It is true that the province of Bulacan became popular for several waterparks with wave-pools and life-sized characters. There’s Jed’s Island Resort in Calumpit, Amana Waterpark in Pandi, 8 Waves Waterpark in San Rafael, and the list goes on. But did you know that you can also experience farm staycation in the area? Villa Antonio de Dave Resort & Leisure Farm is an eco-friendly resort offering staycation villas, hotel rooms, and lofted cabins right in the middle of a forested land in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

It’s just a 10-min drive from our home, literally within sniffing distance. As a Bulakenya myself who’ve had traveled across the Philippine islands, I realized it sucks to be an alien in my own hometown. So now I’m trying my best to explore my place, one step at a time. 😉


Our Experience at Villa Antonio de Dave Resort & Leisure Farm

As we drove along the Kaypian Road (which we normally do every weekend to visit the parents), it obviously felt like a boring trip. But once we took the turn at the Villa Antonio de Dave signage, the atmosphere instantly shifted as it led us to an undiscovered jungle pathway.


Resort’s Main Entrance
The main reception area


The first “entrance” seemed closed as there were no people, so we drove a few meters more until we reached the main entrance. A staff greeted us and we were given a villa accommodation.

Villa Antonio de Dave has three major sections: the Villas, Hotel, and Loft/day-stay area. Each section has its own swimming pool/s. Let’s first take a look at the Villas.


The Villas

The Villas are situated in a more isolated setting. They have a total of 8 villas by the pool and each villa has en suite bathroom, Smart TV, and airconditioning. It also has a designated kitchenette but no basic appliances yet. The bed is double-sized and you can request a floor mattress to make the room fit for 4 persons. Also, WiFi connection is stable which would be helpful in case you have sudden tasks at work.


The Villas
Inside our villa
Jec resting for a while inside the villa
(L) Kitchenette area; (R) Tinted sliding door to the CR
Comfort Room with Hot Shower. Water pressure is strong.
Movie nights are not complete without midnight snacks!


The villa is spacious and clean and we appreciate the white beddings. As an insect-magnet myself, I loved that I woke up in the morning without any itch. Because it’s funny that if a bed is infested, the bugs might ignore Jec but not me (as in never!). That’s why I felt relieved when I woke up without any sign of a bug bite — a sure indicator that they really do clean their beds! ❤️️

Let’s go now to the pool area. The pool has a 3-5ft depth, with a wading pool. Trees and plants surround the area so do not be surprised with falling leaves. There are several poolside lounges for those who just want to laze by the pool or sunbathe. Synthetic grass was installed around the pool and it’s good that it did not cause any undesirable odor.


Jec lazing by the pool after a swim
Me testing waters 😜
Split level effect. Please excuse our dirty dome port 🙃
A chance to sunbathe since there were no other people around


An outdoor shower is available so make sure to wash up first before dipping into the pool. There’s an Ifugao-style hut near the pool and surprisingly, a staff actually takes residence in it. How cute?!

Overall, we liked our stay in our Villa, and we could’ve loved it even more if there’s at least a coffee table inside the villa where we could eat and drink. It’s also great that the breakfast was served just right on time.

Note: Rates & Packages at the end part of this post


Hotel Area

As we tour around the resort, we took a sneak peek at the Hotel area. It is another private portion of the resort (just a little less private than the Villas) also having its own swimming pool with wading pool. The pool I guess is the same depth as in the Villas.

The hotel looked so architecturally pleasing with its modern-contemporary design. It’s a 5-storey building with hotel rooms from ground floor to the third floor.


The Hotel area. Photo taken early in the morning so there were no people swimming.
Pool lounges at the hotel area


Lofted Cabins

The Loft units are located near the swimming pools for day-tour guests. There are a total of 3 Loft units that you can rent for a day or overnight. I find them really pretty especially that they are literally being hugged by nature. All the 3 Loft units have airconditioning and comfort room. The ground floor serves as an open dining area with kitchenette.


A bigger Loft unit


More to see inside Villa Antonio de Dave Resort

Apparently, there’s a lot more to see and explore inside Villa Antonio de Dave Resort. Bamboo trails and lush greeneries surround the place — perfect for your much-needed forest bathe. There’s a fishpond at the entrance with open cottages where you could rest or try some fishing. You could also catch sight a flock of sheep doing their morning routine as they follow their shepherd. It was a great sight that you don’t get to see everyday.

Indeed, farm staycation is enjoyable and therapeutic at the same time.


Exploring a bamboo trail at the middle of the resort. A li’l bit of Japan vibes!
A flock of sheep roaming around
The other sheep in the flock. They were following their shepherd.
Ivatan house near the Villas. Lakas maka-Batanes?!
Another bamboo trail. There’s a lot actually, you just have to explore!`
Jec tried fishing! He caught one but it’s too young so he returned it back to the pond. There’s a lot of fish in the pond but we don’t have a lot of fishing skills hehe
Relaxing view of the pond
There are huts at the side of the pond
ID pic… with matching eyebags, messy hair, and pure me 😁 I have a bad hair fall. Can you suggest ways how to manage broken hairs on top of my head?
Day-tour cottages
Communal CR
Swimming pool for day-tour guests and Loft occupants. There’s one more pool that we forgot to photograph, and another one (a big one) ongoing construction.
A playhouse near the pavilion
Pavilion for events
There are bamboo trees everywhere!


I also want to emphasize the cleanliness of the surroundings. How they maintain the place is very commendable — you will notice it easily when you get there. There were no trashes and surprisingly, NO MOSQUITOS AND FLIES! I guess that is rare for a farm, and it’s the kind of rare that we all want!

On the whole, we enjoyed our stay at Villa Antonio de Dave Resort & Leisure Farm. Everything you need for a nature retreat is here, and there’s a variety of accommodation options. We will definitely recommend it to our friends, families, and to you — our readers!


Rates & Packages


Room Accommodation

Hotel Room (2nd/3rd Floor):
₱3,000 for 2 pax
₱3,500 for 4 pax

Hotel Room (Poolside):
₱3,500 for 2 pax
₱4,000 for 4 pax

₱3,500 for 2 pax
₱4,000 for 4 pax

₱4,000 for 2 pax
₱4,500 for 4 pax

*For 8 pax: Connecting Room (Family Room) ₱7,500

Check-in is 2pm and check-out is 12nn
Breakfast and entrance fee are included
Exceeding guest is ₱700 per head (with breakfast)


Private Pool Package Rates

Day Tour (10am to 5pm)

  • Private pool with Cottage
    ₱9,000 for 30 pax
    ₱12,000 for 40 pax
    ₱15,000 for 50 pax
  • Private pool w/ 1 Airconditioned room
    ₱10,000 for 15-20 pax
  • Private pool w/ 2 Airconditioned rooms
    ₱20,000 for 21-30 pax

Overnight Stay (2pm to 12nn)

  • Private pool w/ 2 Airconditioned rooms
    ₱25,000 for 15-20 pax
  • Private pool w/ 3 Airconditioned rooms
    ₱35,000 for 21-30 pax


Events Venue

(7 hours rent)

Pavilion Hall (open-air)
₱20,000 good for 50-100 pax
*with pavilion room

Villas (open area, poolside)
₱30,000 good for 100-150 pax
*with 1 villa room

Hotel Hall A (airconditioned)
₱10,000 good for 30 pax
₱12,500 good for 50 pax

Hotel Hall B (airconditioned)
₱7,500 good for 10-15 pax


Photoshoot Rates

₱1,000 (inclusive of entrance fee for 4 pax)

Other fees:

Picnic Shed Cottage
₱500 for 6 pax
₱800 for 8 pax
₱1,000 for 12 pax
₱1,500 for 20 pax

Nipa Hut Kubo
₱1,500 for 15 pax

₱3,000 for 10 pax

₱3,000 for 25 pax

*Exceeding pax is ₱150


Prenup Shoot w/ Room Package:


1 Villa Room
Entrance for 4 pax
*Exceeding pax: ₱150/head


Contact Details

For bookings and reservations, you may contact them directly thru the following details:

Mobile: 0953 173 0398 / 0932 102 9391
Website | Facebook Page

You can also book via Agoda for a more convenient and faster transaction.
Book Here: Villa Antonio de Dave Resort & Leisure Farm


How to get to Villa Antonio de Dave Resort?

Villa Antonio de Dave Resort & Leisure Farm is located at #38 Kaypian Road, City San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. You can find them through Waze or Google Maps.

There’s an ample parking space within the premises.



Acknowledgement: Thank you Sir Joc of Villa Antonio de Dave for hosting us!
Disclaimer: While our stay was courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.


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