After exploring Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort in Tagaytay, it was in time for lunch and my sister suggested a nice place to eat nearby. Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café actually sounds familiar to me ever since it rose to fame in social media with all those dream catcher photos. I’m just not so interested about dream catchers so it never really existed in my bucket-list.

It was just last week when I discovered that it’s not really all about dream catchers. They serve food and drinks as well while also offering artsy and useful products for sale. What’s more, they also offer board games for everyone to enjoy!

*Update: Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe in Tagaytay in now closed permanently.  They are now situated in San Luis, Batangas as “Indie Green Garden Cafe”.



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Food & Price

They offer a fairly wide variety of food from pasta, rice meals, nachos, salads, burgers, flavored wings, hot & cold drinks, frappes, fruit wines, even up to cakes and pastries!

Our orders: Indie Yana’s Cheesy Baked Mac (₱185), Petita’s Tuna Pasta (₱165), Hippie Wings of Love (₱160), Shanghai ni Ruth (₱120), Dreaming Dory (₱145), Indie Wings of Love by the Basket (₱620, 15pcs), Green Rice (₱120, squad), Honey-mansi Cooler (₱180, squad).


Their artsy menu
(CCW) Indie Yana’s Cheesy Baked Mac, Dreaming Dory, Petita’s Tuna Pasta, Shanghai ni Ruth
Still waiting for the Green Rice


Everything was good, but nothing too special about the taste. One of their best sellers as per the staff is the Hippie Wings of Love. But my personal top pick is Indie Yana’s Cheesy Baked Mac. Their version of this favorite comfort food of mine is creamy and cheesy. Oh yes, very cheesy!

No unique food experience but we’re glad that they at least served the dishes freshly cooked and without any displeasing taste. The price is a little high though for an ordinary set of meals.



What makes this place exceptional is its artsy and colorful appearance. I liked the different arrays of color they used in the decorations, as well as picture frames with inspirational quotations hanging on the wall. I could see that this cozy cafe is also a great place for date lunch or barkada bonding.


Loved the colors of the sofa!
Something to reflect on
Ceiling decorations
They also have dining spaces on bunk beds! Here’s one.
More frames, and even plate numbers and huge bottle cans!
Mirror selfie


Once you’re inside Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café, you will never get bored with lots of pretty stuff to see and reflect on. Just sitting down and looking around the area is already an entertainment in itself.

As for the ventilation, it’s not air-conditioned maybe because Tagaytay has a bit cooler temperature compared to its neighbors. But during summer months, it could still be pretty hot even in Tagaytay and I don’t think they are ready for that.

It’s okay to not have an AC, but it’s definitely NOT OKAY to have insufficient number of electric fans! As far as I remember, they only had 3 electric fans for the whole area. Sad.



The service isn’t bad, but it’s not exceptional as well. I’m saying this because they were not rude or impolite, but they lack initiative. We were obviously feeling uncomfortable about the temperature but they did not offer anything (maybe they really don’t have anything to offer in the first place).

Moreover, the service was quite slow. It took almost an hour to complete the orders. Good thing, aside from its IG-worthy spots, they also have board games to keep us occupied and temporarily forget about hunger. But I still hope they would improve the service no matter what.



Dreamland Arts & Crafts Café is strategically located just few meters away from Olivarez-Tagaytay Rotunda. It’s just along the highway making it easier to locate.

Address: Purok 157, Brgy. San Jose, Tagaytay City


More photos!

At the platform
Another bunk bed dining space
Playing games while patiently waiting for food
At the cashier area
Free water. Bring your own tumbler.
Store entrance
Store entrance
Some of reusable items for sale
Their boutique
They also have bed & breakfast!


How I’d rate this resto




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