Boracay is best known for its infamous White Beach which is a 4-kilometer stretch of powdery white sandy shore on the western side of the island. But do you know that it’s not the only rave-worthy beach that the island has? You can access more stunning beaches by doing a Boracay Land Tour which can usually be done in just half a day!

During our 3-day vacation in Boracay, one half-day was allotted for the Land Tour. It’s just so cool that you don’t have to ride a boat to hop from one beach to another. I did not quite expect that a land tour would cover beaches along with other attractions! Each destination is close enough to each other that the tour can be done via E-trike in a span of 4 hours.

boracay e-trike land tour
E-trike ride for our Land Tour

Boracay Land Tour

If you want to see more of Boracay beyond White Beach, this tour is a must-do!

The places included in the itinerary are: Puka Beach, New Coast Beach, Keyhole, Bulabog Beach, Mangrove Park, Tambisaan Beach, and Sinagpa Beach & Rock Formation. Although we were not able to cover all the places because of the delay (I was the cause of delay) but still glad we did this tour!


Puka Beach

Our first stop was Puka Beach as it’s the farthest from our hotel. Puka Beach is an 8-meter long less touristy beach that sits at the northern part of Boracay Island. White sands, sea shells, turquoise ocean — what a beauty! Beach sands are not as fine and white as White Beach’s but I liked it.

It’s great that the stores and souvenir shops are clustered along the pathway to the beach entrance only, not at the beachfront. Because of that, the purity of the place was somehow preserved.

You will see destination markers/signages that are made from wooden sticks and not concrete or anything permanent. I loved it! There was also a ready-made sand castle where you could take photos with your buddies and pay with no fixed rate (tip only).

puka beach boracay land tour
Destination marker made from non-polluting wooden sticks
puka beach boracay
My mom, striking a pose at a photo spot
boracay puka beach
Pre-made Boracay sand castle

It’s quite strange that the sea was rough during our visit eventhough the weather was nice and sunny (it was summer). For me, Puka Beach is where you’d want to go if you’re looking to escape to somewhere quiet and lesser crowd.

crystal kayak puka beach boracay land tour
My Crystal Kayak experience at Puka Beach

This is also where we tried the Crystal Kayak experience. It’s a package that include the use of a crystal kayak and a photographer per person. It was a good experience to be on board a see-through kayak, making you feel like you’re floating on the water without touching it!

For the photoshoot part, the photographer will use your own phone or camera to take your photos. They’re so skilled and capable to use any smartphone model. Personally, I enjoyed it at first. But later on, my Tita-side got tired of all the posing instructions directed by the photographer.

It looked more like a photoshoot with a little crystal kayak experience, than an experience with just a pinch of photo-ops. I personally prefer the latter.


Newcoast Beach (Ilig-iligan Beach)

Next stop is New Coast Beach or Ilig-iligan beach which is a white sandy stretch on the northeast coast of Boracay Island. Thanks to its unpopularity, the beach remains pure and unspoiled. There was literally no one at the beach when we got there. And only a few people went for a swim moments later.

Currently, there’s a residential resort developed by Megaworld which now encloses the beach. It’s called Boracay Newcoast, hence the beach’s new name. Although I still personally want to call it by it’s original and true name, Ilig-iligan Beach. You will need to enter Boracay Newcoast in order to access the beach.

boracay land tour Ilig-iligan Beach
Beautiful Ilig-iligan Beach
Ilig-iligan Beach land tour boracay newcoast
Overlooking Ilig-iligan Beach

We only had a few photo-ops along the pathway overlooking Ilig-Iligan Beach. The same pathway leads to the famous rock formation called Keyhole.



Boracay Keyhole is another attraction that’s been gaining popularity over the years. It is located at the southern end of Ilig-iligan Beach. This rock formation has an arch naturally formed by weathering. It’s such a massive sight to behold, our photos won’t do justice!

boracay keyhole land tour
My 1-second photo-op with the Keyhole
boracay land tour keyhole
Family photo with Keyhole as the background

There were yellow chains installed at the viewing spot. While it’s an eyesore, it’s necessary for everyone’s safety and maintenance of the place.

There was a long queue for photo opportunity when we arrived. We waited for about 10 minutes, and photo-ops only took about a couple of minutes. You need to hurry because many are still waiting! Also, lunch time is coming so we proceeded to our next and last stop.


Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is another iconic beach that sits at the eastern side of the island. A long stretch of sandy beach that gained social media popularity, thanks to the leaning coconut tree that makes for a great photo composition. Its sands are not that powdery white but it’s still a splendid view.

This is actually a water sports beach, and one of the best things to do here is kite surfing. There were a lot of kite surfers during our visit and it’s not surprising because the wind was crazy on this side of the island! Just look at the trees in our photos and you’ll have an idea.

bulabog beach boracay land tour
Bulabog Beach’s famous leaning coconut tree
boracay kite surfing bulabog beach
Kite surfing at Bulabog Beach
bulabog beach leaning coconut tree
I don’t recommend doing this. It’s unsafe and not good for the tree. Sorry! Anyway, just look at how crazy the wind was!
boracay land tour bulabog beach
Just opt to sit down on the base for safety

Another long queue for photo opportunity at the leaning coconut tree. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind the waiting game. What I’m actually not comfortable with is the fact that when it’s my turn and there are many people waiting, it’s causing me a bit of anxiety. Or maybe I’m just not so used to very touristy places.

After this, we headed to a nearby restaurant which I forgot the name and had a sumptuous lunch. It was around 12:40 pm and our stomachs were growling for a meal. It was supposedly a seafood buffet, but was cancelled due to some public health issues in the island. But we were served a generous amount of good food and we appreciate it! After feasting on some grilled bangus, shrimp sinigang, pork liempo, tortang talong, and rice, we were taken back to our hotel to rest before proceeding to our next activity which is parasailing.


Closing comments for our Boracay Land Tour

As you can see, we failed to cover Mangrove Park, Tambisaan Beach, and Sinagpa Beach & Rock Formation. It’s fine since it was a family vacation and not a backpacking trip.

The tour is also flexible and you don’t need to cover all the destinations if you can’t. You can just pick the best places that you want, no pressure. Make sure to enjoy the places and the experience! For me, the ideal number of attractions to visit must be maximum of 5, given that you start the tour as early as 8am. The itinerary won’t be too crammed and you’ll enjoy the experience better.

By that, you will also be able to end the tour with a delicious lunch just right on time! As much as possible, we should avoid eating late because we all don’t want our moods to ruin the trip, right? So tour around, eat well, rest, and repeat!

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You can checkout our Boracay trip video here:


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