This is honestly the best and most sulit Airbnb I’ve booked so far! Sorry for the lack of intro, I’m just really excited to share it with you. Hubby and I were so inlove with this place that we actually regret booking only one night!

I just wanted to use up all my Airbnb referral credits before the year ends so I booked two stays: Kirei House and The Lake Farm. I’m usually not so careful in picking the best places when booking with referral credits (since it’s just like a “free” trip), so I wasn’t really expecting so much about the place. But it turned out to be our best Airbnb experience!


The poolside villa by the lake that we rented. This is the back view of the villa. The pools are at the front.


We went here last December for our quick semi-honeymoon (exactly 4months after our wedding). You know, things are more complicated now especially when it comes to leisure trips, and travel in general. Resorts aren’t fully operational anymore, and your safest option is to rent an exclusive private place.

So to ensure everyone’s safety, the owner of The Lake Farm accepts only one booking at a time. Meaning, you’ll have the whole farm resort exclusively in your entire stay even if you’re just one or a couple of guests, with no additional charges!

The Lake Farm is actually just a 15-min drive from my parents-in-law in San Fernando, Pampanga. That’s why I booked this place so we could visit them after our trip.


Our Experience at The Lake Farm Pampanga

The farm resort has two villas. The bigger villa is good for 16 pax and the smaller one is good for up to 6 pax. We rented the smaller villa since we’re just a couple. The pool is literally 2 to 3 steps away from the front door of our villa, while the lake surrounds the whole villa. So we were basically surrounded by nature!


My husband taking a morning dip at the lap pool in front of our villa
Inside our villa. Gosh, it’s prettier in actual and so spacious!
A li’l bit of Moroccan vibes. That’s actually the restroom’s door.
Stylish and comfortable. I appreciate that the beddings are WHITE!
Caution: This door is so heavy!


My first comment upon entering was, “ambigat ng pinto bes! 😂“. But I loved its rustic vibes matched with huge windows and elegant curtains. So the overall interior is rustic and elegant at the same time (I hope it isn’t confusing). But it’s surely so pleasing to the eyes!

The villa has one double bed, a 4-seater couch and an armchair, coffee table, and airconditioning. Aside from the double bed, it also has 2 single beds but were not fully set up since we’re only 2 pax (the villa’s max capacity is 6 pax).

The kitchen at the back area is complete with everything you need for basic cooking such as induction cooker, microwave oven, rice cooker, pots, pans, and cooking utensils. There’s also a refrigerator available for use. Complete dinnerware, tables, and chairs were also provided.

I also loved that the rustic and elegant vibe is consistent all the way to the comfort room. It’s not so spacious, yet, it doesn’t feel like you’re enclosed in a small space. I guess it’s all thanks to the high ceiling.

I liked that the toilet and shower area are separate (it’s nice to have a clean and dry toilet seat!). Hot shower, shampoo, body wash, and hand wash were provided. The comfort room is clean and well-maintained.


Washbasin. I loved that there are lots of hooks to hang your stuff.
Toilet at the left corner
Shower area at the right
Kitchen at the back area
Microwave oven, rice cooker, and induction cooker. All functioning well.
Al fresco dining at the back area with lake view
Still at the back area
Fridge and water dispenser. Note: Purified drinking water was available for free. How considerate and thoughtful?


For us who are so used to drinking a lot of water, we were so grateful that purified drinking water was provided for free! Not just that, it’s also on a hot & cold water dispenser. We wanted to hug the owner for real!

Let me also show you the other side of the bedroom which has a glass wall with view of the lake. This is where the single beds are in place. The glass wall lets much ambient light in, hence the airy and roomy ambiance. But if you prefer a darker set up, you can close the curtains anytime.


The glass wall side. Wake up with a relaxing view of the lake.
Enjoying the lake view. Forgive the haircut, I just cut my own hair 😂
Good morning
Loving this corner
WiFi password is ready. No need to ask.
Smart TV. We usually don’t watch TV, but it’s a plus for other guests.


The Pools and Lake Views

Let’s now go outside the villa. The lap pool will be the first thing you see when you open the door. It’s literally just a few steps away. You can also lounge in front of the villa.

There are a total of 3 pools inside the resort. The Lap Pool is the one right in front of our villa with 4ft depth which is fit for teens and adults. Adjacent to the lap pool is the one for the kids and has depth of 5″ (for toddlers) and 2ft (for preschoolers). The 3rd part of the pool is a sunken seating area more like a jacuzzi (but not heated) which is great for the elderly.

To have pools fit for everyone in the family is such a brilliant and thoughtful idea! We’re actually thinking about bringing the whole family here, if circumstances permit.


Lap pool as viewed from the lounge area of our villa
The lounge area in front of the villa
The pool fit for toddlers and preschoolers, adjacent to the lap pool.
The sunken seating area
Lounging at the sunken seating area/jacuzzi with the lake as backdrop
Waiting for the drizzles to stop so we could enjoy swimming
And it did stop, thankfully


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It was so nice to have the whole area to ourselves. It allowed us to have an undisturbed time together which is important to have every once in a while.

The lake is actually a man-made one, and was positioned in a way that it hugs the whole villa. We saw different kinds of birds, some of which were hunting fish from the lake right before our eyes. We even saw a turtle while we’re having breakfast at the dining area of our villa. But it went down the water as soon as we saw it (quite a shy type).

You can also go fishing by the lake but we were not able to do due to lack of time. 2 days and 1 night wasn’t enough for us to do all the activities.


Lake filled with lilies
A bridge that connects the villa’s backyard and the island within the lake.
At the bridge. That hair parting though. As usual, I forgot to part my hair properly 😅
Back view of our villa
Breakfast by the lake. Lomi from Jun-jun’s (leftover from dinner), breads from Select, and flavor shots that we forgot to eat the day before.


Let me share you few more snaps of other things to see inside the resort.


I guess it’s an open cottage for day tour guests because it has a lounging and comfort room inside
A chair eaten up by nature, just beside the cottage
Inside the open cottage
A wooden seat inside the open cottage
The comfort room at the open cottage
So rustic
Shower area right beside the comfort room
The caretakers’ place
Hammocks in between palm trees
Let’s go grillin’ by the lake
The larger villa good for 16 pax
 Larger villa
Play area for the kiddos



The Lake Farm, Yakal Street, Magliman, City of San Fernando, Pampanga


The Lake Farm is quite far from the main road, yet easy to find. Anyway, who would care about the distance when your agenda is to have a peaceful time-off? 😉


How to Book The Lake Farm?

You can book this villa through Airbnb app. If you’re new to Airbnb, you can sign up with my referral link and get 3,100 worth of referral coupon.

Sign up now here.

After signing up, you can book the villa below.


You may also visit their Facebook Page and Instagram.


More photos!




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  1. So beautiful surroundings and the interior as well. The price shown on the ads below your link showed me $215NZD which is equivalent of a 4-5 star hotel price but with this views and the villa is so nice. I just wondered if the price is only good for two or can accomodate up to 4 people. Anyway… if ever I come back to PH soon when everything calm down then I will definitely check all your places here as I am really amazed of all your photos and experiences there. Enjoy life stay safe!

    1. They probably increased their prices but I think it’s still worth it for a stand-alone poolside villa by the lake. And they are now fully-booked always 😲 Yes, you definitely should check this place out 😊

  2. Omg, i’m pampanga based and not know that there is such place here as beautiful and aesthetic as this one 💕 hope to visit this place soon! ❤ btw ur page is amazing 🤍🤍


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