If you’re a traveler who loves to take photos with flower gardens and instagrammable decorations with an overlooking view, then Sirao Garden in Cebu won’t fail you. It is dubbed as the “Little Amsterdam” of Cebu, that’s why it’s perfect for ladies’ trip or a romantic date spot for couples!


sirao garden cebu entrance gate
Entrance gate of Sirao Garden Cebu


Our Experience at Sirao Garden-Little Amsterdam


We went there as a sidetrip during our recent South Cebu backpacking before flying back to Manila. From South Bus Terminal, we chartered a taxi to take us straight to Sirao Garden then to Mactan Airport for 2,000 php. Taking a habal-habal would be as costly since we need 2 habals for 3 persons carrying lots of stuff.

Getting there involves driving on uphill roads with scenic views of the mountains and the city. It was actually like going up to Baguio, but not as high as Baguio. I could imagine a habal-habal ride to the top would be as exciting and memorable!

We arrived around 3pm and took a quick merienda before we enter Sirao Garden. There’s a cluster of street food stalls and sari-sari stores located just right in front of the entrance gate of Sirao Garden selling banana-q, siomai, chips, candies, drinks, and a lot more. So make sure to fuel up before starting your physically demanding exploration and photoshoot!

Entrance fee is 100 per person. You will be greeted by 2 windmills near the entrance gate, and the overlooking view of the expansive garden with surrounding mountains as backdrop. Of course, the windmills are decorations only and not ones that actually generate power and electricity. They’re cute and make you feel like you’re in a foreign land!


twin windmills at sirao garden cebu
Artsy windmills inside Sirao Garden
sirao garden cebu
Expansive flower gardens as you climb down the stairs
pink queen flowers at sirao garden cebu
Me, still thinking how to pose amidst Pink Queen Flowers 
sirao garden cebu little amsterdam
Amsterdam-inspired decors inside Sirao Garden Cebu


I actually remember the feeling when we went to Zhongshe Flower Garden in Taiwan. The only difference is that Sirao Garden is situated on the mountain slopes with overlooking views, while Zhongshe Garden is in the fields with views of the mountains in the distance. And Sirao Garden Cebu not only has Amsterdam-inspired decors, but has Bali-inspired photo spots as well!

The weather was a bit gloomy but thankfully it did not rain. It made the temperature even cooler, with some portions of the overlooking views covered with fog. It was still a nice view, though I’d like it better when everything looks vibrant and cheerful.


foggy view at sirao garden cebu
Foggy overlooking view
Quite gloomy but still a nice view
One of the Bali-inspired photo spots
sirao garden cebu giant hand structure
Me and Diane at the giant hand structure inside Sirao Garden Cebu


Maybe it rained or drizzled a while ago because there were muddy and slippery areas. So you might want to consider that if you’re planning to wear a white footwear. Always be cautious especially when going up and down the Giant Hand structure that’s built on the cliffside. The stairs is really steep and could be slippery.

Lots of flowers, plants, pine trees, and cute photo spots. There’s almost no shaded areas though, so if it’s super sunny and you plan on staying here for a couple or more hours, you better bring an umbrella. During our visit the sky was gloomy the whole time so the weather was cool (though the views were a bit dark).

Let me tell you more about this place through photos!


sirao garden cebu
One foggy afternoon at Sirao Garden Cebu
yellow celosia flowers at sirao garden cebu
Diane posing for a photo amidst yellow Celosia Flowers
Vibrant yellow Celosia Flowers
pink queen flowers at sirao garden cebu
Feeling like a queen among Pink Queen Flowers
Feeling like a bird on a giant bird’s nest
Me & Jec ❤️
sirao garden cebu
Windmill with overlooking view of the sea of Pink Queen Flowers
Insta-worthy, isn’t it?
sirao garden cebu pink queen flowers
My 2 fave colors: Green & Pink
Sirao Garden Cebu overlooking view
red celosia flowers sirao garden cebu
Red Celosia Flowers still blooming
I Love Sirao Garden photo corner
sirao garden cebu
Other visitors enjoying the giant hands
sea of pink queen flowers at sirao garden cebu
My nene self delighted by the pink beauty around me


How to get to Sirao Garden Cebu?

From Mactan Airport:

  • Take the airport bus to SM.
  • From SM, ride the 04L jeep and alight at JY Square Lahug.
  • Ride a habalhabal to Sirao Garden. This would cost you around 500 php round trip for two persons. The habal-habal ride will take 30-45 minutes.

Alternatively, you can charter a taxi from anywhere in Cebu City (just like we did) if you have too many luggage and you’re in a group of at least 4. In our case, we paid 2,000 php for the taxi ride from South Bus Terminal to Sirao Garden, then to Pasalubong Center, then to Mactan Airport.


Where to Book a Stay Near Sirao?

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