You’ve always dreamed of witnessing the famous Colosseum up-close and personal, but your wallet always says mission impossible. A dream that seems too far. But hey, there’s nothing wrong about dreaming big, it’s actually important to have goals that seem unreachable. But for the meantime, getting a little taste of our big dream would be enough and fun too. Thanks to Goshen Resort Tarlac, a relaxing resort that offers a fair enough Romania feels.

Goshen Resort & Hotel is situated in a quiet and unfrequented town of Bamban, Tarlac. The ancient Romania charm of the place has easily reached every curious wanderer’s bucket-list. Many photo-shoots for special occasions and gatherings have also been conducted in this Rome-inspired resort. It effortlessly became famous even before its grand opening. Thanks to social media.



Goshen Resort Tarlac — Expectation vs Reality?


The place may look grand and huge in photos but in person it’s not that huge and spacious. I could imagine how easily it may look crowded. That’s why to make sure we get the most out of our trip, we went there on a weekday.

Also, the area is not that flat so expect the abundance of stairs and some steep passageways. Not a problem for us youngsters, but our senior citizens might not like it.

Nonetheless, the Roman theme of the place somehow makes all worth it. Just don’t expect a replica as huge and as epic as the original, and you’re gonna be fine. They exerted efforts in building the place, allowing us to experience a little bit of what it’s like to be in Rome. Appreciate it.


Selfie with a Roman guard. How witty?
Inside the Colosseum
Pretty awesome but still needs minor improvements (ceiling).


Good for Nature-lovers Too

If you think the resort is only about man-made structures and replicas, allow me to tell you that as a nature-lover, I enjoyed it too. The place is actually remote and surrounded by lush greens that’s why signal reception is almost zero (for me it’s a plus). The private resort itself is well-landscaped and has plenty of trees and plants that produce a close-to-nature vibe. No need to worry about sunburns as there are plenty of trees that provide the much needed shade.


View from the Colosseum’s top floor
Resting on a couch beside our charming cottage. That cottage afaik is good for 4pax though we were just two. No additional charges were asked.
The ceiling of our cottage is actually open, but nothing to worry about as the trees efficiently roofed us.
As you would notice, the resort is surrounded by lush greens
Fairly manicured


The Pools

The resort has three swimming pools. One 3-4ft pool near the reception, one bigger 4-6ft pool at the far end, and one small kiddie pool in between. You may notice few fallen leaves at the pools but let’s be considerate as the place is surrounded by plants and trees. Pool lounges were also provided for those who need a tan, although nobody was spotted doing that sun-bathing thing because we all know many Pinoys hate having that tan color.


View of the adult pool (4-6ft)
3-4ft pool beside the reception.
Epic fail dome shot at the 6ft pool

All three pools in one photo. The columns are perfect for photo-ops.
Empty pool lounges. I tried to lay there for few seconds only, not because I hate having that tan color but simply because “nakakailang!”


How To Get There

  1. Take a bus bound to Dagupan or Pangasinan. Fare is around 75 php.
  2. Alight at Dau terminal. Walk through McArthur Highway.
  3. Ride a jeep with Bamban-Angeles-Dapdap route and tell the driver to drop you off at Kanto Groto in Brgy. Lourdes. Fare is 15php.
  4. Charter a tricycle to Goshen Resort and Hotel. Fare is 60 php, one-way.


Rates and Schedule

Entrance Fee
Adult: 250 php
11 years old and below: 200 php

Day Tour: 9 am to 5 pm
Overnight: 4 pm to 12 mn

They also have villas, gazebo, jacuzzi bars, and multifunctional halls.
For those planning for a nice staycation, there are also rooms available from standard to presidential that costs 3,000 php to 16,000 php.

For more info and reservation, contact them directly via:
Facebook Page: Goshen Resort and Hotel and Website
Mobile Number: 0943 228 1608


If you’re planning for a day-tour because you think their accommodations are quite pricey for you, you can find discounted rooms in Tarlac via Agoda! It’s easy, fast, and convenient. You may begin your search here:




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Goshen Resort & Hotel | A Little Taste of Rome in Tarlac, Ph | You’ve always dreamed of witnessing the famous Colosseum up-close and personal, but your wallet always says mission impossible. Thanks to Goshen Resort & Hotel, a vacation spot in Tarlac that offers a fair enough Romania feels - How She Wanders




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