Whether or not you’re into all things Korean, we can never deny that the metro is flooded with restaurants offering Korean food especially the famous samgyupsal. It became such a big hit, to the point that the whole craze even extends outside the metro!

Few days back, we visited another samgyup spot, not in Manila but in Bacoor, Cavite. So yes, we went there all the way from Bulacan! And tell you what, the long travel was all worth it! Konglicious Korean English BBQ, I can say, is really one of the best!


Food & Price

Fresh and top-quality meat, a great deal of side dishes, flavorful sauces, garden-fresh lettuce leaves, all those are among the basic requirements that would tell whether a samgyup quality is worthy or not. And Konglicious even surpassed those conditions!



They offer three unlimited sets to choose from depending on your meat preferences and budget. You can taste their unlimited Korean Grill for as low as 380 Php which include Pork & Chicken Meats, Chicken Wings, and 1L Iced Tea. If you want to add Beef and thinking of replacing Chicken Wings with Pork Ribs, you will just need to add 70 Php.

But if you’re a sucker at eating samgyup meat without cheese, you better settle for their best seller unli set that includes Cheesy Pork & Beef, Assorted Sausages, Pork Ribs, and 1L Iced Tea. All of those for only 499 Php. Sounds quite a good deal?

KONGLI 1 = 380 Php
Chicken Wings
1L Iced Tea

KONGLI 2 = 450 Php
Pork Ribs
1L Iced Tea

KONGLI 3 = 499 Php
Cheesy Pork
Cheesy Beef
Assorted Sausages
Pork Ribs
1L Iced Tea

All Packages include side dishes

Marinating Sauce Choices:

  • Konglicious Style
  • Unseasoned
  • Pinoy Style
  • Bulgogi
  • Hot & Spicy


Cheesy Beef awaiting to be cooked
Cooked Cheesy Pork


Their Cheesy Pork and Beef is what really interests me. Cheese sticks wrapped in thinly sliced pork and beef meats, you will definitely say yes to this! Apart from the eye-catching presentation, it could absolutely satisfy your cheesy samgyup cravings!

I certainly think their Pork Ribs adds to the satisfaction. I’m not sure what kind of cooking they did (they just officially call it Pork Ribs), but it tastes great! It’s sweet and savory in taste, perfect when paired with rice!

Moreover, I personally liked their Kimchi as it was spicy, yet, not too hot for the tongue. I was able to eat it as it is. The owner even shared they make it in their own kitchen so it’s not the commercialized kind.


Pork Ribs
A table filled with mouthwatering food



A service that spreads only good vibes, it makes the whole experience even better. Indeed, delicious food is nothing without great service!

Promptness and politeness when put together, really makes a huge difference. Even the owners were very hands on in running the business!

The neat-looking crew appears they really loved their job. To put it briefly, We love the whole service!


Me and mom, satisfied guests!
Jeric has that habit of taking a groufie while my mouth is full!



Bright atmosphere was all thanks to the floor to ceiling glass windows. It made the restaurant look warm in photos but in actual, it’s not. The restaurant is fully airconditioned and exhaust tubes are installed above each grillers so there’s nothing to worry about the ventilation.

What adds to the bright and sunny atmosphere is the crew’s joyful service and hospitality. The restaurant is quite small, just enough for around 40-50 people dining all at the same time.


We went there on a weekday afternoon, so there was still few people (4 tables occupied)



Konglicious Korean English BBQ is located at Molino Road Bacoor Cavite. It’s directly fronting the road so it’s easy to find. The resto is just beside Family Doc drugstore and just behind them is RASC Wet & Dry market so the area is most likely being frequented by people. There’s no way you won’t be able to find it.

It isn’t within the metro, but it’s not too far as well. It’s just somewhere in between so it caters to both metro and south dwellers.


Contact Details

For more information and promo updates, you may reach them through the contact details below:

Mobile Number: 0977 678 9972
Facebook Page: Konglicious Korean English BBQ


More photos!

Grilling our Cheesy Pork & Beef
Mandatory samgyeop shot!
Are you drooling now?
Assorted Sausages! These are yummy too! They make their own so it’s not the commercialized one we usually eat
This was actually a stolen shot
Side dishes first!
Let me end this with my fave. Yummm!


How I’d rate this resto

Overall 4.6


Acknowledgement: Thank you Ms. Apryl of Hungry Byaheros for inviting us, and Konglicious Korean English BBQ for having us!
Disclaimer: While our meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.

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