It happened that we had to go to Caloocan to purchase necessary stuff for our internet shop. As always, looking for a nice place to eat nearby would be unavoidable. I searched the internet and found Koko Kofi which looked very interesting and just 10-min drive from Cheapid Computer (our suking tindahan ng kompyuter 😜). However, upon reaching the said restaurant, it was closed as it was Monday. Good thing there’s a buffet restaurant just beside it that looked equally compelling: Tita Mae’s Kitchen.


Tita Mae’s Kitchen Caloocan — Our Experience


Restaurant Entrance. It was Valentines season hence the hearts


Basic Buffet is priced at 199 Php which includes 9 main course dishes, rice (plain & java), assorted dimsum, salad, and fruits. But if those aren’t enough for you, you may try Mega Upgrade which is +90 Php (total of 289 Php).

We tried the Mega Upgrade to see if it’s worth the additional 90 Php.


Dining area


There were only few people since it was Monday and past lunch time already (around 2pm), enough reason for us to starve. So we instantly found ourselves filling up our plates and unconsciously grabbing anything without second thoughts because believe it or not everything looks delicious for a starving person (feel me?).


(L-R) Lumpiang Shanghai | Sauted Veggies | Chicken Curry | Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet


My first plate was still a good combination of fish, chicken, pork, veggies, and java rice. I was actually tempted to get as much rice as I want but then I remember I need to save enough space for later. 😜 They are all good just don’t expect too fancy for less than 300 Php. For me it’s fine as long as it doesn’t taste pangat (short for pangatlong init 😅) which may pertain to any food that was already heated repeatedly.

What I liked the most was the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, as I like eating fish without those tiny fish bones. And for me, nothing tastes better than the combination of crispy fried stuff covered with thick sweet and sour sauce. It was not too sweet, and not too sour as well.


Us, finishing our first plates


After finishing our first plate and settling down our tummies for a little while, it’s now time for the next wave. Of course, the goal is to taste almost everything (if not all), so we just grabbed a little amount of every variant we liked.


Second wave


For our second wave, Crispy Kangkong was the winner! It’s a battered water spinach leaves usually served as appetizer, but can be eaten as snack as well. It tasted fresh and crispy. Saltiness of the batter was just right.

And if there’s a winner, there’s also a loser😜 What we didn’t like was the Steamed Siomai as it was obviously not newly cooked at all. It tasted sour already.

The rest of the gang were okay. The vegetables were fresh, Calamares and Fish Fillet were crispy and tasty, Spaghetti was Filipino style, the cake was I think Goldilocks, sushi was good, what else?



So, was the additional 90 Php for Mega Upgrade worth it? For me it is. I know it isn’t that instagrammable but the dining experience was nice. Also, the whole area looked squeaky clean. Will I recommend this to other friends who happen to be in Caloocan? Yes!

Restaurant Address: 2/F, Puregold Caloocan, Rizal Avenue Extension, Grace Park East, Caloocan, Metro Manila (near Monumento Circle)

You may check them out in their active Facebook Page: Tita Mae’s Kitchen

How about you? Have you also tried dining at Tita Mae’s Kitchen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!


How I’d rate this resto


Tita Mae's Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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