Yakikai Restaurant is a newly opened grill and fusion buffet restaurant in Tomas Morato. They serve a mix of Korean and Japanese food that’s currently causing a long queue of customers despite the place having a huge seating capacity! We’re so glad we got a chance to try out their food and see what the buzz is all about.



Our Yakikai Restaurant Experience

While we were driving through Lazcano St. looking for the said restaurant, we saw people flocking in one spot. Then we figured, we already found what we’re looking for. It was weekend so it’s quite expected. Though we were still a little culture shocked as it was our first time to dine out during weekend.

Prior to that, we went to the house of my brother’s fiancé for their pre-wedding traditions (pamamanhikan). It’s near QC so it was a good chance to finally say yes to a restaurant invite that’s been standing for almost 4 months (sorry po!)


Yakiniku and Samgyupsal in one
Just before we started devouring everything on the table
Yakikai Restaurant Menu


We were served the Emperor Set which includes Beef Steak, Jjamppong, Salmon Sashimi, and Ebi Tempura alongside their unli Yakiniku, Samgyupsal, and Japanese buffet offerings!

As usual, the first one I took was the tempura as it’s the easiest to grab, and flavorsome! As soon as we started grilling, the aroma of the marinated fresh meat was already a pleasurable treat in itself.

Sushi, I told myself, was the next target. It was the same premium quality that we savored in Hodai Restaurant which is managed by the same owner.

The most awesome part, cheese is included in all sets! Unlimited cheese, paired with unlimited Korean grill and Japanese buffet for such an affordable price with no time limit. Is there anything more awesome than that?


Just grill your stress away
Korean grill
A basket of Ebi Tempura. Happiness in a Basket.
Oh my sushiii
Kimchi lovin’
Salmon Sashimi


I was looking for soybean paste as I can’t eat a samgyupsal without it. But it was not available. I still tried to eat samgyupsal and to my surprise, I actually liked it! It was so flavorful even without soybean paste as the meat was very well marinated.

We went down to the buffet area to check out more food offerings. There’s always a bunch of customers in the buffet area, yet, the food was always available as it’s quickly refilled by the crew. It’s also an open-kitchen area so it’s a delight to see how the food was being prepared on the spot.

I personally liked the interiors in traditional Japanese concept. Instagrammable place matched with delicious Korean BBQ and Japanese food. It’s also comfortable to dine in because it’s fully airconditioned and each pan has its own exhaust tube. Indeed, dining here is worth every penny!


Buffet and open-kitchen area
More food on the buffet table!
Cutie lamp
More sushi at the buffet


It’s also worth pointing out how the crew managed to look jolly despite being so occupied! They can even crack some jokes with all those hassles. It was easy to call their attention as they’re always ready if you need something. In all honesty, they are the happiest crew I’ve seen so far! Also, they all look neat and presentable. If you will look around, you’ll see that even the owner is serving together with the rest of the staff. But you might not notice because she’s just that humble.


Happy staff, happy customers!
Everyone’s busy
Korean ice cream! Not included in unli package which means separate payment.
Soju also available. You have to pay for it separately too.


We’re done eating and all, but upon exiting the restaurant there are still customers lining up outside. We all know it’s a good indicator for quality food and service. They were patiently waiting because they knew it’s gonna be worth it.


Long queue of customers


Address: 122 Scout Lazcano St, Brgy Sacred Heart, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Opening Hours: 4 pm to 2 am daily

Contact details: For more information and reservations, you may contact them through their mobile number and social media pages below.

Contact Number: 0927 138 3980
Facebook Page: Yakikai Restaurant
Instagram: @yakikaigrill


How I’d rate this resto



Acknowledgement: Thank you Ms. Apryl and Ms. Sam of Yakikai Restaurant for inviting us!
Disclaimer: While our meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.


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