Noriter Cafe, a playground-themed restaurant, is one of the best hangout places in Manila. Noriter is a Korean word for “playground”, so it’s a playground-inspired cafe but you won’t literally see a crammed playground here. Such a uniquely charming restaurant!

Expect to see lots of cute stuff that would spark your creativity, and a cozy and quiet place to chill and hangout with your friends and family!


Entrance door



They offer lots of food variety in their menu. They have rice meals, pasta, coffee, frappe, sandwiches, smoothies, and milky desserts.


Food presentation was quite eye-catching!


Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.


Spicy Pork Bulgogi
Noriter Cheese Rice


Spicy Pork Bulgogi, a popular Korean dish, is one of their best-selling dishes. It’s a marinated pork that’s sweet and spicy. At first bite, you won’t really notice its spicy side because at the same time it’s also packed with sweet flavor (but soon enough it grows in you). Also served with rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and poached egg, makes one complete balanced meal.

Noriter Cheese Rice, one of their signature dishes, is one I don’t mind eating everyday. It’s so freaking addicting! Looks like lasagna at first, but it’s actually filled with rice, ham, cheese, cheese, and cheese!


Chicken Donkatsu with Carbonara
Clubhouse Sandwich


Chicken Donkatsu with Carbonara is one of their new delicious offerings. Donkatsu was crispy and had a light flavor, and the thick white sauce of Carbonara that comes with it was so satisfying! I didn’t know these two could be this perfect together! But personally, I’d like it better when served with katsu sauce.

Clubhouse Sandwich was served fresh and juicy. Whole wheat bread was used and serving was generous that a quarter could already satisfy your tummy! Ham, egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayonnaise were all in good harmony.


Pork Donkatsu
Spicy Beef Ramen


Pork Donkatsu was served as fresh and crispy as its chicken counterpart. It was put on top of a stainless rack so that it stays crispy, as the excess oil could drip off and make the bottom breaded part become mushy. Its light flavor makes it perfect for its flavorful katsu sauce. Pairing it with rice was such a pleasure!

Spicy Beef Ramen is a new addition to their menu since the onset of rainy season. I love the intense yellow color of the egg, and the plenty of beef toppings made me slurp for more! The broth was a little salty for my taste though (but it could be just right for those with salty palate).


Honey Bread


Honey Bread, another best-seller, is something you cannot miss when visiting Noriter Cafe. It’s a buttered bread topped with whipped cream and drizzled with honey and cinnamon. Not too sweet, just a subtle flavor that would actually make you crave for more!


(CCW) Choco Chip Frappe, Cappuccino Frappe, Strawberry Smoothie, Green Apple Smoothie


For the drinks we had Green Apple Smoothie, Strawberry Smoothie, Choco Chip Frappe, and Cappuccino Frappe. Each one of us agreed that Green Apple Smoothie was our personal fave! It had real green apple texture and sweetness was just right. So fruity and refreshing!



Aside from delicious and unique offerings, the overall ambiance is undeniably another asset of Noriter Cafe. Music on replay was noticeable, yet, the whole place remains quiet (how was that even possible?).

So if you need a quiet and cozy place to relax, unwind, or even study and read a book while satisfying your food cravings, Noriter Cafe is gonna be your best pick!


(L-R) Me, Jeane, Rafael, Jeric
Here’s Jeane with Pinky Teddy (I just made that up)


And it’s definitely an insta-worthy cafe too! Be ready to spice up your IG feed!


Me doing that IG stuff
Jeane, playing with lights


What’s more? You can also play some board games while waiting for your orders, or even after eating, or whenever you like!



Got some thoughts you’re afraid to shout out loud? Or something inspirational that you want future visitors to see? Write them on the tables, walls, or railings!


Looks like it’s a long distance relationship? Or something else?
Didn’t know what to write. But we came here to blog so I just wrote it.


Moreover, you can also take a nap and expect that the crew won’t wake you up! So it’s not only a good study place, it also serves as a refuge for students after a tiring day at school.

The whole place is fully air-conditioned. Even if you sit near the windows you will still feel comfortable with the temperature



Noriter Cafe is situated along a busy street in Manila that’s fronting DLSU Taft. So it’s frequented by students and teachers as well. It’s easy to locate, just pin your map to DLSU Taft.

If commuting, just board the LRT1 and alight at Vito Cruz Station. Then walk to Estrada St. which is just fronting DLSU Taft. They are specifically located on top of Tapa King.

Address: 2/F Reyes Bldg., Estrada St., Malate, Manila



Crew is courteous and attentive. They are prompt to take note of your orders and responds politely. It’s obvious that they really put an effort in making their food look presentable and at the same time pleasing to the palate.

It’s also noticeable that they put attention to cleanliness. From the entrance, to dining spaces, up to the comfort room, I haven’t seen even a single trash.



Their pricing may look a little steep. But once you’ve tasted their food and beverages, you will instantly figure out that the price is reasonable for the quality!



Social Media Pages

For more information and updates, feel free to follow them on their social media accounts!

Facebook: Noriter Cafe Manila

Instagram: @noritercafe


More photos!


How I’d rate this resto



Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Ms. Ellysa of Noriter Cafe for inviting us!
Disclaimer: While our meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.

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