I can’t believe it’s been a year already since we got married. Yes, it was our first anniversary and we thought it’s worth celebrating in a lovely place and escape daily tasks for a while. We were actually set to celebrate in Laguna. However due to sudden travel restrictions, we were once again pushed to explore our own backyard. The Greenery Bulacan is just an hour’s drive from home. It’s a place full of charm and makes for a lovely vacation for couples! The place is great for prenuptial photoshoots and wedding venue as well!

We also never got a chance to travel ever since our last trip to Batangas, so we’re just home for almost half a year. That’s why this trip, even though it’s just in the neighborhood, still made us feel extra pumped up and excited!


The most photographed Barn House. The Greenery Bulacan is best known for this!


Exploring The Greenery Bulacan

Check-in time is 2pm, though we arrived around 9am. We decided to arrive early and explore the place in the morning as it usually rains in the afternoon. Thankfully, it was not a problem with the owners. Our game plan was to leave our luggage at the car or at the reception while we explore the place and wait for check-in. But since we were the only guests that time and the room was ready, we were offered to check-in early without charge!

And yes, we had the whole place as if we rented it. The staff shared that other bookings were cancelled due to travel restrictions, most of them are from Metro Manila. Just like us who had cancelled booking in Laguna. We were here last August 12-13 and it was GCQ in Bulacan while NCR was suddenly put under ECQ. We will have to pass by NCR before reaching Laguna, that’s why we had to look for another place within our province.

*Update: Bulacan was put under MECQ from August 16-31, and now extended until September 7, 2021.
MECQ is extended until September 30.

We opted to park our vehicle in front of our villa so that it’s under the shade of the trees. There’s also a huge open parking space near the pavilion in case there’s no more space at the villa area.

The first one we visited was the Barn House as it’s just few steps from our villa. It’s quite massive and really insta-worthy! Take note that it’s not just props or display. It actually functions as an events place and some weddings were already conducted here.


At the Barn House, the first one we visited since it’s just in front of the staycation villas
The staycation villas. At the right side is the villa where we stayed (well, they’re all identical!)
Sweet pose because, why not?
The place is full of greenery, hence the name. But there were lots of mosquitoes in this area so beware.


By the way, the check-in process was smooth. Upon arrival, we had to undergo basic sanitation and temperature check. We also registered at iamsafe.baliwag.gov.ph to fill-up health declaration forms before we head to the place.

We just explored around the whole morning and it was tiring as the place is huge! But equally enjoyable because of its North American theme and lots of nature sceneries! Not to mention we can take photos anytime and anywhere as there were no other guests around!

We then went to the Floating Gazebo, which is also an actual gazebo that can function as a venue. It actually exceeded my expectations because whenever I see it in photos, I feel like the bridge is shaky or whatever. But in reality it’s really sturdy and never even moved a bit. I could imagine it’s a great venue for wedding ceremonies, given that the weather is good. The bride would be able to walk through that bridge effortlessly since it’s strongly built (and given that she’s not wearing stiletto). Although the gazebo can’t hold big weddings but enough for intimate ones. I think it can hold 30-40 pax, but ask them to be sure.


The floating gazebo
Mandatory photo at the bridge going to the floating gazebo
The train parked in front of the pavilion
Mandatory photo at the train


The train wasn’t operational during our visit and the staff shared why. However, I wasn’t listening, sorry! But seriously, social distancing was affecting my attention span so can you please forgive me?

Jec tried to climb up the tower to see the view from up there. Unfortunately for me, my dress did not permit me to climb up the stairs because it doesn’t have a slit! That’s sad for an adventurous soul like me, although I really like my dress that I bought from Shein! Jec just took a photo of me to make me feel a little better. Haha.


The view of the long infinity pool from the tower
The poor girl who can’t climb the stairs
Find Dea!
View of the nearby lighthouse
At the long infinity pool


Around 11am, we were officially hungry since we had our breakfast really early in the morning. So we went back to our villa to have our packed lunch. It’s our favorite chicken adobo with boiled eggs that I prepared beforehand. A popular food to pack as it doesn’t get spoiled easily and so yummy!

By the way, before we checked-in our villa, we saw the staff use disinfectant spray and UV light to sanitize the room. The staff are kind and most of all professional. They are friendly while still giving you enough privacy. They also strictly follow our health safety protocols.

Now, let me show you the staycation villa. Externally, it looks cute and playful. Internally, it is clean, basic, and spacious. It has one King-sized bed and one Single bed. It can accommodate a couple or a small family. There’s a TV, coffee table, chairs, built-in closet, personal refrigerator, and air conditioning.


Staycation Villas
The bedroom
The view from our window
Coffee table
The comfort room


For the comfort room, we loved that we could both use the washbasin simultaneously as there were two sinks! Hot shower is available with strong water pressure, and even the water from the faucets are warm! Complimentary toiletries were also provided such as shampoo with conditioner, bath soaps, toothbrush kits, tissue, and bath towels.

The whole villa including the comfort room is clean, well-maintained, and fully-functional which is quite contrary to the reviews we saw online about The Greenery Bulacan. I think they improved a lot since those reviews were made a few years ago. I’m glad we tried it despite seeing those reviews! In fact, we had the soundest sleep in their clean white bed and I even dozed off as early as 8pm!

After we regain some energy, we went out for a swim. It was 12nn but the sky was gloomy so it wasn’t scorching hot. The first swimming pool is a long infinity pool designed like a beach, and at the end of it is a view of the lake and the floating gazebo.


At the infinity pool designed like a beach
Jec at the edge of the long infinity pool
My take
Splash effect
There’s a cluster of cabanas like this by the poolside
Poolside lounges


Next is another pool with kiddie pool at the exclusive area, but the gate was open so we just went in. There were Bali-inspired cottages and another gazebo. The pool is 4ft to 6ft and has mini fountains at the side. The kiddie pool is right beside the gazebo.

We chose to spend more time in this pool because it feels more exclusive. The long infinity pool was also okay and I find it beautiful. But when it comes to swimming and staying in the water, we liked this pool better. The weather was just fine, the sky was gloomy but still feels warm so it’s a pleasure to swim. We were actually in the water for a couple more hours straight!


At the exclusive pool with Bali-ish cottages
We stayed here for a couple more hours just swimming!
Inside the cottage
Jec enjoying the view
The back view of the cabanas beside the long infinity pool


At around 2pm a family came at the pool area. They’re also booked in a staycation villa and they’ve just checked-in. We left the pool after few minutes to minimize contact and also to give them chance to have the pool exclusively. Besides, we already enjoyed the place for hours.

We went back to our villa and took a shower. We’re supposedly about to check-in by that time, but we’re already done with exploration and swimming! We just rested well in our villa, watched TV while having snacks and talking about everything and anything.


Afternoon snacks. Yes, puro pambata. Haha.


The staff invited us to try their restaurant which is called Matsuri Japanese Restaurant. However, I was craving so badly for Jollibee Palabok with Chickenjoy so we ended up driving thru a nearby Jollibee store. We ate our food inside our villa, still avoiding dining inside restaurants. I called it a day as early as 8pm, while Jec stayed up for a couple more hours before going to bed.

Our stay comes with free breakfast, which was served at the pavilion at around 8am the next day. It was a good Tapsilog with atsara, a piece of banana, and bottled water. We loved that the entire plates were covered with plastic wrap to avoid exposure of the food.

We took pictures at the Barn House for the last time, before we leave the place at around 11:30am. It was 30 minutes earlier than our check-out time, because we’re set to have our lunch at Cafe Galilea which is just a 10-min drive from The Greenery.


Last minute photo at the Barn House. Edit: For those who are asking, my top was bought from Shein too 🙂 
We haven’t brought a tripod so we just put our camera on anything and on the ground!


We had a great time and safe staycation at The Greenery Bulacan. Probably one of our most favorite staycation experiences! Lots of places to explore and interesting stuff to see. The villa was comfortable, clean, and spacious. The North American theme made the trip more picture worthy! This private resort is definitely deserving of an overnight trip. A day tour would do, but could be bitin depending on your preference.

We’re glad that we were still able to celebrate our first anniversary at a place like this despite the situation. Our cancelled booking in Laguna was not put to waste! Indeed, our province is never short of beautiful places to see, and The Greenery Bulacan is just one of its best!


Rates & Inclusions

Villa for 2 pax: ₱7,000/night
Corporate Room/Villa for 4 pax: ₱8,500/night
Grand Villa for 10 pax = ₱30,000/night
Additional bed = ₱1,150/night per person
Inclusions: Free breakfast and use of swimming pool and facilities
Check-in/out: 2pm – 12nn

Day Tour
Entrance Fee = ₱1,200 per person
Cabana = ₱1,500 (maximum of 5 persons per cabana)
Schedule: 8am-5pm


How to get to The Greenery Bulacan

By Public Transpo (still not recommended):
  • From Cubao, take a bus bound to Baliuag Bus Terminal (around ₱75)
  • From the Terminal, ride a tricycle going to The Greenery (around ₱60)

By Private Vehicle:

  • Waze/Google Maps: The Greenery Bulacan


Contact Details


Few more photos to end this post!

Staycation villas. At the rightmost is the Grand Villa which is good for up to 10pax.
A big cabana beside the long infinity pool
At the bridge that connects to the Floating Gazebo
A hanging bridge that was off-limits
Pavilion. This is where they accept guests, and where breakfast is served.
Complimentary bath items. As usual, we took them home as souvenirs. We always bring our own toiletries.
At the exclusive pool
Kuya caretaker feeding the lovely pigeons
Their favorite tambayan
They are trained and are also used in photoshoots
Mirror effect


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  1. Hi. Really love the place. Im wondering if youre familiar with The Old Grove Steadfarm at Batangas? Im really torn between the Greenery and Old Grove to have our family photoshoot. Your blog really gives me an idea about the Greenery please give advice. Thankss

    1. Hi, Mar. Yes I’m familiar with The Old Grove Farmstead in Batangas but haven’t been there yet. I think it’s equally beautiful as The Greenery in Bulacan, but you can choose depending on your location which of the two is closer to you 🙂


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