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It’s true that sometimes, side trips are as momentous as the main event. After our trip to Malolos, we dropped by Sili Cafe on our way home for a quick coffee fix. We finally had the chance to confirm what the buzz was all about. As a result of our curiosity, we once again found ourselves managing our own expectations. So now, let’s see what we’ve found out!


cute sili cafe stuffed toy
A cute Sili toy sitting happily on an outdoor swing


As how I’ve seen it on social media with its aesthetics and setting, there’s no way it would be within the city proper of Sta. Maria (I’ve spent my high school years there so I know how bustling it is). So we’re no longer surprised when the maps led us to a little hidden location.

The ambiance is like a hidden abode in the middle of a clearing in the woods. It feels homey and elegant with its glass and wooden accents. A homey cafe away from the noise definitely perfect for coffee dates or romantic dinner.


sili cafe facade
Sili Cafe facade, with outdoor dining for couples
Al fresco dining area
At the mini garden


Sili Cafe is situated in the middle of a forested area inside Long Meadows Country Resort. As we enter the resort gate, we were actually a bit doubtful because we did not see the cafe right away. The cafe looked huge in photos, so we kinda expected we’ll see it in a heartbeat.

It’s not as massive in person, but it is charming and aesthetic. The relaxed nature vibe with modern skypod inspo makes the experience feel more dreamy and calm. Lots of plants at the mini garden and trees surrounding the area. Even the parking space is shaded by huge trees.

Also perfect if you need a quick change of scenery while working, so feel free to bring your laptops and other work-from-home essentials. If you’re someone who can’t work fully without coffee, this is the place to be.


food and drinks at sili cafe bulacan
A quick merienda break
Ensaymada Quezo de Bola in ube-macapuno variant
Spicy Strawberry


Since it’s called “Sili” Cafe, we tried their signature drink called Spicy Strawberry (130 Php). I thought it would taste like the Sili Shake that we had in Albay years ago, but they are distinct. The Sili Shake in Albay is sweet and the sili flavor is just an after-taste, making the drink delightfully spicy and suitable for children. On the other hand, Sili Cafe’s Spicy Strawberry is really spicy even on first sip. Personally, I did not like it. But it may cater to people who are really fond of anything spicy.

I’ve seen their ensaymada posted online and it looked delightful, so we tried their Ensaymada Quezo de Bola in ube-macapuno variant (135 Php). This is actually what I was most excited about because I love ensaymada forever! But what I forgot was I’m not a quezo-de-bola person. I still prefer cheddar cheese on top of my ensaymada.

We also ordered Hazelnut Latte (110 Php), to keep Jec awake as he drives. It was served in a to-go cup, which came in handy when we had to go earlier due to unexpected instances (I partially overlooked I’m a married woman scheduled for National ID application the next day, and I had to secure at least a Barangay ID with my updated surname before the barangay hall closes at 5pm. Gladly, we’re able to come home around 4:30pm). 🙃


Loving these retro seats
inside sili cafe bulacan
Indoor-outdoor vibes due to full glass walls
Wall decors
Truly insta-worthy


As much as I’d hate to say this, but we did not like the service, or at least at the service counter. The counter personnel wasn’t accommodating and not that professional. She took our orders with tell-your-orders-all-at-once-here-and-now kind of tone. I don’t want to elaborate further, and I still encourage you to try this cafe because individual experiences may vary.

On the whole, we enjoyed the experience despite our little time at Sili Cafe. If you like posting aesthetic photos on Instagram, this is an excellent spot! Also great if you just want to chill alone, or catch-up with your bestie. Couples would also find this place romantic! We will definitely go back to try other drinks and dishes and take more photos!



Sili Cafe is located at #10 Mahogany St., Mahabang Parang, Santa Maria, Bulacan. Inside Long Meadows Country Resort.


Operating Hours

Open daily from 10am to 9pm


Contact Details

Mobile: 0917 166 6674
Facebook Page


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