There’s no denying that one of the most sought-after summer destinations in the Philippines is the beautiful coastal town of Liwliwa, Zambales. It was once just a quiet fishing village, and now a booming tourist destination just a three-hour drive from the busy metropolis. Popular for pristine beach coastline, surfing, and marvelous sunsets!

Definitely not a place for high-end luxury resorts, but you will find countless of beach resorts and campsites with purely nature vibes highlighting the simplicity of life in the town.

To make your planning easier, we tried to narrow down the list by picking out the 10 best beach resorts in Liwliwa Zambales.

So here they are, in no particular order.


Best Liwliwa Zambales Beach Resorts


Promised Land Beach Resort

promised land beach resort liwliwa zambales
Image Credit: Promised Land Beach Resort Facebook

A family-owned beachfront property, Promised Land Beach Resort is a simple and cozy piece of paradise in Sitio Liwliwa. It is dubbed as the home of Liwliwa ATV Adventure. They have airconditioned beach huts with private verandas ready to accommodate overnight guests as well as open cottages for those taking a day trip. Surfing lessons and ATV rentals are also available from the resort.

Book via Klook here: Promised Land Beach Resort

Kubo Fan Room (Beachfront) 2-4pax =₱2,500
Beach Hut (small) 2pax = ₱3,300
Beach Hut 2pax = ₱4,300
Superior Room 6pax = ₱5,000
Villa (Beachfront) 6pax = ₱7,000
Open Cottage 5pax = ₱1,500
Open Cottage 10pax = ₱2,000
Tent Rental = ₱500
Own Tent Pitching = ₱300
Day tour = ₱100
Overnight = ₱150
Solo Rider = ₱800/hr
W/Backride = ₱1,200/hr
Note: Rates are subject to change depending on your preferred date of travel.
Contact: Facebook / Instagram / 0926 685 4006 /


Zambali Beach Resort

zambali beach resort liwliwa zambales
Image Credit: Zambali Beach Resort Facebook

ZamBali Beach Resort is another instagrammable chill spot in Liwliwa. Perfect if you need to have a time away from the busy city! They offer budget-friendly villas fit for family and barkada. Just a very short walk to the beach, Zambali is a nice place to satisfy your beach cravings and share memorable moments with your loved ones. Also a great place for good food and campfires!

₱3,500 Fan Room 4pax
₱4,500 AC Room 4pax
₱7,000 Villa 8pax
₱800 ATV/hr
Contact: Facebook / Instagram / 0999 999 2862 /


Kwentong Dagat

kwentong dagat zambales
Kwentong Dagat

One of the most popular beach resorts in Liwliwa Zambales, Kwentong Dagat is an eco-friendly and pet-friendly hideaway in the woods. Their rustic and native-style cabins will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a forest faraway from modern civilization. Aside from airconditioned nipa cabins, they also have regular rooms and camping facilities. They also serve vegan food for the curious foodies!

You may read our experience at Kwentong Dagat here.

Weekday Rate (Mon-Thu): ₱3,988/night
Weekend & Holiday Rate (Fri-Sun): ₱4,688/night
Extra Guest Surcharge: ₱549/night (weekday) & ₱649/night (weekend)
Pets: 1st pet is Free, 2nd and 3rd is ₱950/pet
Weekday Rate (Mon-Thu): ₱4,488/night
Weekend & Holiday Rate (Fri-Sun): ₱5,488/night
Extra Guest Surcharge: ₱549/night (weekday) & ₱649/night (weekend)
Pets: 1st pet is Free, 2nd and 3rd is ₱950/pet
Weekday Rate (Mon-Thu): ₱5,488/night
Weekend & Holiday Rate (Fri-Sun): ₱6,488/night
Extra Guest Surcharge: ₱549/night (weekday) & ₱649/night (weekend)
Pets: 1st pet is Free, 2nd and 3rd is ₱950/pet
Weekday Rate (Mon-Thur): ₱250 per head/night
Weekend Rate (Fri-Sun): ₱350 per head/night
Tent for 2-3: ₱750/night
Tent for 3-4: ₱1,000/night
Tent for 4-5: ₱1,250/night
Tent for 7-8: ₱2,000/night
Mattress rental: ₱250/night
Blankets: ₱100/piece
Pillows: ₱100/piece
Contact: Facebook / Website / Instagram /


Limliwa Beach Resort

limliwa beach resort liwliwa zambales
Image Credit: Limliwa Beach Resort Facebook

Another beachfront resort to consider for your much-awaited vacation is Limliwa Beach Resort. There’s so much to choose from when it comes to accommodation options. Whether it’s a fan room, airconditioned kubo, or a teepee hut, you can choose according to your priority. They also have beachfront cabanas where you could chill, smell the sea, feel the breeze, and witness a glorious sunset.

Fan Room Common CR 4pax = ₱2,000
Fan Room Common CR 3pax = ₱1,500
Fan Room Common CR 3pax w/balcony = ₱2,000
Fan Room Common CR 4pax w/balcony = ₱2,500
Fan Room Private CR 6pax = ₱4,000
Fan Room Private CR 4pax = ₱3,000
AC Kubo Private CR 4pax = ₱3,500
AC Kubo Private CR 8-10pax = ₱6,500
Deluxe AC Room Private CR 2pax = ₱2,000
Deluxe AC Room Private CR 4pax = ₱3,000
Deluxe AC Room Common CR 4pax = ₱2,500
Deluxe AC Room Private CR 4pax = ₱3,000
Premiere AC Room Private CR w/balcony 4pax = ₱3,500
Premiere AC Room Private CR 4pax = ₱3,000
Suite AC Room Private CR 3rd flr 4pax = ₱6,500
VIP AC Room Private CR 4pax = ₱4,000
Teepee Hut Fan Room Common CR 2pax = ₱2,500
Cabana AC Room Private CR 6pax = ₱5,000
Loft AC w/balcony Private CR 8pax = ₱8,500
Contact: Facebook / Instagram / 0956 095 0017 /


Bali of Liwa

zambales bali of liwa
Image Credit: Bali of Liwa Facebook

Bali of Liwa is one of the newest addition to the charming beach resorts in Liwliwa Zambales. Their native-style huts designed to look like a tiny village in the woods are definitely impressive! There’s a picture-worthy bridge that goes across a lagoon where you could do leisurely walks and admire the beauty of nature. They are still in their soft-opening so make sure to get some updates in their page!

Rates: Not yet accepting overnight guests (day tour only). Visit their Facebook Page for updates.
Contact: Facebook


Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort

zambales kapitan's liwa surf resort
Image Credit: Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort Facebook

A relaxing place to stay by the beach, Kapitan’s Liwa is where you could get away from all your stressful work in the city. Aside from having a calming atmosphere, they are also famous for good food and quality service. Kapitan’s Liwa Surf Resort provides guests with clean, comfortable, and budget-friendly accommodations. Perfect place to enjoy the beach, have a picnic, and watch the sunset with your buddies.

Standard AC Room Common CR (2pax) = ₱2,000
GREEN Room w/AC & CR (2pax) = ₱2,700
RED Room w/AC & CR (2pax) = ₱3,000
VILLA AMELIA w/AC & CR (2pax) = ₱3,500
Double AC Room w/CR (4pax) = ₱4,500
Extra person = ₱700/head
Contact: Facebook / Instagram /


Haven Campsite Liwliwa

zambales haven campsite liwliwa
Image Credit: Haven Campsite Liwliwa Facebook

Another nice place to relax and destress is the Haven Campsite Liwliwa. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who loves camping in the calming ambiance of nature. For those who are not in the mood to go camping, they offer comfortable accommodations with airconditioning and own comfort room. Haven Campsite Liwliwa is certainly one of the budget-friendly beach resorts in Liwliwa Zambales.

Teepee Hut Fan Room Common CR (2pax) = ₱1,900
Boho Room w/AC & CR (2pax) = ₱2,900
Family Room w/AC & CR (2-4pax) = ₱3,900
Teepee Cabin w/AC & CR (2-3pax) = ₱4,000
Teepee Villa w/AC & CR (5pax) = ₱5,000
Note: All prices are subject to change without prior notice
Contact: Facebook / Instagram / 0905 251 5038 /


More outside (and near) Liwliwa…


Crystal Beach Resort

zambales crystal beach resort
Crystal Beach Resort

When talking about Zambales beach resorts there’s a high chance that you’ve already heard about Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso. It is one of the biggest resorts in the area offering a wide range of accommodation options. Just like the beach resorts in Liwliwa Zambales, Crystal Beach Resort is also adorned with agoho pine trees. Open beach cabanas are available for everyone’s relaxation by the seashore.

Location: San Narciso, Zambales
Rates: Starts at ₱2,700 (contact Crystal Beach Resort for complete rates)
Contact: Facebook / Instagram / 0915 008 7625 /


OConnor Beach Resort

zambales oconnor beach resort
Image Credit: OConnor Beach Resort Airbnb

Oconnor Beach Resort is another idyllic place located in a serene and more secluded environment. Be amazed by the mesmerizing views of the ocean from your veranda, watch the sunset, and enjoy the view of the mountains that surround you. They have spacious nipa huts that can accommodate big groups. Definitely a peaceful out of town beach getaway for the whole family and barkada!

Location: Cabangan, Zambales
10pax min = ₱5,500
14pax max = ₱10,500
Contact: Facebook / Airbnb / 0967 235 3493


Faith Bay Huts

zambales faith bay huts
Image Credit: Faith Bay Huts Facebook

Faith Bay Huts is a charming beachfront property in Sitio Talisay. Staying in one of their huts means waking up to a relaxing view of the ocean, memorable nights by the bonfire, and savoring meals by the seashore. Each comfortable airconditioned hut has a private bathroom, fresh linen, and bath towels. Faith Bay Huts is perfect for those who want to recharge and escape the noise in the city.

Location: Cabangan, Zambales
Rates: Check current rates here.
Contact: Facebook / Agoda / 0906 509 4254



Beach Resorts in Liwliwa Zambales


And that concludes the list. If you liked this article go share it with others! You have other recommendations? Feel free to share in the comments!



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