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Food & Drink Pampanga

Family Dinner at Mesa Filipino Moderne Restaurant

One of the best ways to bond with the family is to dine in a favorite restaurant, especially if a member is celebrating a birthday. A few months back (yes another late post), we went to Mesa Restaurant’s SM Pampanga branch to celebrate our li’l sis’ birthday.     Our Mesa Filipino Moderne Restaurant Experience …

Food & Drink Pampanga

Tabehoudai Buffet Restaurant | A bang-for-buck buffet in Pampanga

Trying to pick among hundreds of restaurants in Pampanga could be very tricky, especially if you’re planning for big group. This certain spot in the north is dubbed as the country’s culinary capital, no wonder why Kapampangans are spoiled with lots of choices when it comes to dining. So when it was time to celebrate Diane’s, our …