It’s awesome to know that glamping (or glamorous camping) is not just limited to camping tents with comfy beds and pillows. Interestingly, there’s a glamping spot in Cavinti, Laguna where you can experience glamping in a stylish cube-shelter made out of shipping container: BLOC Camp Site. It is located by the lake, and each glamping unit has a relaxing view of the lake and surrounding lush greenery.


Lake view at bloc camp site
The BLOC Camp Site is surrounded by lake and forests


We came here just a week ago. This trip actually has been rescheduled countless times since last year due to sudden travel restrictions, and family emergencies that happened just this year. We were in dire need of a breather and I’m so thankful that this trip (our first out of town this year) finally happened!

The check-in time is 3pm, so we still had time for side trips! From Bulacan, we drove to Tanay, Rizal and had our brunch at Midoriyama, then a quick coffee stop-over at Cafe Katerina (still in Tanay). As we continue our journey, we got hungry on the road and stopped by Yhamshe Grill in Lumban, Laguna. That was our last stop-over before we check-in at BLOC Camp Site. We arrived just in time.


Touch down, BLOC Camp Site!

bloc camp site camping grounds
Camping grounds at BLOC Camp Site


It’s nice that the parking area is just beside the camping grounds. No need to leave your car somewhere and ride a 4×4 to the campsite. There’s a short briefing about the rules and familiarization about the campsite facilities before we were escorted to our glamping units.

Jec and I stayed at their Dream Tree-house, while G and Edz had the T-house few meters from our unit. All of the glamping units are lakefront, so it’s not that difficult to choose among them.

Let’s first take a look at the Dream Tree-house. It’s not literally a “tree-house”, but there are trees on both sides so they came up with the name. At the lower level is the hangout area with hammocks, chairs, and dining table. At the upper part is the room and small balcony with floor hammock overlooking the emerald green lake.


dream tree house at bloc camp site
Dream Tree-house of BLOC Camp Site
bloc camp site
Enjoying the view from the floor hammock
Jec at the upper floor hammock
At the small balcony fronting the lake


The room is really compact. It can only fit 2 persons maximum. It has 2 sliding doors: one that opens up to the balcony overlooking the lake, and another one that opens up to another small balcony with view of the camping grounds and surrounding trees.

Inside the room there’s a sofa bed with pillows and 2 electric fans. Although the breeze on top is cool already, there’s an airconditioner that you can turn on with additional fee of 100/hour. In our experience, we did not feel the need to turn on the ac since the climate is generally cool, not to mention it’s not summer season.


Inside the Dream Tree-house
Me, resting for a while upon arrival


This is literally glamorous camping. Comfy bed with pillows and blanket, and the floor is carpeted. I appreciate every detail of it, but I’d appreciate even more if the beddings are white. I tend to get paranoid easily when I feel like there are insects hiding through the beddings. If the bedding is white I’d see them more easily. I don’t know but these insects are so attracted to my blood. But good thing, I went home without any trace of bed bug bites. Yay!

It was a pleasant afternoon to feel the breeze and stroll around. Jec and I walked by the lake and stopped by our travel buddies on the other glamping unit. We’re on the same camping grounds but the ambiance in their space is different. It was more quiet and peaceful compared to ours. Maybe because there’s a lot of other campers beside the Dream Tree-house, and they tend to be loud.


G, at their T-house
an afternoon at bloc camp site
Me, invading their peace HAHA
G and Edz. Sweet!


This T-house is also made out of a shipping container, having a balcony with table and chairs fronting the lake. It’s more peaceful at this side of the campsite as it’s farther from the receiving area for guests. The balcony is a great place to have some coffee, or even play a guitar.

We opted not to do any activity, not even swimming. We just wanted to laze around and not do any task. Just a sight of a huge body of water, such as this emerald green lake, matched with the calming sound of a stringed instrument is enough to calm our minds.


G, playing some calming music
G and Edz enjoying each other the view 😍
bloc camp site lake view
My nene self
That mandatory shot with the lake as background
Jec, lazing the aftrernoon away


We just walked around, chatted, and played some music the whole afternoon. It was certainly a moment of rest, with no pending to-do lists. Jec found the time to chill at the hammock in our Dream Tree-house while the sun’s rays are warming us softly, it was sunset.

At around 5pm we started preparing our dinner. It’s just a typical camper’s meal including grilled chicken, salted eggs with fresh tomatoes, and rice. There’s a designated grilling station near the receiving area. There are wash basins as well and nearby comfort rooms.

We just brought in food supplies and charcoal. There’s a sari-sari store at a walking distance if in case you forgot to bring something. We brought in chicken that we marinated the night before, and we bought charcoals and java rice along the way before we head to the campsite. So that we will only need to grill the chicken.

Note: There are no corkage fees!


Dinner at the receiving area


We asked the staff if it’s okay to use the receiving area so that we could all eat together. And gladly they approved! The dining area in our glamping units are both good for 2 guests only. Plus the ambiance at the receiving area is quite romantic with the lights and all.

At 8pm they’ve setup a bonfire right in the middle of the camping grounds. But no one came as the grass was wet due to a quick light rain.


bonfire at bloc camp site


After dinner, we took a quick bath. Really quick bath because the shower heater was not working and the water was ice cold! Edz and I used the VIP comfort room. There are two VIP comfort rooms that are dedicated for ladies, complete with toilet, shower, faucet, and lots of hooks to hang your clothes.

There are also 3 more bathrooms that everyone can use: one has a toilet with bidet, another one with male urinal, and the third one with lavatory and mirror.


bloc camp site VIP bathroom for ladies
Inside the VIP bathroom for ladies


After taking bath, we then prepared our midnight snacks. Yes, we’re going to eat once again before going to bed. In the mood for a wine, we paired our snacks with a bottle of white wine. We stayed at the hangout area of the Dream Tree-house. I was just chilling at the hammock while we talked about anything and everything until we felt sleepy. We dozed off around 1am.


Midnight snacks


DAY 2! It was a sweet pleasant morning. I woke up 8am and went out to the balcony to appreciate the beautiful view of the lake and surrounding forests. It was indeed an awesome morning. Not until I went to the other balcony and find out our shoes were soaking wet due to heavy downpour few hours ago. We didn’t expect it since the balcony has a cladding. It’s okay though, we could go home on slippers.


morning selfie at bloc camp site
My face before finding out our shoes got wet


We then prepared our breakfast. As usual, it’s a typical camper’s breakfast consisting of sunny side up eggs, spam, bread, and coffee. After breakfast, we walked around and took some photos before checking out at 11am.


before leaving bloc camp site
Group photo at the Dream Tree-house, just before we check-out


Check-out process was just quick and smooth. The staff will have to check the units first if guests forgot something inside, and at the same time to check if there are missing stuff inside the rooms. And after that we were allowed to check out.

All in all, we had a great glamping experience at the BLOC Camp Site. We enjoyed the nature, comfort, and the commendable service provided by the staff. This is a good place to relax if you need a nature breather. Perfect for couples wanting alone time together, even small families and barkada since they also have glamping units good for 4 to 6 guests.


Where to book?

We booked via Airbnb. Here are the links:

You can also inquire and book through their Facebook Page

Note: If you want lakeside glamping, you should choose the ones with “Mountain Lake” or “Lake” in the listed name. The rest are not lakeside, such as those with “Farmstaycation” (they are in different locations).



Brgy. Bukal, Bukal-Cansuso Road, Cavinti, Laguna


Few more photos at BLOC Camp Site to end this post!

Jec chillin’ at the hammock on the upper floor of Dream Tree-house
bloc camp site
That mandatory mirror selfie
G, pairing the relaxing ambiance with a calming music
Me and Edz at the T-house
Dream Tree-house at night time
bloc campsite resident cat
One of the resident cats of BLOC Camp Site
Stolen shot of Jec while asleep hehe
Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and intex pool available for rent
Pleasant afternoon at the BLOC Camp Site
bloc camp site
At the Dream Tree-house’s balcony
bloc camp site dream tree house
Jec at the upper floor hammock
My nene self once again
Bloc Camp Site’s camping grounds


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