For those of us who are fond of cafés and restaurants exuding a province vibe and serving farm-to-table delicious food, Salipit Coffee Farm in Cavite is the answer! It is tucked away from the busy streets and city noise so that all you can see and hear are relaxing scenery and sounds of nature. The restaurant is located in a remote area, yet, not too far away and with roads that are easily accessible.

Salipit Coffee Farm serves freshly cooked meals with ingredients that are sourced from their farm. The traditional nipa hut style of the restaurant and treehouses give a back-to-basic ambiance and at the same time are so picture-worthy! Here, you can enjoy good food as you get amazed at how the surrounding nature can pamper you while you take delight in capturing great photos!

salipit coffee farm cavite
Nipa-hut style restaurant of Salipit Coffee Farm Cavite


You can watch our video here


Our experience at Salipit Coffee Farm, Cavite

From our glamping trip at a resort in Magallanes, we drove for about 10 minutes to Salipit Coffee Farm. They have a huge parking space near the entrance gate and from there, you gotta climb an uphill pathway going to the restaurant.

We arrived at around 10:45am and they started taking orders at 11:30am. Since the place is beautiful and the weather was nice, we walked around and took some photos while waiting. It’s like a park with a restaurant and a farm at the back.

Here are some photos that we took during the waiting game:

A simple wooden signage in front of the restaurant
The treehouse that will welcome you as you enter the premises
A green tunnel that leads to the farm
The farm area at the back
View at the balcony of the nipa restaurant
Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant
Another treehouse near the farm


Filipino customs are so alive in here. You need to take off your footwear whenever you enter the nipa restaurant and change into indoor slippers that they provide. Even at the treehouses, you must go upstairs barefoot. They serve their food on wooden plates, bowls, and saucers that are so aesthetically Filipino! Look at their menu and see some Pinoy hugot lines under each category, it’s funny and a little corny (because we Pinoys are naturally like that!). I also liked how they marked the restrooms as Ginoo for men, and Binibini for ladies. Proudly Filipino!

Time to take our orders! For our lunch, we tried their best-sellers: Bagoong Rice with Bagnet, Classic Hearty Burger, Tinapik Classic, and Mango Fruit Frizz. Then later we ordered Iced Salted Caramel for take-out. It was Friday lunch time and there were only a few customers.

There are a lot of dining spaces inside the nipa restaurant, but we opted to dine at the treehouse to make our dining experience extra special. Overlooking view of nature, fresh air, delicious food, and the relaxing sound of birds — we figured this was what we really needed!


treehouse at salipit coffee farm cavite
Our treehouse for the next couple of hours
dining at salipit coffee farm cavite
Quick selfie at the treehouse
Meals at salipit coffee farm cavite
Our lunch
Overlooking view from the treehouse



Now, let’s rate their food and drinks.

Bagoong Rice with Bagnet? Gosh, I’ll come back for this! It’s not your typical bagoong rice with dominating saltiness. It has a balanced taste of salty, sweet, and umami with lots of herbs and spices. Their bagnet is tender and flavorful! And surprisingly, it did not make us feel sick and fed up. The serving is plentiful and this dish alone can feed two moderate eaters like us. Needless to say, both Jec and I liked the dish very much!

For the Classic Hearty Burger, it was good and wholesome although it’s not something we would rave about. The patty lacked some flavor and had a weird texture. The sweet potatoes on the side were a bit undercooked (we were still able to finish the food, though).

Our dessert was Tinapik Classic which is a delicacy made with cassava. It’s slightly crunchy on the outside with some caramelization, and soft and sweet on the inside. It’s good and we both liked it (although we found it a bit pricey).

The Mango Fruit Frizz was so refreshing! Jec, being the mango expert that he is, got satisfied and replenished!

And before we left, we ordered Iced Salted Caramel for take-out. It’s great, not too sweet, and the beverage-to-ice ratio is just right.


bagoong rice with bagnet salipit coffee farm cavite
Bagoong Rice with Bagnet, 205php
Classic Hearty Burger, 185php
Tinapik Classic, 95php
Mango Fruit Frizz Large, 95php
drinks at salipit coffee farm cavite
Iced Salted Caramel Large, 170php



As for the service, it’s fairly fast and our orders were served in about 15 minutes. The crew was not snobbish (but not that accommodating and friendly as well). For us, as long as they attend to customer’s requests and don’t snob, it’s good. Because nothing’s perfect in this world. But it’s also true that we all appreciate friendliness and cordiality, especially in the hospitality industry.


Contact Details

Facebook |

Location: 5P5F+WCX, Magallanes, Cavite 4113


Just to help us keep awake on our long drive home


Salipit Coffee Farm Cavite: Final Thoughts

Was it worth it? Definitely yes! We got relaxed, enjoyed the food, and took lots of good photos! We only spent around 800 php for the whole experience. We will surely come back if we happen to go on this side of Magallanes, Cavite again in the future.


Watch our tour!


How I’d rate this resto



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