Pugpog Bikers Highlands is an al-fresco cafe and restaurant with an overlooking view of the Angat River and the Sierra Madre mountain range. We’ve seen this on the internet a lot of times and been eyeing for it for quite a while. Gladly, we finally found the time that will suit everyone’s schedule!

The place has become a favorite pit stop for bikers and motorists en route to DRT, hence the name. But it’s not just a favorite pit stop, but also a perfect hangout place for the locals like us!


Our experience at Pugpog Bikers Highlands

We agreed to arrive in the afternoon so we could savor the view while having our afternoon snacks, and stay until it gets dark to witness how the place glows. Spoiler alert: it was superb!


pugpog bikers highlands entrance gate
At the entrance gate
view at pugpog bikers highlands bulacan
Relaxing view
At the popular photo spot with swing. That’s me with my 9 year old niece, Shey. I feel so old!


When we heard the word “Pugpog”, a swimming spot instantly pops into mind because we went there for swimming when we were little. I’m just not sure if that certain area is still open for swimming.

Pugpog Bikers Highlands is just a 30-min drive from our home in San Jose del Monte. Although it’s within Angat, but it’s only a little past the Norzagaray boundary arch. You have to take note that the traffic gets heavier as you come near the place especially during weekends. There are no parking spaces within the premises, but there’s a pay parking (₱20) just across the road.

Since we went on a weekend, parking was a challenge! We waited for about 10 minutes waiting patiently for at least one car to get out of the pay parking. And once parked, we waited for another 10 minutes before we were let in, since they were limiting the number of people inside the cafe. I highly suggest you visit during weekdays as much as possible!


Having my Caramel Frappuccino while savoring the view
With my sizzie Edz and our niece Shey
Meet Karen and Rana
There was a rainbow but not fully captured in photo
pugpog bikers highlands food and drinks
Some of our orders


The atmosphere and the views were great. Health protocols were observed. There were lots of photo spots with overlooking view. Temperature was Tagaytay-ish. But the food and drinks were so-so, and service was mediocre. My brother ordered sisig and it was never served so we thought of just cancelling the order but ended up taking it home as it’s already on process. The delay wasn’t expected to think that they’re limiting the number of customers.

Among the orders, the only taste I liked was the pizza fries (although it’s pricey). The drinks were either bland or too sweet.


At the lower area with overlooking view
view of angat river from pugpog bikers highlands bulacan
Mandatory photo with Angat River as backdrop
One more shot
My niece, Shey. Gosh, she looks so natural! I might need to learn from her posing skills!
angat river view from pugpog bikers highlands
Perfect spot unless it rains


As the sky gets dark and the place was being lighted up, we braced ourselves for another photo-op session! It definitely has a different charm at night time. We spent few minutes enjoying the lights and taking photos. Christmas decorations and cool breeze, it was beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas!


pugpog bikers highlands dining area
At the dining area
night view at pugpog bikers highlands
Group photo at the swing
Wall arts
At the counter
pugpog bikers highlands comfort room
Comfort room. Wash area was insta-worthy as well!
Another photo spot with a Christmas tree
Just before we left the place


All in all, we loved the look and feel of Pugpog Bikers Highlands. It’s a perfect hangout place for family and friends, and a quick pit stop for travelers. You will most likely love being here as long as you won’t expect too much on food quality and service. Although individual experiences may vary.


Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday
7am – 10pm
Last order: 9pm


How to get there

Waze/Google Maps: Pugpog Bikers Highlands Leisure Hub
Landmark: Near Uratex Angat
Just 2-hr drive from the Metro!

Contact Details:

Email: pbhighlands@yahoo.com


How I’d rate this resto



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