Sometimes, all you need is a hot bowl of ramen to brighten up your mood. And what more if you add an overlooking view of nature to the equation? It will instantly make up your day! Midoriyama Ramen Bistro is a Japanese food haven with overlooking view of surrounding mountains and greeneries in Tanay, Rizal. Serving hearty bowls of ramen in an al fresco setup, this bistro lets you savor your food in a calming ambiance. The climate in this part of Rizal is Tagaytay-ish, and the views are amazing!

We’re so glad we dropped by while we’re on our way to our glamping trip in Cavinti. We drove from Bulacan to Tanay then finally to Cavinti, Laguna. This trip is actually a roadtrip, foodtrip, and glamping trip all in one!

We had our brunch at Midoriyama, then a quick coffee stop-over at Cafe Katerina. Went back on our journey and got hungry on the road so we stopped by Yhamshe Grill which is in Laguna, before we check-in at BLOC Camp Site at 3pm (will share more about each of them on separate posts!)


Midoriyama Ramen Bistro : Japanese Resto, Al Fresco Style!


Midoriyama Ramen Bistro entrance
At the entrance
inside Midoriyama Ramen Bistro
Inside Midoriyama Ramen Bistro!


Midoriyama Ramen Bistro sits on a cliffside together with few more cafes and restaurants (as you would notice on the photo above). There’s Kamala Cafe and Kaulayaw Coffee, but only Midoriyama and Kamala were open during our visit. Midoriyama is located at the basement level, still offering a gorgeous overlooking view of green surroundings.

It was a pleasant sunny morning, and the views were perfectly clear! Not only your tummies are full, but your eyes as well! We picked our orders and the staff readily took it. Mesmerized with the view, we took photos while waiting for our food.


view at Midoriyama Ramen Bistro
Looks like I’m about to fall from the cliff. But don’t worry, there’s actually a glass railing!
Meet the squad. From left to right: G, Edz, Me, and Jec


The first ones served were Gyoza and Cream Cheese Maki. We wanted to devour them right away as they looked really appetizing. But first, picture! (and of course, give thanks for His blessings!)


Gyoza (190 Php @ 6 pcs)
Cream Cheese Maki (220 Php @ 8 pcs)


Let’s first talk about their Gyoza. Their version of this Japanese dumpling is really flavourful. Filled with minced meat and vegetables, these delicious treats were pan-fried to perfection. It also comes with a dipping sauce which enhances its flavors. We all liked it!

The Cream Cheese Maki is quite new to me. I know it’s popular but I haven’t tried it. This version of Maki is not traditional but I think it’s worth the try. At first glance, it looked plain and lacking colors. But as soon as it landed on my mouth, I instantly knew why it’s so popular. It has just a right amount of cream cheese that perfectly blends with other ingredients as you eat it.

Are you drooling now? We’re not on the main dish yet! Here comes the ramen dishes.


ramen at Midoriyama Ramen Bistro
Tantanmen (290 Php)
Tonkotsu (280 Php)


Tantanmen is a creamy noodle broth with a spicy kick. It’s not that spicy so I liked it even though I’m not into spicy flavors. It has ground meat and vegetables as well. I’ve only tasted a spoonful of it, but I loved it!

On the other bowl is Tonkotsu, which is a rich noodle pork broth topped with braised pork belly and vegetables. It did not taste commercialized so it’s a thumbs up! I liked that they are making dishes as authentic as possible. It is flavourful and we enjoyed it much!

You can also request for add-ons such as Tamago (half soft boiled egg for 20 Php), Extra Noodles (100g for 50 Php), and Chashu (2 pcs pork belly for 80 Php).


Japanese food with a gorgeous overlooking view!
Let’s eat!


If you want to plan ahead your orders, here are their menu prices:


Midoriyama Ramen Bistro Menu


Midoriyama Ramen Bistro menu

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro menu

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro menu

Midoriyama Ramen Bistro menu



Basement Level, Cuyambay X, Marikina Infanta Highway corner Kaminawis Street, Tanay, Rizal


Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday to Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm




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