We Filipinos have one thing in common—we all love to feast. We normally do this during annual festive occasions or locally known as fiesta. But here in Baclaran, you don’t need to wait for the next annual fiesta as you can have a sumptuous feast anytime you want!

Pista Food Hall offers heaps of hearty food perfect for any celebrations may it be a birthday, anniversary, job promotion, or even just a normal cheat-day!



Food & Price

Their sumptuous buffet comprises mainly of Filipino food normally present in fiestas such as pancit, lumpia, caldereta, halo-halo, etc. They also serve Mongolian Rice Bowls, Shabu-shabu, salads, and seafoods! Everything was delicious but my personal top picks that I enjoyed the most were the Mongolian Rice Bowls and Shabu-shabu!

Not everything is precooked. Most are to be cooked upon request so food is guaranteed fresh. Just like the Mongolian Rice Bowl and fresh crabs which you can request the crew to cook on the spot. Shabu-shabu on the other hand, is to be cooked on your own table which I find enjoyable and adds to the fun of feasting! Noodles, seafood-buns, raw shrimps, eggs, corn, and vegetables are all provided.


Shabu-shabu, Mongolian Rice Bowl, and freshly cooked crabs in one table
Rice and viands section
Paluto section
Seafood buns
Fresh meats and seafoods
Salad Bar


And of course, no buffet is complete without pleasurable desserts. They even have chocolate fountain, cookies, bread sticks, ripe mangoes, chocolate sticks, and our all-time favorite halo-halo! The cookies and bread sticks were all crunchy which means they are all newly refilled.

Their halo-halo ingredients are also served buffet style so you can freely create your own and choose only the ingredients you want to eat. Shaved ice, milk, and sugar were also available.


Create your own halo-halo!
A bowl of Halo-halo


And what’s more exciting is that for only P455, you can enjoy unlimited Shabu-shabu, Mongolian Rice Bowls, Salad, Filipino Buffet, and desserts! That’s super sulit compared to having unli samgyupsal for just the same price!

For those who are willing to shell out more, you can enjoy Paluto all-you-can for P888 (with unli crabs), and P688 (w/o unli crabs). If you’re really into fresh foods prepared and cooked for you on the spot, this should sound great to you!


P455 Buffet
Paluto All-U-Can



Aside from mouthwatering and sumptuous feast, the overall ambiance is another asset of this food spot. There’s an artsy side with Barrio-inspired interiors, and another side with classy atmosphere. The place is fully-airconditioned, clean, and well-lit.

It’s also super spacious! Seats were not jammed together and there’s ample space to walk around. So don’t hesitate to bring all your friends and family here. Feasting is indeed best done with the people you cherish. And special occasions and celebrations are best held in Pista Food Hall!


Jeepney wall art at the Filipino Buffet section
Me picking up my dessert
Classy dining spaces
Looks high-end but with low price!
When I realized that plates are not only for tables



Buffet was sumptuous and refilled promptly. The crew were neatly dressed, accommodating, and attentive. What also impressed me was that eventhough the place is huge, you can spot the staff almost everywhere. All the available tables were dirt-free which means they clean immediately.

The paluto service was quite fast. You can wait for it and watch the crew cook it right in front of you, or you may also ask them to deliver your cooked food on your table.



Pista Food Hall can be found at 5th floor, Victory Food Mall, Baclaran. Located inside a mall so there’s no way you’re not gonna find it. It’s near LRT Baclaran Station so it’s also easily accessible via commute. Baclaran is a town center frequented with people and you will never run out of someone to give you directions.

Address: 5th floor Victory Food Mall, Redemptorist Rd, Baclaran, Parañaque City


Contact Details

Mobile Number: 0956 447 7951
Facebook Page: Pista Food Hall
Instagram: @pistafoodhall


More Photos!



How I’d rate this resto





Acknowledgement: Thank you Ms. Apryl of Hungry Byaheros for inviting us, and Pista Food Hall for having us!
Disclaimer: While our meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.



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  1. I am really amazed of how Baclaran now adays but unfortunately the pandemic stops its progress somehow. My last memory of that place was full of chaos, crowded, smelly and need more careful of your possessions. Glad to see that it is now getting better and perhaps cleaner? I am glad of the changes. I hope to visit it again someday when it is safe to do so when covid is manageable over there. Take care.

    1. I guess Baclaran is getting better though there were still crowd, smells and all during our visit but maybe not as chaotic as before. Hope you can visit again and see in actual. Take care too 🙂


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