An overwhelming number of Korean restaurants offering unlimited Samgyupsal have been flooding the food scene nowadays.

Come to think of it, all you’re planning to do is just to satisfy your samgy cravings, and the next thing you knew you’re already undergoing the hassle in decision making!

Last week, we discovered another Korean BBQ that stood out from the rest: Sodam Restaurant.

What made them unique, you ask?

Well, they did not limit their menu in Samgyupsal. But rather, they paired it with Ramen that you can also cook on the spot, plus with delicious buffet!


Photo with the owner cooking the Ramen, while I was cooking the meat



Sodam Restaurant serves unlimited pork and beef that are guaranteed fresh and of high quality.

The meats were paper thin, thus easier to cook.

I’m not really into thick slices of meat as I’m too impatient it takes longer to cook, so this restaurant certainly captured my taste when it comes to Samgyupsal.



Side dishes served were Japchae, fish cake, baby potatoes, corn, garlic, bean sprout, and of course the queen of all side dishes, Kimchi (I just made that up).

Korean fried chicken (my personal fave!), sushi, maki, macaroni salad, and several others I couldn’t name (sorry!) were also available.

The lettuce were served garden fresh and crunchy.


Sauces and side dishes
Not so complete set, as everything in the buffet couldn’t fit in one table!


Another exciting part is the hotpot where you could cook instant Ramen. Who could say no to spicy ramen on a rainy day?

A stack of imported Jin Ramen packs are available from the buffet. It’s actually the first thing I noticed upon entering the restaurant.

Toppings such as eggs and sliced kamaboko (fish cake) will also be provided upon request.


Do you smell the aroma?
Ready to be served!
My lil bro, Reyz, a happy kiddo having his spicy ramen


Samgyupsal and Ramen are definitely a perfect match! You can actually put some cooked meat in your ramen bowl, or put some ramen soup in a bowl of meat, or however you want! It’s really up to you.



Their unli sets are regularly priced at 399 Php (Pork), 499 Php (Pork & Beef), and 549 Php (All beef). All packages include ramen and buffet.

They also have weekday promo for lunch schedule wherein you could get unlimited pork for only 349 Php (instead of 399), and unlimited pork & beef for only 399 Php (instead of 499). All packages still include ramen and buffet.


Sodam Restaurant Menu


For unlimited samgyeopsal with ramen and buffet, it’s absolutely a good value for money!



The buffet table was always full as the crew were very prompt to refill each dishes.


Buffet table


It was very easy to call the staff’s attention as if they were properly trained to be attentive with all the customers’ needs.

Upon entering the restaurant there will be someone ready to assist you and escort you to any table fit for your headcount.

The number of crew was enough for the restaurant’s seating capacity.



Sodam Restaurant is located along Jose Abad Santos road in San Juan City.



Just a 5-minute drive from Greenhills shopping center, Santolan Town Plaza, and Shaw Center Mall.

It’s also just a 10-minute drive from Robinsons Galleria and SM Megamall.

And just a 10-min walk from PUP San Juan.



The restaurant has a little rustic and homey atmosphere.

Korean hit songs from popular Kdramas were being played at the background.


Table for 6 at the first floor
More dining spaces upstairs!
Tables good for 4 to 8 persons


It has 120 seating capacity and the tables and chairs are not jammed together as it’s spacious enough.

Fully air-conditioned, but no exhaust tubes. It’s tolerable but better if the exhaust system will be improved.

The restaurant is also perfect for friends and family gatherings!


Photo with the owner and Ms. Apryl of Hungry Byaheros
Buy three (3) ice cream of any type, and get one (1) free Melona!
Ice cream not included in unli package. Buy 3 and get 1 free Melona!


How I’d rate this resto



Acknowledgement: My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Apryl of Hungry Byaheros for inviting us, and Sodam Restaurant for feeding us!
Disclaimer: While our meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.

Sodam Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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