When looking for an accommodation, I personally prefer those that are near the port. This is so I could drop my luggage first before starting the trip, and also leave the place effortlessly with less stress. Because every trip deserves a calm ending, right? But I also want to make sure it’s comfortable and nice looking. Thankfully, I discovered Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages when browsing through Airbnb lisitngs!


Me with my kikay friend at the balcony of Deluxe Cottage A.


Where to Stay in Camiguin — Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages


Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages stands among the lush rainforest surrounding Taguines Lagoon. It’s literally a place with a calming view of emerald green water right in front of your door/window! And it’s just a 5-min drive from Benoni Port so no need to hurry and hustle on the last day of our trip!

It features comfortable native-style rooms equipped with bathroom, some even have veranda. They also have rooms with communal CR if you prefer cheaper price. Most of their cottages are non-airconditioned but since the place is being hugged by lush rainforest, we didn’t have any problem with ventilation. They also have air-conditioned rooms which is perfect for hot summer months. We went there cold February so we opted for non-ac.


Stairs going up to our cottage
View of Taguines Lagoon


Our Rooms

Since we’re four, we booked the whole cottage with 2 rooms, each room fits 2pax. But we booked them separately. I booked Deluxe Cottage A (upper room) via Airbnb, and my friend booked the Deluxe Cottage B (lower room) via Booking.com. Because I could be charged for multiple booking if I book both using same account and travel dates. So glad to have earned up more than enough referral credits, huge help in lessening travel expenses (thanks Airbnb!). And as for our friend, she preferred to book via Booking.com.


Deluxe Cottage A (upper room w/veranda) & Deluxe Cottage B (lower room)


Deluxe Cottage A is the one with veranda which is a great viewing point for Taguines Lagoon. It is equipped with comfort room with bathtub! Imagine a native-style cottage with the luxury of bathtub. This is where authentic rural living meets luxury! The comfy bed even has a canopy net for a more comfortable and mosquito-free sleep. It also has a coffee table for two. It’s so pretty so we decided it’s gonna be the girls’ room! Yipee! 😁

I’m actually quite picky when it comes to wooden buildings as I’m a certified insect-magnet. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, or anything that sucks blood, you name it. But what deeply amazed me was the fact that we never felt any presence of them, not even cockroaches! To put it briefly, the rooms are clean and well maintained.

It’s also perfect for honeymooners on a budget as it’s simple and basic, yet, pretty romantic! We stayed here for 2 nights and it was one of the most pleasant stays in our 6 years of backpacking around the country.


Canopy bed – Cottage A
Sliding door to the bathroom – Cottage A
Bathtub! The roses looked so romantic. Little thoughtful touches goes a long way!
Clean and comfy bed – Cottage A
Basic toilet – Cottage A


Deluxe Cottage B is the one on the first floor of the whole cottage. It also has its own comfort room, a kitchen sink (but no kitchen), bed with canopy net, and a coffee table for two. This was our boys’ room, and I forgot to take photos of it! But basically it’s similar to Cottage A, just less the bathtub and veranda.

I also loved the neatness of the beds. White bed sheet is the most important for me when it comes to beds. It doesn’t necessarily need to be so extravagantly fragrant as long as it doesn’t smell bad. But I loved that their beds and blankets smell nice and regularly washed.


Door to the veranda – Cottage A
Hot shower. Hooks for towels/clothes. – Cottage A
Just outside the Cottage A. Love the painting! #nativeFeels
Stairs between Cottage A & B.
Bathroom. – Cottage A
View from the veranda, that’s Taguines Lagoon. And that’s Mantigue Island in the far distance.


Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages is also just right in front of the inflatable floating playground, where you could also rent paddle boards and kayak. It’s also just a 10-min drive from Mantigue Island Departure Area. In fact, Mantigue Island can be seen here in the distance.

Staff were very accommodating especially the owner, Sir David. They even allowed us to barrow plates and utensils since we bought our dinner outside and opted to eat in our room.


Where to book?

In case you’re interested to book the same rooms, here are the Airbnb links:

You can even get 1,600 discount when you create new account in Airbnb with this referral link.

You can also book discounted rooms in Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages via Agoda!

Check-in and check-out schedule is 2 pm and 12nn respectively.

There are more accommodations in Camiguin that you could get at discounted rate with Agoda!




Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages also houses it’s own restaurant where you could chill and admire the beauty of Taguines Lagoon. Price range could not be php-friendly though, it’s kinda steep. Foreigners frequent it because it’s still cheap for them. But for the sake of experience, we tried to dine here for at least once. We ordered breakfast meals: Cornsilog and Longsilog. As well as Lomi, since my stomach feels pretty upset that time.


One of the tables for two. I just wished I reserved these seats before the foreigners invaded the place.
Our orders
That malunggay though. Love it!
Opening schedule
My Lomi. So yummy.
Swing available for anyone. You can chill here or read a book.
The view from the restaurant


The restaurant opens at 7:30 am and closes at 9 pm. Last order could be placed until 8:30 pm. Aside from dining spaces, there are also sofas and swings where you could hang around. This is where you could dine, read your favorite book, enjoy free WiFi, or just chill.

The place is so homey and close to nature. There are hanging plants almost everywhere and they all looked well taken care of. The view of the emerald green lagoon adds to the calming effect. One thing I didn’t like: Smoking is allowed.


Contact Details

For more information and reservation, feel free to contact them thru the details below:

Mobile Number: 0926 554 0196
Facebook Page: Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages
Airbnb Listings: Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages Airbnb


More Photos!

Just beside our cottage is the Tres Marias Cottages (communal cr)
Tres Marias Cottages (front view). The rooms also offer views of Taguines Lagoon
At the entrance to our room – Deluxe Cottage A
At the entrance gate. So many stairs.
Our last meals in Camiguin
So many hanging plants, lush forest all around, emerald green lagoon. Sooo much greeens!
Clean and green
Another cottage at the top similar to ours
At the frontdesk/restaurant
The power four, having dinner on a budget! The boys broke in!
Just beside the restaurant
Just a sneak peek at our ferry ride going back to Balingoan Port. Til we meet again, Camiguin!


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