Just recently, we went to Nasugbu, Batangas to have our VERY much needed beach vacation. After the trip, we thought it’d be a good chance to catch-up with friends in Tagaytay before we head back home to Bulacan.

So I asked my friend, Sel, to recommend a nice place where we could chill and bond together since she lives nearby. She suggested Queens Strawberry Farm and Cafe Agapita. I trusted her expertise so we’re all set!


Our Experience at Cafe Agapita in Silang Cavite

We purposely went here night time so we could witness how the place glows beautifully at night. Gladly, it did not disappoint! The pathways that lead to the cafe were adorned with lighted arches that form like a tunnel. It looked magical! And the interiors of the cafe is so laid-back and homey.


Just me, amazed with the lighted arches that leads to the entrance door of Cafe Agapita
Tunnel lights. Be ready to get wide-eyed


It was Tuesday so I expected guests won’t probably exceed 10, but I was wrong! The cafe was almost full (with social distancing considered), but since the place is quite huge, it did not feel jam-packed. They have indoor and al-fresco dining areas with enough distance from each table.

They were also strict in health safety protocols. You cannot enter without facemask and face shield, you need to fill-up a health declaration form and sanitize your hands before entry, and there are staff assigned to enforce social distancing between guests.

We opted to dine indoors so we went up the second floor. Good thing, there were still 3 tables available. We settled at the center with couches and a coffee table, arranged like a living room. So homey!


Can’t help but laugh because hubby’s in the mood to annoy me again
Gel and Jec chattering about everything and anything
View from the loft area
Al fresco dining spaces
Dining space at an area styled like a kitchen. Table for 2 (social distancing)
Table for 4 (social distancing)
At the loft area


The cafe is a lofted space hence the high ceiling. I personally like high ceilings as it gives that roomy and airy ambiance. And it was nice that the loft area isn’t too close to the ceiling so it’s still comfortable โ€” temperature and convenience wise. Plus, it’s spacious which was quite unexpected.

Let’s now talk about their food and drinks. Since we were still full (as we ate full meals at Queens Strawberry Farm prior to this), we just limited our orders. I asked for a Raspberry Vanilla Frappe and Agapita Bun, while Jec went for an Iced Americano since he’s avoiding sweets for now. Sel ordered Mocha Frappe and Blueberry Cheesecake, while Gel picked Caramel Frappe. A staff shared that all their drinks are sugar-free. And it surprised me as it was still sweet (but not too sweet).


Drinks from left to right: Caramel Frappe (150), Mocha Frappe (150), Raspberry Vanilla Frappe (150), Iced Americano (90). Desserts: Blueberry Cheesecake (140), Agapita Bun (60)
Blueberry Cheesecake
Agapita Bun. The bread was soft and fluffy, I just didn’t expect the filling to be that dry.


I liked their Raspberry Vanilla Frappe. It is refreshing and not overly sweet. I unconsciously finished it which is surprising for me since I rarely finish a drink at that size (especially if milktea). Or maybe I just got so enganged in our heart to heart talk so I didn’t notice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Agapita Bun was good, I loved the bread. But the menudo filling was quite dry for me, though the taste was okay. Their Blueberry Cheesecake was also good, though the blueberry compote was a bit sour for my taste, but I enjoyed the cream cheese.

As for the service, it is commendable as the staff are courteous, helpful, and accommodating. They even volunteer to take pictures of their guests, so no need to ask. Our orders were served on the table in about 10 minutes. And they are attentive to all their customer’s requests.


A wall dedicated to Lola Agapita


Cafe Agapita is actually a family-run business and among the staff are the owners itself. They named their cafe after their grandmother, Lola Agapita, which was quite a sweet gesture! When I get old I also want to be as inspirational to my kids and grandkids as she is.


Contact Details

For more information and reservation, you may contact them through the details below.

Mobile Number: 0917 258 6600
Facebook | Instagram



Cafe Agapita is located at 11 Kapitan Sayas St., Sabutan, Silang, Cavite.
Waze/Google Maps: “Cafe Agapita”


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More photos!

The squad: Jec, Gel, Dea, Sel
My tweetums self at the tunnel lights
Go glow
Sel and Gel at the cafe entrance
At the second floor with a lofted space at Cafe Agapita
A wooden decor at the second floor
Event hall
Chill and homey cafe


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How I’d rate this resto



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