Camiguin is a tiny island province in Northern Mindanao having abundance of natural wonders for everyone to admire. From stunning islands, to relaxing hot springs and refreshing cold springs, to majestic waterfalls and mysterious historical attractions. This province is complete with everything an adventurous heart needs. To those who hate being bored, this is the place to be!

Dubbed as the “island born of fire”, Camiguin might sound off to some. It is home to 7 volcanoes with one being active. We might find these facts quite scary, but it’s actually the reason behind the countless hot and cold springs, even soda springs that anyone will truly enjoy. Also, the sight of the island province with towering volcanic peaks is such a massive beauty to behold.


White Island, Camiguin. Mt. Hibok-hibok and Mt. Vulcan twin peaks at the background.


Camiguin DIY Itinerary

Camiguin is small enough that you can traverse the whole circumferential road within just 2 hours. You can even visit multiple attractions in a single day. Some can even manage to have a day tour in Camiguin, especially those traveling to Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro. As for us, we decided to spend 3 days to fully utilize what this gorgeous province has to offer.

It’s also easy to DIY even though the sites are quite spread out. Thanks to many motorcycle/multicab rentals and the smallness of the province. Commuting is also possible but not so efficient.


Katibawasan Falls
Adent Hot Spring
Mantigue Island


For those interested to do a 3-day trip, here’s a sample itinerary for your reference. DIY and completely doable!

You can allot Day 0, for travel time to the province. In our case, we traveled from Manila to Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan Port, the night before Day 1.


Day 1 – Mantigue Island (Mahinog) & White Island (Mambajao) 

06:00 am – ETD from Balingoan Port
08:00 am – ETA Benoni Port, Camiguin
08:15 am – Quick breakfast; buy packed lunch
08:45 am – Boat ride to Mantigue Island
09:00 am – ETA Mantigue Island; Explore island; Picture taking
10:00 am – Snorkeling
11:00 am – Early Lunch
12:00 pm – Leave for White Island in Mambajao
Note: Mambajao is still an hour’s drive from Mahinog. And White Island is 10-min boat ride from the port.
02:00 pm – ETA White Island; Explore sandbar; Picture taking
05:00 pm – End of tour
06:00 pm – Dinner
10:00 pm – Lights off


Day 2 – Inland Attractions Day Tour (Mambajao & Catarman)

06:00 am – ETA Katibawasan Falls (Mambajao); Quick breakfast nearby
08:00 am – ETA Ardent Hotspring (Mambajao)
10:00 am – ETA Tongatok Cove Viewpoint (Catarman)
10:30 am – ETA Old Spanish Church Ruins (Catarman)
11:30 am – Early Lunch nearby
01:30 pm – ETA Tuasan Falls (Catarman)
03:30 pm – ETA Bura Soda Water Pool (Catarman)
05:00 pm – ETA The Sunken Cemetery (Catarman) for sunset viewing


Day 3 – Chillax Time + Taguines Lagoon

Whole morning – You can wake up anytime you want but also give time to explore your resort/bnb
12:00 pm – Check-out accommodation; Lunch
02:00 pm – ETA Taguines Lagoon; Zipline/paddleboard/kayak
04:00 pm – ETA Benoni Port, Camiguin
06:00 pm – ETA Balingoan Port


Here’s a map to help you navigate through the itinerary. You can click on each icon to show details.

Pink: Transportation Terminals/Ports
Orange: Tourist Attractions


Whether you choose an accommodation in Mahinog or in Mambajao area, it’s completely fine. This itinerary is flexible. But if you don’t mind carrying your luggage the whole first day, you may opt to choose an accommodation in Mambajao area since most of the attractions are located there. And if you choose to stay in Mahinog area, don’t worry about the distance since you will be renting a motorbike/multicab.

Motorcycle rental is 350 PHP for 24 hours, good for 2 persons. Multicab rental is 1,800 PHP for 24 hours, good for up to 10 persons. Entrance fees and fuel not included.


The Sunken Cemetery
Mantigue Island
White Island



Camiguin Travel Guide


How to get to Camiguin?

Camiguin Island has it’s own airport but only Skyjet Airlines flies directly to the port. Other nearest airports from Camiguin are the Laguindingan Airport in Cagayan de Oro and Bancasi Airport in Butuan City.


From Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan Airport) – our route

  1. Take a bus or van going to Agora Bus Terminal. In our case, we arrived at the airport at around 11pm and there were no buses available at that time. Our only option was to take a van just fronting the arrival exit. Fare is usually 199 per person, but we got it for only 100 because the van operators were competing just to get us. No haggling skills needed. 😁 Travel time was 30 minutes because it was midnight. Could be longer depending on traffic.
  2. Take a bus bound for Butuan and disembark at Balingoan Ferry Terminal. Tell the bus attendant that you’re going to Camiguin. Fare is 147 php and travel time was 2 hours (it was midnight).
    Note: There’s a minimal 3 php entrance fee per person at the Agora Bus Terminal.
  3. Board a ferry going to Benoni Port in Camiguin. First trip is 4:15 am and ferry schedule is every one hour until 5pm. Fare is 210 php and terminal fee is 15 php.


From Butuan City (Bancasi Airport)

  1. Take a multicab going to Butuan City Integrated Bus Terminal. Fare is 20 php and travel time is 20 minutes.
  2. Take a bus bound for Cagayan and disembark at Balingoan Ferry Terminal. Tell the bus attendant that you’re going to Camiguin. Fare is around 200 php and travel time is 2 hours.
  3. Board a ferry going to Benoni Port in Camiguin. First trip is 4:15 am and ferry schedule is every one hour until 5pm. We chose the 7:15am schedule. Fare is 210 php and terminal fee is 15 php.


Once you reach Benoni Port, you may begin with your itinerary right away. Or you may also leave your luggage first in your hotel frontdesk if it’s just near the port. In our case, we opted to stay in Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages, just a short 5-min drive from Benoni Port.

Motorcycle rental is 350 PHP for 24 hours, good for 2 persons. Multicab rental is 1,800 PHP for 24 hours, good for up to 10 persons. Entrance fees and fuel not included.

You may contact this number 09067877288 for motorcycle/multicab rental. I forgot his name as usual. Will update this blog once I get in touch with him.

You may also book your flight to Cagayan de Oro (Laguindingan Airport), or Butuan (Bancasi Airport) via 12Go Asia.

Powered by 12Go system



Tongatok Cove View Point
Tanguines Lagoon
Ardent Hot Spring


Budget Guide

Here’s a budget breakdown to help you plan your budget. The following table includes only the Entrance Fees, Environmental Fees, transportation, and activities.

 Cost (PHP)Per Person (PHP)Notes
Airport Van to Agora Bus Terminal100Fare is usually 199 per person, but we got it for only 100 because the van operators were competing just to get us.
Bus to Balingoan Port147
Ferry to Benoni Port210
Terminal Fee15
Motorcycle rental for 2 days700350
Mantigue Island Boat Fee600100Wait for other tourists to complete 6 passengers
Mantigue Environmental Fee30
Mantigue Snorkeling Guide Fee200/guide100Normal rate is 300/guide. Each guide handles 3pax max.
Mantigue Snorkeling Masks + Life Vest Rental150
Mantgue Table+Chairs rental5025
White Island Boat Fee45075Wait for other tourists to complete 6 passengers
White Island Entrance Fee50
White Island Beach Umbrella rental15075
White Island Snorkeling Masks and Life vests rental100
Katibawasan Falls Entrance Fee50
Ardent Hot Spring Entrance Fee30
Old Spanish Ruins Entrance Fee10
Tuasan Falls Entrance Fee50
Bura Soda Pool Entrance Fee30
Jeep from Mambajao to Benoni30
Tricycle to Benoni Terminal4010
Ferry to Balingoan Port210
Terminal Fee15
Van to Laguindingan Airport (Cagayan de Oro)400


Airline ticket, accommodation, and food not included because it varies. But here’s a breakdown.

  • Cebu Pacific Ticket (MNL-CGY-MNL) = 1,270 PHP Roundtrip per person (terminal fee included)
  • Food = 1,500 PHP per person (approx.)
  • Accommodation = This is covered by my Airbnb referral credits so we don’t have accommodation expenses. But it’s worth 2,999 for 2 nights good for 2 persons at Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages.


White Island, Mambajao
Mantigue Island, Mahinog
Ferry ride to/from Camiguin


Where to stay in Camiguin

There are plenty of accommodation options in Camiguin, most are in Mambajao area. From backpackers to mid-range hotels, and even luxury accommodations. It’s up to you whether you want to stay in Mambajao area since most of the attractions are located there. Or you may choose to stay at Mahinog area so that you are near the port. Really up to you.

If you choose the latter, I highly recommend Camiguin Blue Lagoon Cottages in Benoni, Camiguin. It’s a cozy native-style hotel in Taguines Lagoon, just a 5-min drive from Benoni Ferry Terminal. Its location is quite elevated, overlooking the emerald calm water of Taguines Lagoon. Plus, our cottage has a bathtub!


Our native-style accommodation. Click photo for my full review.


You can find all their rooms available via Airbnb here. That certain cottage where we stayed has two rooms: Deluxe Cottage A (upper room w/veranda & bathtub), and Deluxe Cottage B (lower room). Both with own comfort room.

Deluxe Cottage A:


Deluxe Cottage B:



There are lots of choices in Airbnb.

Aside from that, you can also book discounted rooms in Camiguin via Agoda! There are a lot of accommodations to choose from and it’s easy and convenient! Begin your search here:


And that’s it for this guide. I hope this could be of help in planning your trip to Camiguin.

I know we’re currently in a challenging time. But in case you need such for future reference or simply just some travel inspiration, feel free to save this!


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