluxe Room for 2 adults and 2 kids.
Staycation: ₱5,000-₱6,000 for 2 adults and 2 kids, with breakfast.
Photoshoot: ₱5,000.00 for 7hrs (makeup prep is included) w/1 cottage maximum of 10 pax


Villa Juanita Resort (Malolos)

📷 Villa Juanita Resort Facebook Page

Address: 191 Look 1st Malolos, Bulacan
Contact: 0921 883 1945 / Facebook

₱11,000 for 40pax. 8am-5pm
₱13,000 for 40pax. 8am-10pm
Inclusions: Use of pool, pavilion, cabana, umbrella, and 2 air-conditioned villas.
₱Photoshoot: 250/head


Villa Antonio de Dave Resort & Leisure Farm (San Jose del Monte)

📷 Villa Antonio de Dave Resort Facebook Page

Address: #38 Brgy. Kaypian, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
Contact: 0953 173 0398 / 0932 102 9391 / / Facebook
Events (7 hours rent):
₱7,500 for 10-15 pax (Hotel Hall B, airconditioned)
₱10,000 for 30 pax (Hotel Hall A, airconditioned)
₱12,500 for 50 pax (Hotel Hall A, airconditioned)
₱20,000 for 50-100 pax (Pavilion Hall, open-air with Pavillion Room)
₱30,000 for 100-150 pax (Villa Poolside, open-area with 1 Villa Room)
Staycation w/breakfast (2pm-12nn):
₱3,000 for 2 pax (Hotel Room at 2nd/3rd floor)
₱3,500 for 2 pax (Hotel Room Pool side)
₱3,500 for 2 pax (Loft)
₱4,000 for 2 pax (Villa)
₱3,500 for 4 pax (Hotel Room at 2nd/3rd floor)
₱4,000 for 4 pax (Hotel Room Pool side)
₱4,000 for 4 pax (Loft)
₱4,500 for 4 pax (Villa)
₱7,500 for 8 pax (Family Room)
₱1,000 inclusive of entrance fee for 4 pax. Add ₱150/pax for exceeding.
₱4,000 photoshoot with room package. Inclusive of entrance fee for 4 pax and 1 villa room. Add ₱150/pax for exceeding.

You may read our experience at Villa Antonio de Dave here.


La Camila Private Pool and Events Place (Pandi)

📷 La Camila Private Pool Facebook Page

Address:#155 Grace Park St., Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan
Contact: / Facebook
₱10,000 Day Tour (8am-5pm)
₱10,000 Night Stay (7pm-6am)
₱15,000 Overnight (8am-6am / 7pm-5pm)


Villa Carmencita Private Resort and Event Center (Baliuag)

📷 Villa Carmencita Private Resort Facebook Page

Address: Tarcan Baliuag, Bulacan
Contact: / Facebook
₱6,000 for 20 pax. 8am-5pm Day Stay.
₱8,000 for 20 pax. 7pm-7am Overnight.
₱16,000 for 20 pax. 22hours flexible check-in time.


Casa Eugenia Private Resort (San Jose del Monte)

📷 Casa Eugenia Private Resort Facebook Page

Address: B8 L3 Towergrottoville Brgy. Graceville, San Jose del Monte,Bulacan
Contact: 0923 597 3668 / / Facebook

27,500 with 3 airconditioned rooms. 8am-6am.
13,000 for 20pax with 1 airconditioned room. 8am-5pm.
7,000 for 20pax. Use of pools, jacuzzi, pavilion with 30pcs monoblock chairs and 2 long lifelime tables. 8am-5pm Mon-Thu.


And the list ends here. There’s a lot more Bulacan private resorts actually, and I might update this post once I get more details for other resorts. If you know other private resorts in Bulacan don’t hesitate to share them in the comments!

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