One of South Cebu’s major destinations is the beautiful coastal town of Oslob. We went here right after our Moalboal day tour to visit Sumilon Island before sunset and go whaleshark watching the next morning. It’s actually our second time here (first time was 7 years ago) but it honestly felt like a new experience!

We arrived at Oslob around 2pm. We did not have a booked stay so we just looked for it right on the spot. A local security guard (forgot his name huhu) directed us to Bangcogon Resort & Restaurant. He just called someone on the phone then after a few minutes a shuttle picked us up from where we were (thanks kuya!)


At the main road in Oslob where the bus dropped us off
oslob bangcogon resort and restaurant
At Bangcogon Resort, waiting for our boat to Sumilon


We booked an overnight stay and a boat ride to Sumilon Island (we paid 600 each for the roundtrip boat ride to Sumilon Island). A staff assisted us to our room then we changed clothes and prepped for the tour right away. We left for Sumilon Island and arrived there around 3pm.

The island girl in me got mesmerized as if it was my first time. Well, would you blame me with such a stunning view? The sight of an island with lush vegetation, white sandy beach, and vibrant turquoise water. A cliché description but unique actual experience!


at sumilon island oslob
Touch down Sumilon Island!
oslob sumilon island tour
All smiles despite the greyish sky!


Since the tour is only until 4pm, we only had an hour for exploration and picture taking. It was high tide so the whole sandbar was not exposed. Still, such a splendid sight!


Me and Diane at the sandbar area
Sunset time!
Beach bum


We went up to access the bridge, only to find out it’s closed. We just savored the view from up there, and Jec asked me to go back to the sandbar so he could take photos.


View of the sandbar

bluewater sumilon island oslob
The bridge
Diane enjoying the waves
View of the unexposed sandbar


An hour has passed and we almost lost track of time. It was cloudy at the west side, blocking the view of the setting sun.

Our boatmen called us as it was already time for departure. We only had a very little time at Sumilon Island but we greatly appreciate our time there.

We went back to Bangcogon Resort, washed up, and took some rest until dinner time. Around 7pm, dinner was served!


bangcogon resort oslob cebu
Beachfront dining at Bangcogon Resort & Restaurant


We had Sinigang na Hipon, Grilled Liempo, and a creamy chicken on top of french fries that I forgot the name on the menu. Coolest part is that the rice was served in a tiny kaldero, somehow making anyone feel guilty as if you ate a full kaldero of rice!


Oslob Whaleshark Watching

The next morning we woke up around 5am to prepare for our whaleshark watching tour. The whaleshark watching in Oslob starts at 6am and ends at 12nn, and each session lasts about 30 minutes. We opted to arrive for first batch because we need to leave Oslob as early as possible for our Sirao Garden visit.

After paying fees (we paid 500 each) and a brief orientation, a paddle boat took us to the snorkeling/dive site together with other tourists. Our boat was not yet docked but the whalesharks were already showing up! They actually look like a shark when on the water’s surface because of their fin. Well, they’re alike since they are both fish, but whalesharks are gentle and never attacked humans. Also, they have white spots that are unique for each one of them, just like our fingerprints. How cool?!


oslob whale shark watching
Spotty gentle giant
whale shark watching in oslob cebu
My only decent photo with the whaleshark as I cannot dive correctly
oslob whale shark
Jec, Me, and Diane, together with other tourists (top left of the photo). I was actually waving hi to the whaleshark.


Our local guide was very game for picture taking and he’s the one to instruct us when to go under the water to take our photos and videos. So we only had to enjoy our experience and not mind the hassles of documenting it! He also kept on reminding us to never touch the whalesharks to protect them.

The whalesharks tend to swim close to us as if they consider us as a specie of their own. It’s funny how we still get shocked and a little panicky even though we know they are harmless every time them come close! Well, I think you will understand only after you witness their massive appearance in actual! There were a lot more whalesharks that time compared to our experience 7 years ago (around 3 whalesharks only). I think they’re more than 10!

They feed the whalesharks with alamang (tiny shrimps) to attract them. I’m not an expert but in my opinion I don’t think it harms them. Maybe alamang won’t make them full so they still need to hunt in the wild after 12nn. After all, this tourism activity greatly helps in the local livelihood as long as it’s being regulated properly by the local government.


oslob cebu whale shark encounter
Boat ride back to the mainland


It was a good 30 minutes with the gentle giants! After buying souvenirs and prepping up, we checked out early from Bangcogon Resort and left Oslob around 9am. We went straight to Sirao Garden in Cebu City which I will share next!


Watch Our Oslob Experience



Travel Guide

For those who are planning to visit Oslob soon, here’s a guide to help you organize your South Cebu trip!


How to get to Oslob?

From Cebu City:

Go to South Bus Terminal and take a bus going to Bato via Oslob. Travel time is approximately 4-5 hours. Take note that you must take a bus going to “Bato via Oslob” and not “Bato via Baliri”.

Tell the bus attendant that you’re going to Oslob. Surely, they know where to drop you off as they’re already used to visitors going there.

From Moalboal/Badian:

If you’re in Moalboal or Badian, it’s a 2 to 3-hour journey to Oslob. You can take a bus from the main road, or rent a habal-habal (motorcycle) for around 200 php.

Take a bus from Moalboal or Badian going to Bato (fare is around 40-50 php). Then from Bato, ride another bus bound for Cebu City (these buses will pass by Oslob). Travel time will be approximately 2 hours and fare is around 100 php.


Where to Book Sumilon Island Day Tour?

You can book a Sumilon Island tour from any resorts in Oslob, or you can also book it online via Klook!

Book here:

Bluewater Sumilon Day Tour in Cebu


Where to Book Oslob Whaleshark Watching?

You can walk-in just like we did, but you can also book Whale Shark Watching+ Tumalog Falls with transfers from Cebu City via Klook!

Book here:

Oslob Whale Shark Watching Day Tour from Cebu City


Where to Book a Stay in Oslob?

Walk-in is possible, but you can check out and score discounted accommodations in Oslob when you book online via Agoda.


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