I’ve been very busy the past few months until an invitation reminded me that I badly needed a beach break. Sometimes we tend to forget that there’s more to life than just pushing yourself too much for a living. We forget that for our works to be done more efficiently, we need to unwind and take a break. Anything too much is bad. Balance is the key, as they say.


I Love Dingalan Marker


But for now, let’s cut the drama and proceed to the actual trip. We were very excited we left home at 2:00 in the morning and arrived roughly 4 hours later. Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort is about 30 minutes from I Love Dingalan Marker. The journey to the resort was an easy peasy as the roads are paved despite being secluded. Though everyone should still be careful at all times as some parts are curvy.


Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort Dingalan — First Impressions

Upon entering the resort I thought it was still under construction. The entrance gate seems temporary and there were trucks and few construction materials at the entrance. But few steps further, we were greeted by attractive villas and lots of towering coconut trees producing that tropic and province vibe. It did not look charming on the outside, but it was such a gem on the inside. Don’t judge the book and you know the next words, I guess? (Just trying not to sound too cliche) *wink*


Towering coconut trees, tall and proud!


While walking to our assigned accommodation, I was enthralled by the ambiance of the place. It was peaceful, clean, and vibrant. We started exploring the resort right after unloading our stuff. What mainly took my attention were the villas that looked appealing.

Let me share you a fairly detailed information about their accommodations.



They have a variety of accommodations from the most basic (Quadro Casitas) to the grandest one (Casa Rogelio). Quadro Casitas costs 2,500/night, Villa Flora 3,250/night, Casa Rodelio 4,500/night, Villa Nieves 8,000/night, and Casa Rogelio 12,500/night.

Check-in and check-out schedule is 1:00 PM and 10:00 AM, respectively (this may change according to season).


Casa Rogelio


Casa Rogelio, where we stayed, has its own CR, kitchen, 2 huge dining areas (1 outdoor and 1 indoor), air-conditioned room, and a spacious veranda. This villa is good for up to 25 guests which makes it suitable for big groups. It is the only beach front accommodation available.


View from Casa Rogelio’s veranda


The ocean view from the veranda is scenic! Something you won’t mind waking up to every single day. It’s even safe to spend the whole night at the veranda (which we did). The place is generally clean which keeps mosquitoes away. Extra beds, pillows, and blankets are provided. Aside from the cool ocean breeze, there are two ceiling fans that help keep the area cool (but I bet you’ll turn them off after a while😆).



Villa Nieves


Villa Nieves is a loft-type air-conditioned villa that sleeps up to 10 guests. There are 2 units available for this type. Each unit has its own CR, flat-screen TV, and personal ref.

SIde comment: Noticed the rope attached to the tree? Dingalan is fronting the Pacific and the wind could really go crazy. Tying it could somehow help in preventing it from falling down.



Casa Rodelio


Casa Rodelio, which also sleeps up to 10 guests, is the cheaper alternative for Villa Nieves. Although it’s non-ac, ventilation won’t be a problem as the place is naturally cool.



Villa Flora


Villa Flora is a cluster of traditional Japanese inspired rooms. There are 9 units available for this accommodation. Each unit sleeps 4 to 6 guests. Dining tables are provided in front of the rooms. Each room is air-conditioned and has its own CR.



Quadro Casitas


Quadro Casitas is an Ifugao style accommodation which fits up to 7 guests. Not advisable for our senior citizens though because of the stairs and not having its own CR. But common CR is located near the house. Best choice for backpackers.



Let’s now proceed to my all time favorite part: the ocean.


The Beach

Don’t expect a white beach and super fine sands. But do expect a wide and clean beach! I haven’t seen even a single trash as I walk along the beach. The sands are gray and the ocean is safe to swim in. And again, it’s clean!


Hardly anyone in sight!
Beach walking during sunset
The lighthouse as seen from the beach
The beach early in the morning


During our stay, we were allowed to swim until 6pm only as the waves were starting to get huge. There are lifeguards present and do listen to them, it’s for everyone’s safety.


Other Facilities




Pavilion functions as a venue for special occasions for 10,000 php. But when not rented, it serves as day tour guests’ temporary shelter (open cottages will be built soon according to the owner).

Camping in tents is also allowed in the resort. Day tour rate is 250/head for adults and 150/head for children 12 years old and below.


BBQ Grill for rent


BBQ Grills are available for rent for 250/stay. Bringing food supplies is allowed. There’s no corkage fee. The beach resort is quite far from the market so it is advisable to bring everything you need before going to the resort.




Good news for volleyball fanatics as staying in IFDPR includes free use of volleyball.


Common CR


There’s a common cr and shower area available for day tour guests and those staying in Quadro Casitas. Though I think it’s insufficient as there’s only one unit available for each. More of this will be built soon as per the owner.

They also offer karaoke rental for 800/stay (they call it wantusawa 😉).


Outside Isla Frontera

We craved for some snacks so we tried to look for a store nearby, but there was none. We asked some locals that we pass by where to find the market and when we found it, it was actually just a cluster of 2-3 sari-sari stores. So that was the market they were pertaining to 😅. We just grabbed some snacks and went back to the resort. It was an enjoyable 15 to 20-min walk as the scenery was something you won’t see everyday.

By the way, the resort is situated in a secluded place surrounded by lush vegetation with coconut trees as the most abundant. So I’m pretty sure taking a stroll outside would be a fun thing to do aside from swimming and beach bumming.


Perfect backdrop just few steps away from IFDPR
Watcha lookin’ at?
Coconuts, coconuts, and coconuts!


Places like this makes urban living look fascinating. Fresh air, cool breeze, lush greens, ocean view, quietness, chirping of birds, and what else a soul can ask for? I believe everyone should have a taste of it every once in a while.


Laktas Falls via 4×4 from Isla Frontera

Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort also offers a trip to Laktas Falls via 4×4 ride. The journey includes a series of river crossings which makes a regular ride not possible. Journey itself is already an adventure with breathtaking views along the way.


Laktas Falls
You’ll see views like this during the ride
4×4 ride that could carry up to 20 passengers


Travel time from IFDPR to Laktas Falls takes about 20-30 minutes. Watching the water splashes while crossing rivers and streams adds to the fun. Too bad I wasn’t able to use my action cam as I left its accessories at home. And it would be a bad idea to use my phone while roving through series of streams and rocks as I can’t afford to buy a new one 😅. Nonetheless, I was able to really enjoy the whole ride without any pressure.


How to Get There

Via commute:

  1. Take a bus bound to Cabanatuan
  2. Alight at Cabanatuan Terminal
  3. Take a bus going to Aurora
  4. Alight at Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort

Note: This is the commuting direction given by the resort owner. As much as I wanted to make it as detailed as possible but we did not commute when we went there. So forgive me if I can’t give you more accurate instructions.

Via private vehicle: Just waze Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort


The Verdict

Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort is apparently a picture-perfect setting. It is quite a success already despite being new. The resort opened just last year (April 2017), which explains why it still needs more improvements. The owners even shared their future development plans like putting up a convenience store inside the resort, swimming pools, open cottages for day tour guests, more shower areas, etc.

This 1.2 hectare resort looks classy and at the same time, tropic and laid-back. Perfect for family and barkada outings as well as team buildings. Not a solo-traveler friendly though as they don’t have smaller accommodations at the moment. But you can opt to camp in a tent.

I also think it could really become Instagrammers’ haven. 😉

Lastly, the place is unspoiled. Let’s leave it as it is, folks!

For more information kindly contact them via:
Mobile #: 0945 804 1849
Facebook Page: Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort


More photos!


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Acknowledgement: Thank you Mr. Rey San Pedro of Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort for inviting us!
Disclaimer: While our stay was courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts. Isla Frontera de Pacifica Resort has no control over this review.

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