mt. fuji sightseeing from oishi park lake kawaguchiko

Mt. Fuji, an almost perfectly shaped volcano is nearly impossible to be excluded in every Japan itinerary. Who would skip such a timeless attraction that has inspired generations of poets and artists? Standing 3,776 meters tall, Mt. Fuji is Japan’s highest peak and the 7th highest island peak on Earth.


Watch our Mt. Fuji day trip video here:


Mt. Fuji Sightseeing: A Day Trip from Tokyo

Seeing Mt. Fuji firsthand was one of my childhood dreams that’s why this day trip was a top priority. In fact, this was on the first day of our “original” itinerary (but due to unfavorable visibility forecasts, it was moved to the third day). Before this trip, we had day trips to Nikko and Karuizawa on our first two days in Japan.

Since we’re Tokyo-based, I’m going to talk about our journey from Tokyo to our destination which is Oisihi Park. We boarded the JR-East Line from Tokyo Station and disembarked at Otsuki Station (1hr 10min). The ride was covered by our JR Tokyo Wide Pass. From Otsuki Station, we boarded the Fujikyuko Line (a local railway) going to Kawaguchiko Station (1hr). The fare was ¥1,170 / ₱437. Then lastly, we took a bus from Kawaguchiko Station to Oishi Park (30min). The fare was ¥570 / ₱212.

We arrived at Oishi Park at around 11:50 am. Not the best timing because Mt. Fuji was being clothed with clouds.


Not a Mt. Fuji view. Just a photo in front of a souvenir shop beside the bus stop.
At Oishi Park Lake Kawaguchiko
oishi park lake kawaguchiko
The weather looks nice, but . . .


It was a sunny and pleasant day at Oishi Park Lake Kawaguchiko, except that Mt. Fuji’s snow-capped peak was hiding! We can see the body, but the peak is covered with clouds. Although this was quite expected considering the time. It is said that the best time for Mt. Fuji viewing is early in the morning as the visibility will be clearer.

There were still a few people so maybe it was a great opportunity to take photos and explore the park. Oishi Park is such a nice and scenic place. There’s a garden, restaurants, shops, and a relaxing view of Lake Kawaguchiko and nearby hills and mountains.


Photo with a shy volcano
Its peak is starting to show up! Do you see it?


Lunch at Sansuien (山水縁) Japanese Restaurant

We waited for a few minutes to see if the clouds would go away, but we’re already hungry. We decided to take our lunch while waiting for Mt. Fuji to show up. When it comes to dining, there are a lot of choices within the park. There are street foods, cafes, and restaurants that you can choose from.

Since it was lunch time, tourists were flocking to the street food area, and to another small cafe. We walked a little further to find our spot then we saw this restaurant empty of customers. It’s quite a big pricey-looking restaurant with indoor and semi-al fresco dining spaces. But when we checked the menu, it’s not that expensive so we were puzzled as to why there were no customers. We gave it a try and guess what? No regrets about dining here!

We couldn’t read the restaurant’s name. But when I looked for it in Google Maps, it’s called Sansuien (山水縁) Japanese Restaurant. It is just along the road, right in front of the bus stop.


Lunch is served!
Miso Ramen (¥880 / ₱327)
Chicken Karaage Set Meal (¥1,300 / ₱483)


We ordered a set meal of Chicken Karaage and a bowl of Miso Ramen. The Chicken Karaage comes with a salad, rice, soup, vegetable side dish, mashed potato, and of course the karaage dip. While the Miso Ramen was served in a huge bowl.

We thought if the price is okay, then the food quality might be the reason why it’s without any other customers. But when we tasted the food, we got puzzled all the more! Everything was good and satisfying, with meals reasonably priced. Not to mention we did not need to wait in line, and we had a quiet and peaceful lunch!


Back to the Viewing Spot

Actually, we were watching a live video of Mt. Fuji’s visibility on YouTube while having our lunch, so that we’ll instantly know if we already need to run back to the viewing spot. We were finished eating and all, but seems that the clouds around Mt. Fuji did not want to leave. We waited for a few more minutes, then poof! The peak was starting to show up! As expected, we ran our way back to the viewing spot.


mt. fuji from oishi park lake kawaguchiko
Snow-capped peak of Mt. Fuji
View of Mt. Fuji from Oishi Park Lake Kawaguchiko
oishi park lake kawaguchiko mt. fuji viewing
Mesmerized by the beauty of Mt. Fuji


Now that the peak has shown up, it’s time to reward ourselves for surviving the Mt. Fuji patience test! We bought an ice cream from Oishi Park Cafe, also facing the view of Mt. Fuji. A lot of people were lining up for this curiosity-provoking soft-serve ice cream. It’s ¥500 / 185 for a cone, which seems pricey for a soft-serve. It tastes great, yet, different. We liked it, but it’s hard to explain how it’s different. I think it’s the texture? Maybe just try it yourself.

I liked how the climate was permitting me to savor my ice cream without having to worry if it’s melting or dripping already. Despite eating slowly, my soft-serve ice cream stood still and strong! You don’t understand, it made me really happy! Maybe try having a soft-serve ice cream in the Philippines, then you’ll get me!


oishi park cafe lake kawaguchiko ice cream
Strawberry soft-serve ice cream from Oishi Park Cafe


We were supposed to go to Chureito Pagoda after this, but it was already 5 pm. Chureito Pagoda is another great vantage point for Mt. Fuji sightseeing, and it’s just along the way back to Otsuki. You just need to board the train from Kawaguchiko Station, get off at Shimoyoshida Station, and walk to Chureito Pagoda for about 20 minutes. After the tour, just walk back to Shimoyoshida Station, board the train, and alight at Otsuki Station. I’m just showing you that no matter how you familiarize yourself and memorize your itinerary, there’s still no guarantee it will happen! So take heart, this is a normal thing. But this is also me on the inside: if only Fuji showed up the first time around, then we could have proceeded to our next spot on time. So, can someone please comfort me with the words I gave above?


Going Back to Tokyo

From Oishi Park, we took a bus going back to Kawaguchiko Station. The driver was just waiting for more passengers, and we were the last ones to board the bus before it left.

At the Kawaguchiko Station, we went to the ticketing office to purchase train tickets going to Otsuki Station. But good thing, there was a JR-East Limited Express train (that goes straight to Tokyo) that was about to leave already. The staff asked for our JR Tokyo Wide Pass (there was no automatic ticket gate for the JR pass), then we literally ran to the train car. Again, we were the last passengers to board the train before it left.

The JR-East Limited Express train goes straight to Tokyo Station, no need to get off at Otsuki Station and ride another train to Tokyo. This is limited only, and I think that was the last trip for the day. Also, this was covered by our JR Tokyo Wide Pass. We were greatly relieved.

We were non-reserved passengers and we’re the last ones to board, so it’s expected that there would be no more seats for us. But my husband, Jec, is smart enough and his brain works in every situation may it be shocking, tiring, or whatnot (not like me). He knew the rules inside the train. There are small LED indicators above each seat. It could be red, orange, or green. Red means the seat is free (as long as it doesn’t turn orange). Orange means the seat is free now, but the reserved passenger is waiting in the next station. Green means the seat is already reserved.

If you’re a non-reserved passenger, what’s the color you’re gonna look for? Of course, red or orange would do. But if there’s a green one with no passenger seating, that would be best! This means that the reserved passenger either did not make it on time or had a last-minute trip cancellation. In our experience, Jec found 2 unoccupied seats with green lights on. Two seats are located side by side on the same row with one by the window. It felt like someone else reserved the seats for us! We were hesitant at first because more other non-reserved passengers are standing at the back. But it’s my husband’s bravery that took us there so we just enjoyed the ride (given that no elderlies or pregnant women were standing).

So, we arrived in Tokyo safe and well-rested.

All in all, we had a great time in Oishi Park Lake Kawaguchiko for Mt. Fuji Sightseeing. It was not perfect, but definitely a memorable one!



DIY commuting is fun for the adventurous like us, but I know it’s not for everyone.

So if you want a hassle-free Mt. Fuji sightseeing one-day tour from Tokyo, you can book one with Klook! Here, you’re going to visit Oishi Park and Chureito Pagoda, with a side trip to 8 Sacred Ponds of Oshino Hakkai.



Where to buy a JR Tokyo Wide Pass?

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JR TOKYO Wide Pass Coverage
Coverage of JR Tokyo Wide Pass

Each JR Tokyo Wide Pass costs 15,000 JPY / 5,700 PHP

You can enjoy unlimited rides in all JR-East Lines and Shinkansen valid for 3 days.


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