Calaguas is basically known as a beach camping haven with pristine waters and looong stretch of white sand beach. It is one of the top-pick destinations for city dwellers, or even locals who wish to have a break from the daily routine. People usually set up their tents and spend a night or two in the island to fully experience how it’s like to be away from everything.


Mahabang Buhangin Beach @ 7:40am


Today, camping in tents is no longer the only option as many beach resorts have popped up one by one over the years. The once bare and empty beach is now dotted with different resorts offering services and accommodations. But there’s one resort whose charm really caught our attention: I Love Calaguas Island Resort.

I Love Calaguas Island Resort offers different types of accommodation that may suit your preferences. They have Open Cabanas, Closed Cabanas, Deluxe Air-conditioned Rooms, and Tent accommodation.


Accommodations — I Love Calaguas Island Resort

Tent Camping is the most common as it allows people to experience the island vibe in the most authentic way. Forget about your comfy bed for a while and let yourself experience life in the most humble manner. This close to nature resort has a spacious and clean campsite perfect for those who wish to treat themselves with just pure nature.

Open Cabana, where we chose to stay, is perfect for those who want to add a little comfort without having to compromise the natural island vibe.


Open Cabana, good for 5 persons
Open Cabana


Each Open Cabana is beachfront and equipped with huge mattress and pillows, and has an extra space for personal stuff. The space could also be used if you want to sit comfortably inside the cabana.

Aside from having a mattress, it is also well elevated above the ground (about 3 steps higher) leaving no room for colds (which is an important thing to consider if you’re bringing kids with you). Not to mention you could use the space underneath for bigger stuff like coolers and huge backpacks.

Another good point is that it looks absolutely Instagrammable! It’s not the type of hut that you’ll commonly see anywhere. It looks picture perfect in every angle!


Open Cabanas
Inside the Open Cabana
Ocean view from our cabana


Don’t worry about privacy as it is equipped with curtains on all sides. You can open or close it anytime and however you want.

So if you want to lie on your mattress the way you do in your own room (I like lying on my bed like a starfish), just close the curtains and be like a starfish!

You can also change clothes but you need to be quick as the curtains could be swayed by the wind anytime. Or you can ask your pal to hold the curtain while you’re changing your clothes. But if you’re too afraid, just go to the common cr. The resort has many shower and toilet cubicles so you won’t expect a very long queue.

Do take note also that it has no door/lock. So you need to bring all your important belongings if you think you’ll be out for hours like you’ll swim at the beach, trek to the hill, or go island hopping.


Closed curtains of Open Cabana


But if you need the kind of privacy that cannot be obtained by just closing the curtains, Closed Cabana could be your choice. It is like a smaller and closed version of Open Cabana but with glass door, small veranda, and an electric fan.

The Closed Cabanas are just behind and in between each Open Cabanas, thus making them semi-beachfront.


Closed Cabana, good for 4-6 persons
Each Closed Cabana has glass door and small veranda


And for those who need extra comfort that cannot be found in cabanas like air-conditioning and own bathroom, you can stay in one of their Deluxe Rooms that are situated near the campsite. Each Deluxe Room also has veranda but take note that it’s not fronting the beach. Please know your preferences and weigh your options. I’ll leave the decision making to you. But as for us, we chose the Open Cabana because it’s beachfront, comfortable, and so IG-worthy!


Deluxe AC Rooms with own bathroom and veranda. Not beachfront.


Rates — I Love Calaguas Island Resort

Tent Rental (good for 4pax) = 350 to 500 per night

Tent Pitching (if you bring your own tent) = 150 per tent

Open Cabana (good for 5pax) = 3,500 per night

Closed Cabana (good for 4-6pax) = 4,500 per night

Deluxe AC Room (good for 4-6pax) = 9,000 per night

Note: Accommodation rates are not inclusive of entrance fee. Entrance fee is 200/night and 300 for 2 nights. Prices may change without prior notice. Please contact the resort thru the contact details provided in this blog.


Tour Packages

They also offer tour packages for those who want a hassle-free tour. If you want to just have a pure vacation and beach getaway, this would be perfect for you. Leave all the cooking and planning to them!



• Accommodation
• Roundtrip boat transfer from Paracale-Calaguas-Paracale
• Life vests
• 3 Meals (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast)
• Spacious comfort room with unlimited water supply (with flush and shower room)
• Tour guide
• Entrances
• Insurance
• Power Supply between 6pm to 6am
• ACTIVITIES for free: Island hopping, sun rise viewing, mountain trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, community visit


De Luxe Room
12pax – P3,150/head (2 rooms)
10pax – P3,350/head (2 rooms)
9pax – P3,550/head (2 rooms)
8pax – P3,750/head (2 rooms)
7pax – P4,250/head (2 rooms)
6pax – P3,350/head (1 room)
5pax – P3,650/head (1 room)
4pax – P3,850/head (1 room)
3pax – P4,250/head (1 room)

Close Cabana
12pax – P2,550/head (2 rooms)
10pax – P2,750/head (2 rooms)
9pax – P2,850/head (2 rooms)
8pax – P2,950/head (2 rooms)
7pax – P3,050/head (2 rooms)
6pax – P2,750/head (1 room)
5pax – P2,950/head (1 room)
4pax – P3,050/head (1 room)
3pax – P3,350/head (1 room)

Open Cabana
12pax – P2,250/head (2 rooms)
10pax – P2,450/head (2 rooms)
9pax – P2,550/head (2 rooms)
8pax – P2,650/head (2 rooms)
7pax – P2,750/head (2 rooms)
6pax – P2,450/head (1 room)
5pax – P2,650/head (1 room)
4pax – P2,750/head (1 room)
3pax – P3,050/head (1 room)

Tent (10pax)



• Roundtrip boat transfer from Paracale-Calaguas-Paracale
• Life vests
• 6 Meals (Lunch on the first day to Breakfast on the third day)
• Spacious comfort room with unlimited water supply (with flush and shower room)
• Tour guide
• Entrances
• Insurance
• Power Supply between 6pm to 6am
• ACTIVITIES for free: Island hopping, sun rise viewing, mountain trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, community visit


De Luxe Room
12pax – P5,000/head (2 rooms)
10pax – P5,500/head (2 rooms)
9pax – P5,900/head (2 rooms)
8pax – P6,400/head (2 rooms)
7pax – P7,100/head (2 rooms)
6pax – P5,500/head (1 room)
5pax – P5,900/head (1 room)
4pax – P6,600/head (1 room)

Close Cabana
12pax – P3,800/head (2 rooms)
10pax – P4,100/head (2 rooms)
9pax – P4,300/head (2 rooms)
8pax – P4,500/head (2 rooms)
7pax – P4,800/head (2 rooms)
6pax – P4,100/head (1 room)
5pax – P4,300/head (1 room)
4pax – P4,500/head (1 room)

Open Cabana
12pax – P3,500/head (2 rooms)
10pax – P3,700head (2 rooms)
9pax – P3,850/head (2 rooms)
8pax – P4,000/head (2 rooms)
7pax – P4,200/head (2 rooms)
6pax – P3,700/head (1 room)
5pax – P3,850/head (1 room)
4pax – P4,000/head (1 room)

Tent (10pax)

Note: Please prepare additional P120/head for the new ordinance of the Department of Tourism for the development of the Municipality of Vinzons.


Contact Details

For more information and booking, please contact I Love Calaguas Island Resort via:

Mobile Number: 09332080328 / 09166813860
Facebook Page: I Love Calaguas Island Resort



Check-in/out: 11am / 11am


More photos!

Inside the Open Cabana
Night photo
Chillin’ inside the cabana
Open Cabana’s ceiling
At the entrance
Sunset swimming
After swim rest



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Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Ms. Chiqui and Mr. & Mrs. Cancio of I Love Calaguas Island Resort for accommodating us and allowing us to have a memorable stay!
Disclaimer: While our stay was courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.


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