Baguio might be far from us in terms of distance but it has always been close to our hearts which explains our yearly visit. Especially now that we’ve discovered Valleypoint Campsite, our love for Baguio grew even bigger!

Since we were scheduled to be in Baguio to attend a Christian conference, we decided to make a stop-over to this place. We also went to Vanilla Cafe in Baguio to have breakfast before heading here.



Valleypoint Campsite in Tuba, Benguet is just a 20-min drive from Baguio City making it an ideal destination for those seeking an extra quiet and relaxing getaway in the outskirts of Baguio.

With its unique charm and chill vibe, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this absolute gem in Benguet!

Here are the 7 things we loved about Valleypoint Campsite — an admirable place to behold.


1. One-of-a-kind Glamping Experience

Glamping (short for glamorous camping) is a modern way to camp and authentically connect with nature while also having some basic amenities and comforts not usually used in conventional camping.

We often see beach glamping, riverside, or even lakeside glamping. Now, how about glamping on a cliffside? Valleypoint Campsite made that twist allowing us to have an unmissable glamping experience!

Cheers to foggy sunsets and clear morning skies! Temperature here is even colder than Baguio so expect chilly breeze even when the sun shines gloriously.


Photo at the campsite. That’s me with Thea, a cutie kiddo roaming around the area.
Embracing the foggy afternoon at the campsite.
Looks warm but it’s not! How relaxing it was to soak in the sun. I’ve never appreciated the sun this much! This was taken around 9am.
The glamping tent


Each glamping tent is equipped with Uratex mattress, thick fleeced blankets, fluffy pillows, and a container box for shoes. How luxurious it is to camp nowadays! The tent is huge enough to fit a maximum of 4 persons.

The camping ground is covered with gravel so no worries about it getting muddy due to fog and drizzles.

You can also expect comfortable temperature inside the tent even on extra chilly times, which deeply amazes me. The tents are waterproof and dual-layer.


2. Cozy and Instagrammable Chill Area

If you just want to stay indoors playing card games, reading books or magazines, and admiring the view outside, the Chill Area is the perfect place to go. You will never run out of ways to kill time while also having fun.

There’s a corner full of huggable teddy bears that also makes for a fun photo-ops! Time to add some cuteness to your IG feed! Every corner is indeed insta-worthy, and it becomes even more vibrant when the fog clears out unveiling the view of the mountains.

There are books and magazines available for all guests in case you forgot to bring your favorite book.


Posing like I own the entire area.
Becoming one with the bears!
Just chillin’ while editing some photos.
Playing Uno with this playful kiddo!

Smoking, food, drinks, shoes, and pets are not allowed inside to ensure that the area is always clean. It’s also comfortably warmer inside so I guess it’s equipped with heater, though I’m not really sure. But it’s relatively warmer compared to outside temperature despite having glass walls.


3. Exciting Outdoor Activities

Not only that it’s a perfect place to chill indoors, it’s also a place for those who love the thrill of outdoor games. Enjoy the archery and airsoft experience then pose like a video game character after the tiresome shooting!

I loved that the equipments are fully functional and did not look overused. We didn’t have a hard time getting a hang of it. Also, the young operator, David, taught us the basics of how it’s done.


I’m not a gamer so I have no idea who to imitate! 😜
Only one bull’s eye out of many. First time, sorry!
Jeric taking airsoft so seriously!
The posing is in accordance with the photographer so I’m blameless!
Just don’t mind Jeric’s 4 layers of clothing 😂


Enjoy archery, airsoft, or airsoft maze for free when you book an overnight stay. For me it’s a huge plus when you don’t have to pay separately for an activity.


4. Breathtaking View of the Mountains and the City

The campsite is of sufficient elevation to offer views of the mountains and some parts of Baguio. The surroundings could be covered with fog at times and in our experience, the fog starts creeping in at 12 noon until late afternoon (happened on both day 1 and 2). The clearest sky we witnessed was in the morning. But experience may vary individually depending on the season.

It’s up to you if you like clear views better than foggy ones but for me, I love both! The former allows me to see every beautiful thing clearly and vibrantly, and the latter creates that bed-weather and chill-mode vibe. I’m grateful we experienced both!


Clear skies in the morning. Day 2.
Enjoying the view and the sunshine.
The fog covering the mountain and parts of the city.
Late afternoon view.


Another amazing part, you don’t need to hike for miles just to get this view. You just have to wake up, open your tent, and tadaa! You instantly have a scenic view of the hills and mountains. To make everything even more perfect, get your free brewed coffee from the restaurant and savor this view while sipping your coffee.


5. Great Location

Situated in the outskirts of Baguio, the campsite is easily accessible while it still offers the seclusion that you need. It’s near the city but it’s not as busy as the city. It’s near the city but it doesn’t feel and look like it.

To get here, you only need to ride a jeepney from Bayanihan Terminal in Baguio City. Take the jeepney bound for Green Valley, Santo Tomas. The ride takes about 20-30 minutes and you will only have to pay 15.50 php per person (as of writing). It’s so accessible that even commuting is easy.

But if you prefer a more convenient ride, you can always take a taxi from any point in Baguio especially if you’re at least 4 in the group. A taxi ride from Baguio to Valleypoint costs around 150 php.

And in case you brought your own car, Valleypoint Campsite can be easily found through Waze or Google Maps. Free parking is available within the premises.


Alone but not lonely. Just chillin’. Anyway, that’s Badiwan Bridge below.


To get out, you can wait for a jeepney just outside Valleypoint Campsite. There are jeepneys passing by the site. In our experience, we did not have to wait, there was already a jeepney bound for Baguio! If in case the waiting game takes longer than 5 minutes, just walk down to the checkpoint just few meters from the site and wait there. You may also opt for a taxi if you prefer a more comfortable ride.


Tip: You may book your transportation to/from Baguio via 12Go Asia.

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6. Mouthwatering Filipino Dishes

Their in-house restobar offers lots of Filipino dishes that we all grew up with. Indulge the foodie in you by trying out their food offerings that consist mainly of Filipino cuisine. Sizzling Pork Sisig, Bicol Express, Lechon Paksiw, Pork Sinigang, and Daing na Bangus were among the Pinoy dishes we savored. I loved that everything was served hot and fresh!

The restaurant offers not only delectable dishes but also an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding lush mountains. Savor your Pinoy comfort food while having a magnificent view, I bet you can’t say no to that.


Sizzling Pork Sisig, Bicol Express, and Tuna Sandwich for our lunch on our day 2.
Pork Sinigang, Flavored Wings, and Besuto paired with Soju and Smirnoff to cap-off our first day.
Breakfast! Bangsilog and Spamsilog paired with hot choco to start the day right!
The Valleypoint Rice Meal and Lechon Paksiw for our first lunch.


I highly suggest you try their Cucumber Lemon Juice, it’s so refreshing and uplifting! Hot choco and brewed coffee are perfect for lazy mornings and chilly nights. There are also wines and hard drinks available if you just want to chill the night away. I appreciate that the restaurant also offers service water for all guests.

They also serve FREE BREAKFAST and FREE UNLIMITED BREWED COFFEE. Breakfast is served from 7am to 9am.


7. Clean and Well-kept Surroundings

Last but not the least, and actually the most important for me, is cleanliness. You know without it, everything I’ve mentioned above somehow becomes void. Thankfully, our experience in Valleypoint Campsite is a testimony that it’s possible to really enjoy and make the most out of our trip while also keeping everything clean and orderly.

The place is clean in all corners, no trash was found anywhere. Even in between each tents, there’s no trace of even a single candy pack. I just hope we keep doing this til the end!


And not only in the surroundings, but in the indoor facilities as well. Even the glamping tents did not look and smell messy at all. Everything seems well-maintained.


Valleypoint Campsite Contact Details

For more information and reservations, kindly contact them through their social media pages and mobile number below.

Contact Number: 0997 613 9936
Facebook Page: Valleypoint Campsite
Instagram: @valleypointcampsite


More photos! (Rates and Inclusions at the end of post)

Inside their Kubo Glamping. It’s always FULLY BOOKED so better reserve early!
Kubo Glamping
At the Kubo Glamping area
They have a total of 3 Kubo Glamping units
At the restaurant’s entrance
Loving their logo
Baguio is also about cheap fresh flowers so don’t miss it!
Just savoring the view at the campsite area
Breakfast with mountain views
Chillin’ at the Chill Area 😁
Bear hugs!
Just flexin’ my toe socks, char! 😜
I’m one of the bears!
Kinda stolen shot
That nobody-cares-if-you-took-a-bath look 😜
Freezin’ cold, but manageable.
Sunny cold morning
Target locked


Rates and Inclusions


Tent Glamping Package

Solo = 1,350 php
2pax = 1,250 php/head
3pax = 1,000 php/head
4pax = 850 php/head


  • Waterproof, dual layer, all-weather tent
  • Uratex foam/s
  • Blanket/s
  • Pillow/s
  • Bed sheet/s
  • Flat sheet
  • Shoe box
  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon: 150 rounds rifle; or Archery
  • Access to: camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck
  • Free parking


Kubo Glamping

2pax = 3,500 php


  • 1x Queen Size or 2x Single Bed
  • In-room TV
  • Electric kettle for hot drinks
  • Blanket, Towel, Toiletries Per person
  • Free breakfast
  • Complimentary Drinking Water
  • Complimentary Hot chocolate sachets
  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Airsoft coupon 150 rounds OR Archery
  • Access To Kulaaw Gallery
  • Access to camper’s area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck
  • Avail 20% – 35% discount on foods in the restaurant
  • Avail 35% – 50% discount on activities


Backpacker’s Package

750 php / person


  • Bed bunk, blanket, pillow, curtain divider
  • Personal lighting
  • Personal locker
  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon: 150 rounds rifle; or Archery
  • Access to camper’s area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, hot and cold shower, view deck
  • Free parking

NOTE: They have 3 types of rooms available for backpackers with capacities of 4 pax, 6 pax and 10 pax. The room may be shared with others if a group is unable to fill the maximum capacity of the room.


Room Premium Package

950 php / person


Same Inclusion as Backpackers but with additional of:

  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Complimentary Choco / Oatmeal Drink
  • Drinking Water inside room
  • TV
  • Electric kettle
  • Sofa and tables
  • Own CR
  • Queen size double decker
  • Single size double decker


Day Tour Package

500 php / person


  • Unlimited brewed coffee
  • Free all-day breakfast
  • Airsoft coupon: 150 rounds rifle; or Archery
  • Access to camper’s chill area, board games, card games, darts, books, campsite, restaurant and bar, view deck, rest rooms
  • Free parking
  • Up to 70% cash discount on archery & airsoft maze



Acknowledgement: Thank you Ms. Dana and Sir JP of Valleypoint Campsite for inviting us!
Disclaimer: While our stay and meals were courtesy of the owners, all opinions expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and are not influenced or controlled by anyone.


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