These private staycation spots in Rizal are perfect for your off-grid vacation where you could really feel the calming effects of nature. As we all know, Rizal is a province in a very close proximity to Metro Manila, yet, offers the seclusion and quiet that we all need to have from time to time.

One need not to travel for several hours just to achieve an undisturbed and close-to-nature staycation. These places are tucked away from the city noise and you can enjoy it with your loved ones, friends, or even alone. You may also partner these staycations with Rizal day-tours to complete your experience.

In this article, we have rounded up 10 private staycations in Rizal for your much-awaited escape. They are listed below in no particular order (as always!).


RIZAL Private Staycation Spots Hidden in Nature


Two Rivers Treehouse

Two Rivers Treehouse rizal staycation
Two Rivers Treehouse. Image: Agoda

Location: Cayabu Creek Corner Lanatin River, Brgy. Cayabu, Sta. Ines Road, Tanay, Rizal
Social Media: Two Rivers Teepees & Treehouse
Rates: Start at 4,889

If you don’t mind waking up to the sound of flowing river and birds chirping, then this treehouse is the answer to your jungle daydream. Enjoy foggy mornings while sipping your favorite coffee in the balcony, laze the afternoon away, or you can visit the 8 Maynoba Waterfalls trail if you’re feeling adventurous. Here you have your own dining area and kitchenette with hammocks at the bottom part of the house. This treehouse can sleep 4 to 6 guests so it’s perfect for small families and even couples. You can also park your vehicle just beside the house, and no need for 4×4 ride as even small cars could pass. Comfort room is just a short walk from the house complying to the DENR watercode/easement rules. The treehouse is beside the Lanatin River, so you can just park your car, unload your stuff, and wade in the water!



Kamp Maysawa

staycation in rizal Kamp Maysawa
Kamp Maysawa. Image: Airbnb

Location: Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal
Social Media: Kamp Maysawa

Rates: Start at ₱5,929
Where to book:

This cabin house right at the foot of Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan is your quiet nature staycation in Rizal. It has a 4.5 ft swimming pool with running spring water perfect for a refreshing swim. You can also setup a campfire and enjoy s’mores with your buddies. There are solar panels for lightings in the area and USB ports are available for phone charging. You need a 4×4 vehicle to easily access the place, but you can also bring your own vehicle at your own risk. They also offer 4×4 rental but you need to reserve it ahead of time. Another option is to hike from the designated parking area to Kamp Maysawa. For the adventure seekers, you can take a sidetrip to Mt. Pugad and Laiban Falls. Kamp Maysawa is indeed your place of serenity, peace, and adventure!



Darghie’s Farm

Darghie's Farm staycation rizal
Darghie’s Farm. Image: Agoda

Location: Lambingan Road, Morong, Rizal
Social Media: Darghie’s Farm-Staycation & Homestay

Rates: Start at ₱2,800
Where to book: Darghie’s Farm – Darryle’s Kubo | Darwin’s Hut

Situated in a farmland on the mountains, Darghie’s Farm offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and forests. One of its staycation huts is the Darryle’s Kubo, which is right beside an exclusive mini pool with overlooking views. Take a relaxing dip at the pool, enjoy the view, and feel the mountain breeze. Darryle’s Kubo is good for 2 to 3 persons so it’s perfect for couples or even a family of 3. It has a fan, charging outlets, bed, linens, blankets, and pillows. The stay comes with access to bonfire and the camping area. You can also experience animal feeding, tree planting, and a real farm living. That’s why this staycation in Rizal offers nothing but guaranteed relaxation and a taste of farm life.



Kalinawon Farmhouse

Kalinawon Farmhouse tanay rizal staycation
Kalinawon Farmhouse. Image: Agoda

Location: Brgy. Madilay Dilay, Tanay, Rizal
Social Media:
Kalinawon Farmhouse
Rates: Start at ₱4,999

An exclusive, sustainable, and modern farmhouse with unspoiled 360° mountain views, Kalinawon Farmhouse is your blissful nature staycation in Rizal. The word “kalinawon” is a bisaya term for “peaceful”, which perfectly matches with what you will experience in the place. Situated in a private lot on top of a mountain overlooking pineapple farms, neighbouring campsites, the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, and Laguna de Bay. The farmhouse can comfortably accommodate 8-12 guests. It has one big bedroom and a clean and beautiful comfort room. You can also use the BBQ area and outdoor firepit for chill nights on the mountain. At the lower part of the house are the kitchen and dining area with outdoor furnitures and hammocks where you can savor the relaxing views.



Sky Cabin

sky cabin rizal staycation
Sky Cabin. Image: Airbnb

Location: Nelfe’s Farm, Tanay, Rizal
Social Media:
Sky Cabin
Rates: Starts at ₱3,000
Where to book: SKY CABIN

Sky Cabin is a small private cabin on a mountain with majestic views of Sierra Madre Mountain Range. The cabin having 1 full sized bed and an extra single mattress can comfortably accommodate 2-3 guests. Exceeding number of guests can pitch their tent outside the cabin. They offer tent rental for 400 good for 2 to 3 guests and comes with a single mattress. If you will bring your own tent, there’s a tent pitching fee of 200 per tent. Sky Cabin is a solar-powered cabin having a kitchenette, BBQ grill, bonfire area, balcony with amazing view, and a basic bathroom. If you’re fortunate enough, you can witness sea of clouds around 5 to 7 am. There’s no WiFi but Smart and Globe cell signals are strong, for those planning to do online work. Popular Tanay restaurants such as Wyndell’s Al Fresco and Martessem are just a 5-min drive from the pin location.


Sweet Escape

staycation in rizal sweet escape tanay
Sweet Escape. Image: Agoda

Location: Marikina-Infanta Hwy, Tanay, Rizal
Social Media:
Sweet Escape
Rates: Start at ₱13,000
Where to book: SWEET ESCAPE

Sweet Escape is a private villa in a 7,400 sqm of land in Tanay, Rizal. It has a swimming pool for guests to enjoy and relax. The climate is comparable to that in Tagaytay or Baguio so make sure to bring jackets to keep you warm. It is just a short drive away from many overlooking restaurants where you can view sea of clouds in the morning while enjoying your coffee and breakfast. Free parking is available and smoking is allowed only in the designated areas. It is a great place for family bonding, barkada getaway, or even simple celebrations. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, dining area, and BBQ facilities. This mountain staycation in Rizal is indeed your sweet escape from the daily hustles of city living. Reconnect with nature, bond with people close to your heart, and enjoy the peace that this place offers.



Noel’s Farm Morong Rizal Staycation

noel's farm morong rizal staycation
Noel’s Farm. Image: Agoda

Location: Lambingan Road, Brgy. San Guillermo, Morong, Rizal
Social Media: Noel’s Farm Morong Rizal
Rates: Start at ₱6,333
Where to book: NOEL’S FARM

A farm staycation in Rizal where you can experience playing and feeding the animals, witness a spectacular sunrise and sunset, and savor delicious home-cooked meals. Noel’s Farm is a one-of-a-kind nature staycation to satisfy your cravings for quiet and peace. Also, if you’re on a work-from-home setup and you’re looking for a change of scenery while working, Noel’s Kubo is for you! It has 2 bedrooms, basic kitchen, dining area, and in-house grill. You can also set-up a bonfire, enjoy s’mores, play guitar, and jam with your staycation buddies. Liquors are allowed without corkage fees, but always remember to drink moderately. You can also expect breathtaking views and relaxing sound of surrounding nature to help you calm your stressed mind. This exclusive farm staycation is ideal for big families and barkada group as it can hold up to 10 guests.



Off-Grid Tiny A-Frame House and Campsite

Off-Grid Tiny A-Frame House and Campsite rizal
Off-Grid Tiny A-Frame House and Campsite. Image: Airbnb

Location: Brgy. Old Weather Station Dr, Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal
Rates: Start at ₱5,500
Where to book: Off-Grid Tiny A-Frame House and Campsite

This A-Frame house situated 600 meters above see level on the foothills of southern Sierra Madre Mountain Range is sure to give you an amazing overlooking views. The house can accommodate 4 guests comfortably, or up to 6 persons but with limited space. If your group exceeds 6 pax, they can set up a tent for free. The A-frame house has two double-sized sofa beds and two single roll-up beds. It is accessible by regular vehicles only during dry season, and you’ll need a 4×4 ride on rainy days. This off-grid staycation in Rizal is a perfect example of a weekend well-spent in the middle of nature. You can also visit several natural attractions around the area, enjoy harvesting crops, gather fresh eggs, or go fishing in the pond. You can even drink natural spring water directly from the faucet.



Casa del Rio Daraitan – Rizal Staycation

Casa del Rio Daraitan rizal staycation
Casa del Rio Daraitan. Image: Airbnb

Location: Brgy. Daraitan Road, Tanay, Rizal
Social Media: Casa del Rio Daraitan
Rates: Start at ₱8,500

Casa del Rio, or “House on the River” in english, is a 600 sqm family-owned mountain house located right in front of the Agos River. This staycation in Rizal can fit up to 16 persons maximum per booking, with additional 500 per head in excess of 16 guests. Getting there is quite easy as there is no hiking needed and even small cars can go. Lots of restaurants and coffee shops are just a short drive away from the property. Kindly take note that Casa del Rio Daraitan is not equipped with appliances such as refrigerator, hot shower, and airconditioning due to low supply of electricity but the owners made sure it’s still comfortable enough and guests will enjoy their stay. For those planning to do a work-ation, note that mobile signal is weak and it’s advisable to use TNT and Smart sim for better reception.




staycation in rizal The CUBIN
The CUBIN. Image: Agoda

Location: San Luis, Antipolo, Rizal
Social Media: The CUBIN
Rates: Start at ₱4,345
Where to book: THE CUBIN

A tiny house made out of a shipping container, The CUBIN (kyoo-bin) is your instagrammable staycation on a mountain! It is another Rizal staycation with breathtaking view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. The tiny house is located inside a mountainous village within the city, so it is not so far away, yet, provides the peace and relaxation that you need. You may witness sea of clouds, if you’re that fortunate, and enjoy foggy mornings while jogging. You can also do a short mountain hike and admire the green surroundings. Within a short drive are nearby malls, and food deliveries are available as if you’re in Metro Manila but less the pollution. Getting here is generally by private vehicle but there are a few public transport available inside the village and nearby city.



Nature Staycation in Rizal


The Province of Rizal is truly a precious blessing for the Metro Manila dwellers who need nature escapes every once in a while. We hope that this list serves as a big help in planning your next staycation getaway! Please share this to your buddies to help you finalize your trip!

You may also comment below other recommendations you have in mind. Thank you and stay safe!


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